NEW Monster Taming Maker Tool? | Anyone Can Make a Monster Taming Game With This -

NEW Monster Taming Maker Tool? | Anyone Can Make a Monster Taming Game With This

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There’s a new monster taming maker tool in the works that is currently on kickstarter that might change the genre forever. This tool is going to act as an RPG Maker equivalent with more options and specifically catered to the Monster Taming genre. Let me know your thoughts.


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  1. Just discovered it, they seem to have delivered.

  2. You're better off using a free game engine that has visual programming such as Godot or Unreal Engine. If you wanna go full no coding, Stencyl or GameMaker are good options. Some require licenses to produce commercial products or royalty payments after a certain amount of money is earned on sales. Godot requires neither and is fully open source and royalty free. The others I'm not sure.

  3. This is currently NOT a standalone game engine, tho they do plan to eventually make it so. It is dependent on GameMaker which means it requires you to buy licensing from them for any commercial usage in addition to the $80 for Dokimon + MonTamer Maker. If you want to play the game and use the assets, you might find value in it, but there's a lot of free tools and assets out there you could use instead if all you want is to make your own game.

  4. I think it'll be good for the community. I definitely wanna do something with it so I'll be backing

  5. I just hope I'll be able to easily use this to make my own Creepypasta style monster tamer games so that way I can use my ideas that were originally for Pokémon Creepypasta fan games without risking getting hit with a DMCA notice.

  6. This is a double edged sword. I think it will be mostly positive.The good stuff with unique assets will float to the top

  7. I totally understand. Now COVER MY MONTAMER MAKER GAME!
    "Nonexistent * * * * Used future sight."

  8. I want to make a monster taming game. I thought this maker would help, but since you mentioned all that stuff about it possibly being bad… 😟

  9. Making monster taming games is a lit concept

  10. Its a great concept, but the asking price is way high. 70$ for the monmaker, while you could use RPG maker to make a mon game for 23$ or less with Humble bundle. I get that the devs have put alot of work and time into it, but the asking price is not reasonable, considering the genre actually needs a tool like this that eases the creation of a game, for the people who are not so much into programming. I don't want to sound cheap, but the truth is, at the moment, it's not a reasonable price for something like this at this stage. Still, congrats on the devs for making it, it shows that they really love the genre and want to help the community.

  11. I do think they'll be an oversaturation of blandly bad games that will be made, but honestly, I'm excited for the potential accessibility of people making unique monster collecting games that aren't just combat focused or "pokemon essential". I also think it'll get more kids interested in development in general to make their own monsters and that's never a bad thing to me.

  12. Oh my gosh I need this. Been getting assets ready for a mon game!!

    Also I feel like any over-saturation is the responsibility of the platforms, not the engines. It’s good that game engines are becoming easier to use, but any over-saturation is on Steam for taking away the bar completely and letting literally anyone sell anything. Same with all other online stores that let users sell their creations.

  13. RPG Paper Maker also has some tools that would allow you to construct a monster taming game as well. Enemies use the same Class system that player characters do, so it would be easy to set up some stuff to make capturing monsters possible!

  14. Oh? This is really cool! I want to make my own Monster Taming game, most closer to the veil of Monster Rancher than Pokemon, and I hope I can do just that. Maybe find other people to help make it happen.

    Though I got to do some research first, make some notes to what's going to be in it, some designs, and got some practice in making the sprites with Aesprite.

    Keep me updated on this, Ed! ^_^

  15. Finally a maker for the genre! Making a Monster Taming game within a game is just awesome itself!

  16. I recall seeing some random person saying monster collectors in general are bad just because none of them are beloved by the rest of the world outside Japan except Pokemon. It's honestly an extremely dumb line of thinking cuz a game doesn't need to be popular to be good. With this kind of accessibility, it opens the doors for new ideas.

  17. Agree with you. There will definitely be an influx of mediocre games that don't have as much effort in them. But as someone who has ideas and art for a mon game but no experience coding yet, this seems like a golden opportunity.

  18. This is great for people that wath to start to learn how to make monster tamer games

  19. Time to make those creepy ads for monster games into a reality👍💯

  20. As someone who loves RPG Maker, I love this idea! Even tho the monster tamer I planned on making got shelved due to it being… way too ambitious for me to make it good (Especially since I haven't released a game before, not even fangames (Despite my many attempts)), it didn't use the Pokémon 1v1 style (Was more like SMT gameplay-wise), but this would still be super useful and cool. I'd love to have something like this exist.
    As for your worries… yeah, that's totally justified. I think some of the stigma behind RPG Maker has lifted over time, but its definitely still there, and a lot of it is simply because a lot of inexperienced devs use it (Myself included). Doesn't mean its incapable of making great things (Far from it, I've seen really good stuff come from RM, even using default assets), and I'm sure that'd be the case here too. I just wish people took that into consideration, cause it isn't the engine itself like people like to make it out to be. 😛

  21. I agree on every point you’re making and how outsiders will weaponise it against the monster taming community. But definitely it’ll be a nice tool for people who don’t know how to code and hopefully it’ll be more to use recreationally. Idk I’ll have to see too.
    On another note, Slytharot looks very cool 😎

  22. Aaaah, sign me up for that one right now!! 😍

  23. That story is really similar to the backstory of Pokemon Red/Blue/Green. The TV show even had an episode or two suggesting Pokemon came from outer space.

  24. I tought you said only one video a day from now on dont burn yourself out!

    Also i like the ide aof haveing a mon tame engine to make your own games but i wisv it was more…complex and had a 3d option.

    I dont lile rpg maker its to basic you can hardly do anything with it except dialouge and make charakters move a bit……you have to learn code and use addons to make anything really cool…

  25. This is perfect. I can turn Cy-Ju heroes into a game sooner than I would have thought

  26. Working on my own game right now. 😛 But I'm making it in Unity. There are a lot of people who want to make a Pokemon game but want Pokemon to be their FIRST game when monster tamer games are hard to make. (I was there myself when I first started so I get it. lol) I have mixed feelings since game development is very difficult so it would be nice for the barrier of entry to be a bit easier but at the same time, there's no replacing actual hard work. Sure, you can get a lot of cookie-cutter games with different graphics and stories and maybe that's enough. But if you want to push for something different, you HAVE to know how to code. That's just how it is.

    Even if you try using something like Bolt (or visual scripting I think it's called now), you still need to know how to code to even use it. You need to know what you'd need to perform certain tasks. It won't program your game for you.

  27. I don't think it'll give a negative impression on the genre, but the maker. That's typically what you see with RPG Maker games, especially ones with default assets. I'm curious on the amount of customization that will be available for the maker.

  28. Not gonna lie, the Maker tool looks very enticing.

  29. As someone who wants to make their own mongame, I approve of this. Granted, my game will have some differences than what was initially announced in the maker, like an MP system as opposed to "each move can be used x number of times," permadeath, hard level caps based on story progress, as well as some pieces of Gen 1 weirdness that are almost never seen in newer games, like moves being physical or special based on type, special attack and special defense being merged into 1, and crits being based on speed; though the game will be balanced around these, and will have 264 completely original monsters, a dark storyline, and graphics reminiscent of the 1997-2002 era of mongames.

  30. Excited to see more coverage on this one, I checked the Kickstarter and realized the creator from the Monster Taming Subreddit. She had shown some footage of the game earlier this year or late last year I believe, so glad to see Yanako's project doing well.

  31. I don't really think the game influx gonna be massive, maybe hobby projects, but games seriously commited to being completed, I doubt. See the pokemon essentials community, how many projects are being made? How many achieve the status of a complete game?

    Anyway, I like very much the idea. If the devs manage to implement mechanics easier than scripting in Ruby, my god this gonna be a jackpot

  32. Being able to code doesn't make you more creative or make your games good. A lower entry point allows for a higher chance of truly great games coming to existence. Its the reason why the indie game genre is constantly coming out with bangers.

  33. sounds like now is the time for us to rise up and be min ED lol i would like it to play with for my sleff and shear for fun not for money i think

  34. I've always been interested in making a monster tamer, but I understand some basic quality assurance (QA) stuff as well, and yeah, I can definitely see how this could be detrimental. If you have people making a game that have done the research to know how to make it, they probably also have a good idea of what makes a game good and how its release should be handled. If you have someone who has done very little research, and is just going off the cuff, they will likely not know how to properly test the game, "market" it properly, or have a good concept of how the stages of development work (Alpha, Beta, Open Beta, etc.). I'm all for digging through less desirable content to find the good stuff, but with games, that can be far more time consuming than digging through Newgrounds or something like that, not to mention more expensive.

  35. I personally think a fun way to say the engines name could by Mon-T Maker possibly?

  36. I could use a tool like this to teach language on my channel eventually.
    Tools like this are multipurpose depending on who got it.

    As far as the low quality game issue is concerned.
    There’s no saving that. If the genre becomes popular, if the regular population wasn’t gonna send out copy paste garbage, kids that are CEOs of bigger companies would.

  37. not the best name personally…its going directly against doki V with its name …hard to remember something if their is something else with its name

  38. I think they could make their own and add a work shop type system like Rivals of Aether

  39. to be honest, RPG maker comes off as basic, just like most of the games that came out of it… it's an exception if a good game comes out that uses RPG maker as a basis, which honestly to me makes it more impressive that they created a good game despite the awkward limitations of using RPG maker as a whole. I think this will turn into roughly the same situation.

  40. Of course everyone that wants to make a game would say "As a guy whod use this I like it." but think about how oversaturated the genre could become.

  41. So after Super Mario maker came out I theorized two other games that might come out; a Zelda Dungeon maker and A Pokemon Region Maker. With the Pokemon Region maker it would be a more official version of what we see with rom hacks. This may not be that, but still cool to see a maker specifically for monster taming.

  42. Can't wait for the lazy boo versions.
    Mon to Poke featuring Pikachu with a machine gun… Etc.

  43. As someone who grew up playing gen 4 and 5 Pokémon and always loved creating monsters generally, I might like to pick this up just to play around in if it's cheap or free (or even if it gets a Steam sale sometime after launching and bugs get cleaned up). I think that this engine would open up the door to people who probably don't have time to invest in either coding or RPG maker (RPG maker does require at the very least plugins to make anything technically unique for most games, especially a monster tamer which it's not equipped for by default). I can see it having the same downsides as RPG maker, but honestly my favorite non-monster taming RPG started out in RPG maker (Hylics) so I do think that it lowers the technical bar for creative freedom. And I support kids getting into making games, not only does it foster their interests but it might encourage them to become a game dev and make more and better monster taming games. I would have gone down a very different path in life if I took the time to learn how to make games when I was a kid even if I chose to publish it and got some internet bullies critiquing a bad game. Bad games from both kids and adults will be inevitable for something like this but I think the pros outweigh the cons.

  44. Good ones will rise to the top. Bad games will fade into obscurity.

  45. That’s really interesting, though it is a little confusing as to if the Monster Tamer Maker is a separate program to the game they’re making or if it’s required to have the game for it.

  46. I've played quite a bit of Nuumonsters, and I'm excited for this next entry! The monster taming engine is a big plus too. I think all of us have had our own ideas on how to make the perfect mongame, but most people just leave them as ideas…

  47. Hope makers will advertise their game mechnics, story, battles and gimmicks of their games.

    People love to bash on anything RPG Maker related games. Due to most badly made, rashly made games.

  48. I always wanted to make my own mongame since a kid

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