Nightly Notable: Bynum's Monster Game! -

Nightly Notable: Bynum’s Monster Game!

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Check out some of the highlights from Andrew Bynum’s huge game against the Grizzlies as he goes for 37 points and 16 rebounds in the double overtime win!


  1. andrew is a beast 😛 What kind of a music is this XD?

  2. He has always been a great big man, but can he stay healthy is the big question.

  3. no doubt, might be the new shaq

  4. The players were actually telling Mike Brown to draw up pick n' roll plays for Bynum on the board. Why bother? Kobe Bryant runs this team, especially the offense, with a head coach who has no idea about anything but defense.

  5. KryptoChronicutelite ༼ つ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ༽つ says:

    @Fizzz135 no you idiot. Dwight Howard still is.

  6. @Fizzz135 Son…….Did you not see Dwight Howard get 24pts and 25reb in 4 Quarters?

  7. Dwight Who? Lakers dont need Howard unless Bynum breaks his knee again.

  8. Bynum got those grown man moves inside now, i LOVE it.

  9. Is it just me or is Bynum really boring the way he plays ?

  10. people say he was a scrub cuz of injuries. HELL NO WHEN THIS GUY STAY HEALTHY LIKE THIS, I'D TAKE HIM OVER DWIGHT ANY DAY

  11. Matt Barnes trips over his own feet and they call a foul on the grizz otherwise this video would never exist.

  12. @Titan615mvp i say it all the time. the NBA is the only league where all players get bailed out for tripping themselves or falling to the ground. there are fouls called all the time that are such a joke. Just because someone falls to the ground doesn't mean its a foul….

  13. i love Dwight Howard's athletic ability but i would want Bynum's fundamentals.

  14. @Fizzz135 No. Dwight Howard is. he grabed 25 rebounds and scored 24 points lol.

  15. @xZHRx tell me who else on the wolves gonna score or rebound? lakers got kobe to score and pau to rebound so love has who? beasley score dont make me laugh or darko gettin rebounds lol

  16. @ImShufflingRightNow what a bitter loser LOL

  17. Thats a monster game for Bynum….. boooo

  18. Didn't Kareem take Bynum under his wing? Sold me. I mean, he learned from a 12 time champion (high school, College, NBA) and 6x MVP. With all the injuries, he came a long way and deserves the skills. But his attitude is on backwards.

  19. @Fizzz135 not in dwights house lol… but he's definitely getting there ill give u that

  20. @Fizzz135 He's definitely one of the best pickups off a draft that the Lakers Management ever made.

  21. @Fizzz135 He got owned by Howard in their last matchup but he's definitely getting there as long as he stays healthy

  22. if only he never fucked up his knees this guy wouldve been a bigger monster

  23. @henkoChilzz Because Bynum played in 2 Overtimes lol and Howard only played 4 quarters.

  24. after the game he was so pumped he traveled to dallas and proceeded to punch jj barea in the face

  25. @667newdevilgod yea i know…. i just wished he heated up like this during the playoffs! and maybe he will

  26. @Jeezlooeez Those are all good players, but you see you only named 3 big men out of how many centers?, those 3 INCLUDING Bynum are the 4 most skilled big men, height alone does not get you 18 points and 13 rebounds a night…just saying…oh and i would put Pau in there too, he's having an off season to his standards but still averaging 16 & 10

  27. Bynum is becoming a beast in there… He is not there yet 100%, but day by day im starting to think he is better than Howard when healthy which he is right now.

  28. @Dario1221 hes averaging just about 5 assists a game i think its like 4.9 and hes leading hos team with that and i think that's pretty good for a SG hes not a PG u know

  29. hes so boring to watch but he gets the job done

  30. Boring? Your either 5'2 under 150 pounds and cant post up anybody OR you never played serious basketball.

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