Monsters VS Aliens FULL GAME Longplay (PS3, X360, Wii, PS2) -

Monsters VS Aliens FULL GAME Longplay (PS3, X360, Wii, PS2)

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Monsters VS Aliens Walkthrough FULL GAME Longplay based on animated movie (PS3, X360, Wii, PS2) No Commentary

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  1. This game is even worse than sonic boom rise of trash wii-u game!

  2. I thought that this game was a fever dream game like you knew that you played the game but never played it for so long and thought it was dream so nostalgic


  3. I remember when I was 4 back in like 2012 when I used to play this . I also played Madagascar racing mario an sonic Olympics , mario kart and many more . The good old days 😢

  4. I remember when i used to play this game. It was good memories. I should play it again someday

  5. Why the heck do you keep going to the monster challenges? They're not connected to the story

  6. Omg the nostolgia I used to play this on PS3 this was my fav movie as a kid

  7. I do wish for video games of honey I blew up the kid and 50 foot woman 1993

  8. So recently I watched the movie again and memories came in the McDonald's toys I watched it in 3D i remember seeing the 3D paddleball and this damn game

  9. in monsters vs alien would you rather monsters side or aliens side❓

  10. didnt remember it having that bad grafics lol

  11. anyone else notice the saints row logo on the general's nose

  12. For a game based on the movie it had a good soundtrack

  13. Can’t believe I played this over 10 years ago

  14. This was the game that got me into video games but more specifically how it’s a good video game for starters: The first chapter that’s pretty much a tutorial and applying those mechanics into the other chapters on combat as well as dr cockroach helping on certain occasions. Game is easy with some tricky parts for new gamers. It is pretty much a console game with training wheels.

  15. i like how Susan uses super strength to open doors

  16. all of Dr cockroach's reactions to characters running out of health.
    susan's death: susan susan what happened susan!!!!
    missing links death: The missing link! The missing link!
    B.O.B's death: B.O.B! I lost B.O.B!

  17. Пудыдвчля чдвыд👍👍

  18. Muita nostalgia,queria jogar esse jogo denovo pena que eu não tenho mais ps2 😔

  19. (C) 2009 Paramount Digital Entertainment.

  20. 18:35 you'on Understand that's my all-star favorite move from this game ong 💯💯💯

  21. My dad would always let me play this game on his computer. 😭

  22. used to play this on the ps2 and came back for nostalgia, still one of my favourite games. the missing link missions were my favourite because well sabotage and destruction

  23. This game used to be my favorite damn thing 😪😩

  24. The giant boss battles gave me anxiety as a kid

  25. Why didn't you attack the robots in chapter 1 and 4?

  26. Kaleb Monsters Vs Aliens PS3 Kaleb Home 2009 ESRB E Everyone January 2010 Complete Finish!

  27. I remember playing this as a child. But I never ended up finishing it

  28. Link: So much for Bismo.
    Dr. Cockroach PhD: Rio.
    B.O.B.: Monster Beach.
    Susan: Modesto
    General W.R. Monger; Sleep well, monsters. You're Home – To stay. Oooorah…

  29. I remember playing this game with my mom. So old

  30. My gosh the nostalgia! I played this on pc! I loved the B.O.B and Missing Link missions so much when I was a kid!

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