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For the past few years, fans of Godzilla have been begging for a new city destroying kaiju slaying video game. Well, 13am Games, a Canadian studio that has come forward to bring us that new monster fighting game that fans of the genre have been craving! DAWN OF THE MONSTERS. Does this game live up to the hype? Lets find out, today at DangerVille.

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  1. Never have I clicked so fast! I'm definitely getting this game next time I'm on my PlayStation!

    I now have the game! It's a lot of fun!

  2. I'm sure one day or even soon, toho and legendary will come up with a really good godzilla and kong game.

  3. If toho actually make a Godzilla game for next gen consoles I would loose my shit

  4. Must be a telepathy, just watched an "all bosses video" of it.

  5. I'm going to be playing this with my wife, after we beat Kirby and the forgoten land.

  6. Hmm. I don’t know why but I’d love to play this on my phone.

  7. Dis is worse than any Godzilla get in Roblox kaiju universe and project kaiju r the best kaiju games nothing can beat em 😈

  8. The red monster in the thumbnail looks like dragonoid from bakugan

  9. I got to play this game. But it does look like they are building up an audience first. Also I hope they can add levels and characters and do a cross over.

  10. Lol. They seem to have some funny/cute kaiju expressions in the game.

  11. i honestly would love online co-op for this game. I'd also wish they would add Survival, new monsters for you to play as.

  12. i recently just passed it and i want more!!!!…… such a fun game.

  13. I hope they add new kaijus, a pterasaur one perhaps to rep Rodan

  14. "Godzilla fans have wanted a new game since Godzilla PS4"
    Kaiju Universe fans: "It's funny how dumb you are!"

  15. I want to buy this game for the Switch, and the special edtion version with all the cool stuff.

  16. Giga bash better but this game cooler monster

  17. Is that Godzilla unleashed in the background 💓 fuck yes that game was my childhood 😂

  18. We do need a new godzilla game soon

  19. I’m really enjoying the game so far I hope it gets a sequel. If the sequel does happen I hope they have online and a survival mode and do what Kaiju Combat did back in the day do fan submitted monsters.

  20. You guys should take a look at Giga Bash. Reminds me of the Destroy All Monsters/Save the Earth/Unleashed games

    My son loves playing co-op games with me (he's 12), so I'm sure we'll have fun with this one.

  21. i knew it 😀 i was playing this game earlier and i thought i dangerville would like this … i wish this game was an high quality open world next gen game but its fun anyways

  22. I really hope that a smash bros Godzilla game comes out

  23. I ordered the physical copy from limited run games for switch and I can’t wait to play this. We need more kaiju games like this, and really need a good Godzilla game in the US for once

  24. Bro Im so excited to get this on my Nintendo switch soon

  25. B B b but where's the deep human drama ? N N n no novels explaining the lore ? Pffft ' ´´ " ’ ‘!

  26. Megadon is godzilla of the video game world.

  27. needs better graphics and to be online.

  28. 6:02 the is no time to waste
    Dangerville- not only will I waste time but I will listen to the badass background music

    The ps4 godzilla game is not that bad, its actually kinda cool if you look at it less like a typical fighting game and more of a playable movie. Except the lady, i freaking hate her.

  30. I can’t wait to download this!
    My prayers have been answered for a proper monster fighting game!
    My only complaint would be that the game should have more playable characters…

  31. i do anything if zilla kraa and zarkorr be in the game as a dlc

  32. I love all the Godzilla, Gamera, and anime references in this game

  33. The game doesn’t need to be perfect. It just needs to be fun.

    Hell, some Party/Fun Score modes or collection games within it would be an awesome addition 🙂

  34. Hahah! That Angry Joe review was a total classic. Streets of Rage with kaiju? Heck yeah!

  35. What about diakaiju dekasisenss that’s a kaiju game

  36. Disappointed they don't have online co-op, smashing things with friends would be fun. But hopefully they are working on adding it.

  37. It looks fun but let's be real here folks. We need a remaster/new version of War of the Monsters, the PS2 hit I still regularly boot up whenever I start thinking about Kaiju movies

  38. what do you do if it proves to be a challenge ? you keep trying untill you annalate them all

  39. I would like a game where you could track a kaiju like the monarch website. then you could send the military to stop it's rampage.

  40. You probably won't see this but I would really be interested in your thoughts on gigabash

  41. Just out of curiosity have you guys heard of a miniatures game called Monsterpocalypse?
    You might like it.

  42. Completely unrelated, but I must give credit where credit is due: using the moguera theme from unleashed was a great choice!

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