New Monster Hunter Game Announced! But There's a Catch... -

New Monster Hunter Game Announced! But There’s a Catch…

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A new Monster Hunter game was confirmed to be in development last night, giving us a new way to experience hunting action on the go. It’s being developed in partnership with another studio, so here’s what we currently know about this new monster hunter game.

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  1. I've no interest in playing MH on a touchscreen and even less in the microtransaction hellscapes that these guys shit out.

  2. Yeah I'ma pass. The words "Mobile" and "Games" should never be be uttered in the same sentence. Wake me up when a proper title is officially announced.

  3. Only thing that really REALLY REALLY destroys mobile games is stupid micro-transactions.

  4. got excited too quick for World 2, or Universe who knows

  5. Will they at least bring back MH Explore monsters?

  6. So they'll make a mobile game but they won't put rise on xbox? I love monster Hunter but their business philosophy stings, just give all of us access to your amazing games 😭🥲

  7. I would appreciate a game style with challenging and interesting coop that works very well on mobile like dragalia lost. I feel like monster hunter fans really gravitated to it in my circles.

  8. My phone has the possessing power of a potato, so I can't play this game even if I wanted to.

  9. As long as it's not exclusive I'll try it. I would have loved to play Rise, but I'm not sinking the money into a console for one game.

    I also despise mobile games.

  10. Welcome to monster hunter explorer. Vid clips shows the same game play as the Mh mobile before

  11. Mobile games are a blight on the industry, and this game will attempt to wring out every single ounce of currency it can from you. Mark these words. I love this series. I feel this is a bad direction.

  12. A smaller mh game on mobile can work maybe up to 30monsters no microtransaction and a price of 10€

  13. hoping its not a cashgrabbing game and no autoplay system cause if it does it will be shit

  14. Imagine a Moba game where you play as monsters fighting in the lane. Having little jagrases as minions and they progressively turn into great jagrases when you destroy the inner tower. We have The Greastest Jagras as a jungle objective to push the lane even faster and can be deploy as a giant monster that destroy towers. We have alatreon as 4 elemental dragons and when 4 alatreon defeated, Fatalis spawns as an objective. Nergigante is a fighter-jungler. Mizutsune is a mage-midlane. Nargacuga is an asssasin-jungler. Kushaladaora is a tank-top. Rathalos is an adc-bot. Now Imagine bot lane RathalosXRathain or TeostraXLunastra. Low key even if it's bad I'd try that shit.

  15. I’ll pass on this game, mobile games just boring, waiting on a sequel to MHW still or something with same art style

  16. I woke up today with the urge to get back in the ring. And go try and solo fatalis today. Then I got curious for new monster hunter news. Then I heard mobile game, and I cried inside. Anyways time to watch the rest the video lol

  17. Damn, this series has really been falling off lately because of corporate greed. 🙁

  18. Mobile or not, if I can play it, I’m playing it.


  20. Meh, I don't think we should expect anything from a mobile title, at least it'll be other studio making it so the Capcom team can actually focus on their projects.
    I'm just waiting for something from the MHW team since I got a little bit disappointed at how MHR turned out to be honest

  21. Monster Hunter on Playstation console……………………………………………OR NOTHING. I don't want any watered down, lesser versions on a Nintendo console again. Monster Hunter World quality or better, otherwise you ain't getting my money…………………….PERIOD.

  22. What's the game at the beginning with the fire monster

  23. YES!!!

    Nay sayers can STFU!!!
    They don't have to download it if they don't like it. Monster Hunter can be played on PC, Switch, PS, Xbox, Nintendo portables…..why not mobile?

  24. It’s a mobile game…I’m out. That’s my take. Also I’m pretty sure the Switch already gives me the freedom to play anywhere.

  25. Is this a Capcom "Don't you guys have phones?"

  26. Ain't touching that shit whatsoever. Hope y'all who gets into it have a good time regardless.

  27. They really should have just kept updating and expanding MH: World. It took MH to such a massive scale that Capcom's follow up, MH: Rise, feels extremely limited by comparison. I do enjoy the wirebug system though.

  28. Being honest? I'd like a turn-based MH Game that's NOT MH Stories-styled.

    Give me a Turn-Based RPG MonHun with a lot of options/armor/weapons/bosses and I'm sure I could see myself sinking at least a year into it.

  29. This sounds like there aim is multi platform not just mobile

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