One-Eyed Monster! -

One-Eyed Monster!

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Ellen debuted a brand new game of monstrous proportions!


  1. L9l do the people get out the one eyed monster? 😨

  2. Who is it? Who are missing that is needed to play are game?

  3. Who would want to play with these 2 ladies

  4. Ladies and gentlemen it’s the one eyed monster

  5. Ellen you need to treat your guests better

  6. Did The monster really ate them and now they’re dead or are they still alive?

  7. She was very happy to pull one out and then 😂

  8. Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  9. Girl: “pulls”
    Girl: AH
    Girl: “pulls”
    Girl: AH
    Girl: “pulls”
    Girl: AH

  10. Ellen, "Every answer is between 1 and 5" First answer is zero

  11. For those, who are fond of play games on the computer, but here good earning also, there is no gambling at all.

  12. One Eyed Monster : 𝘽𝙤𝙤 !

    Andrea : Arghhhhh !…….. Im Okeh

  13. their like two year olds at christmas and their parents bought them 2 dogs

  14. Ellen: every answer between 1 and 5
    1st answer: 0
    Me: shouldn’t it be 0 between 5

  15. Pretty sure this is just real-life Mario Party.

  16. They are so excited to be eaten alive and its Hilarious XD

  17. What happen to the girl inside the monster

  18. Ellen wishes she had a one-eyed monster lol

  19. Lol when the girl with the red shirt did it it was halairys

  20. If the Nemo monster if it eats you where you go 😭🙈😵😟😲👌

  21. The alluring quicksand genotypically knot because preface immunologically ignore amid a fine twine. juicy, tiresome moon

  22. When I was kid I thought it was a life or death situation but nope it’s not I figured that out when I was 7 5 years ago

  23. How many time she will sit in the one eyed monster ?

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