MONSTER Truck Championship PC - I LOVE THIS GAME!! Drag Racing/Freestyle/Destruction (Early Access) -

MONSTER Truck Championship PC – I LOVE THIS GAME!! Drag Racing/Freestyle/Destruction (Early Access)

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[Video Specific]

Standing L Shape Studio Desk

Wheel Setup #1
Thrustmaster TX-XW Base
Thrustmaster Rally Wheel Add-on
T3PA Pro Pedals (Inverted)
TH8A Shifter w/Short Shifter
Thrustmaster Sparco Handbrake
Next Level Racing GT Track Rig

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Wheel Setup #2
Fanatec V2.5 Base
Clubsport wheel Add-on
CSL Pedals w/Load cell brake
Wheelstandpro Custom chassis
Fanatec Handbrake
Derek Speare Designs Button Box

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Music Used by
Chuki HipHop –

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  1. 4:11 the sidewalls save is similar to monster jam path of destruction+ steel titans

  2. BeamNG monstertruck mod is way better IMO. The truck actually has a damage model, and you don't fly 600 feet in the air.

  3. Slap Imagine Having A Mustang As A Monster Truck..

  4. When they gone give us a monster truck game with career mode

  5. Rip. Was hoping it would finally be a realistic version of Monster Jam, not just a rip off of Steel Titans 😒. Its pointless to buy this game, all it has is less trucks / more customization than steel titans

  6. Monster Jam – Path of Destruction was the best one. Where are the pogos?

  7. onboard view?, manual box and fully editible control inputs? ie throttle/brake, sick of some developers forcing me to use r2/L2 if it doesn't have this feature, then im not interested..///yes i have a wheel but since win10 updates it stopped working, and yes i tried all the suggestions btw

  8. The last time I played a monster truck game, it was Monster Truck Madness 1 and 2 back in 99 or 2000 I think. This looks wicked!

  9. Hey Great Game!! Just asking am I aloud to use some of your Gameplay for Videos I can make on this game? Keep it up!!

  10. Yo I don't know about you… But I'm back on superstreet… Man…

    It feels so damn good. 💯💯

    It just feels so much better then nfs heat…. I only wish that team6 wouldn't of left the game…

    I hope… They making a new racing game… Cause they starting to make some pretty cool games!!! 💯💯💯

  11. Looks like a fun game if u dont give a shit about realism

  12. its a matter of time this babies comes into the wreckfest … and then … man … then this life finaly makes some sort of sense

  13. Missing a replay option after the event and a handbrake. Other than that, a decent addictive game

  14. Wait were these the same guys that made wreckfest?

  15. 0:35 Who here plays Wreckfest? This home menu layout is suspiciously similar…

  16. Looks like wreckfest only with monstertrucks

  17. The physics are garbage and beamng is way better at being a Sim

  18. For mobile monster truck games it would be MTD

  19. Question i know this game comes out on the 31st does it come out next gen too for ps5 and Xbox series x

  20. Monster Jan in the late 90s early 2000s on PC was amazing

  21. hey man just a simple question, can you play it at pc and how?

  22. The best monster truck game is beamng drive beam no mod

  23. Monster truck madness 2 still is the best monster truck game to this day. Best physics

  24. Head over to Beam-monsters if you want a realistic monster truck experience!

  25. The Home Screen kinda looks like wreckfest is it made by the same people?

  26. This Game with the Tracks and racing Like Monster Truck Madness 64 would be amazing

  27. I will monster trucks according to Wikipedia monster trucks are very cool and they’re the most fast on the game I have all monster truck games

  28. I watch monster jam also well you better stop with the attitude of the bad words

  29. Wow this game is so cool. 1000%!
    I wish i had that game 5000%

  30. Does anyone know how to unlock the 5th team member? I completed every event in 1st place and did all sponsors but it's still locked

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