Nightly Notable: Bynum's Monster Game! -

Nightly Notable: Bynum’s Monster Game!

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Check out some of the highlights from Andrew Bynum’s huge game against the Grizzlies as he goes for 37 points and 16 rebounds in the double overtime win!


  1. 37-16 in double OT Kevin love 30-15 in regulation. hmm.

  2. @Dr3adL0rd4 he always has, for every season hes played in the nba.

  3. @vocale23 AND!!! what have you done. Oh yeah just mildly raised your self esteem by people approving you comment.

  4. @vocale23 So what if nobody noticed? Its b/c they won. go back to your lebron video or something

  5. He's good down the post because as he turns, he elbows his man. Monster cheater.

  6. @vocale23 he hit some clutch free throws and not too mention the clutch drive to the whole in the 2ed OT.

  7. @vocale23 it doesn't matter if your team wins.

  8. @WhatTehFcuk yeah but if lebron did it and the heat won we'd hear it all over sportscenter, and an in depth analysis on why and how he missed, but with kobe we just let him slide?

  9. Didn't Dwight Howard have like 24 Pts and 26 Reb against a better team? lol Those are Wilt Numbers but Great Game by Bynum

  10. Man! I've been wiating for year then Bynum will show up this kind of game!

  11. @Bball4life1717

    After all of Kobes rings its less important.Kobe can retire today and his Legacy is one of the best.Lebron is catching up on years and seasons all that lebron has proven is that he can be the best regular season player but as far as the playoffs??????well im pretty sure youve seen last years playoffs.ESPN and the rest of the world wants Lerobin to win multiple rings as the guy that shows up for all games and is not afraid of going down shooting.Lerobin has a lot to prove.

  12. @Jeezlooeez lol really? damn near every team has a 7 footer, and they don't average what Bynum averages…next!…

  13. I hope that Bynum can keep playing at this level wothout espn trade motivations 🙂

  14. Fuck. now I have to look for vocale23's comment.

  15. @vocale23 it was him that lakers was able to tie that game and also two crucial assists

  16. Why wont it work when I click "@vocale23" so I can see what sort of spastic words were said. cmonnnnnn

  17. D12 has games like this all the time no big deal.

  18. this video is about bynum. it doesnt have to do anything with kobe or lebron. fuck off

  19. Andrew Bynum: Best big man in the league at the moment.

  20. if dwight howard played for lakers he would average less numbers than bynum, because in Orlando no one else grabs boards, in LA Pau Gasol is another 7 footer, and on offensive bynum makes the most of every possesion because the ball is in kobe's hands allot. This is why bynum is better than Dwight

  21. nynum is 2 yrs younger people nbynum will get better

  22. Lol Pau Gasol throws an alley opp to bynum

  23. Beast music is reserved for when someone has a beast game

  24. @eggmandalian hey bro, click "see all" above the comment box to look at all the comments. and press ctrl + f. then type in a persons name (ex. vocale23, you dont need to type out the whole name just the first letters or so, you'll know what i mean) then scroll down to the yellow parts in the scroll bar things and his comment shout be somewhere there. hope this helped!

  25. andrew is a beast 😛 What kind of a music is this XD?

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