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[PC] Monster Hunter Rise – Launch Trailer

Monster Hunter
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Monster Hunter Rise arrives on PC with a sweet set of screen filters!
🔲 Black & white
📷 Sepia
🏯 Japanese Style
🔥 Warring Lands Style
🎥 Cinema Style (x2)

#MHRise on Steam is more vibrant than ever before! Available January 12.

#MonsterHunter #Capcom

Brazilian Portuguese
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese



  1. while i find most of these a bit of a meme (like 4K res/high res textures) considering the base textures are extremely plain to look at –
    I do think that the key/mouse control is MUCH better and there was much more thought put into it this time – thanks for that!

  2. maaaaaan i have on switch and Is a blast. I pre order it for PC and now this is exactly what i wanted, no regrets!!!

  3. it's nice, but too bad we'll get the expansion A WHOLE YEAR LATER

  4. Good trailer. Other PC ports should take notice.

  5. it still looks like a step backwards compared to world, the fuck

  6. its not worth 60 tho with so little content.

  7. I love how they're just saying: "Same game, same poor content, 80 $CAD, thank you for buying our game again. Now wait for the 50$ DLC coming next year." but it works each time because the gameplay is so good and unique.

  8. I wish I have a powerful pc to play this, I will stick to the switch version for now, which I love ❤️.

    Wish you all have fun and enjoy this amazing game!

    Happy hunts!

  9. Please make another monster Hunter game for Xbox one

  10. Finally the paid beta test is over, get lost console peasants it’s time for PC master race to take over the party

  11. I really hope they add those filters onto the switch version.

  12. All what we need is not the HELL B&W filter but RT Reshade… xd promoting game with lazy 5min filters is pretty pathetic.

  13. I've dedicated 400+ hours in this game, I hope all you PC players enjoy it much as I did, happy hunting!

  14. 몬헌 이새기들은 맨날 콘솔로 체험판 내고 피시로 정식발매하네

  15. Can you please add support for 5760×1080 16:3

  16. downgraded from mhworld because nintendo paid for exclusivity to fit in their malnourished handheld. then release it on pc anyways at full price in all its low poly glory. they even added screen filters to distract ppl lmao

  17. I'd buy it if there was a way to get my save from switch on pc.

  18. why wouldnt you just put in on all consoles. pc players are going to be using ps4 & xbox controllers anyways

  19. with all these graphical updates this better be optimized….

  20. We've been through so much went from playing the game on psp to pc .
    I hope we can still see monster hunter following and evolving with us .
    I hope you guys hunt happily .

    Hey capcom , bring back delamadur or the shall face the consequence of our wrath.

  21. I was like man that useless but that Japanese filter actually cool

  22. Can you guys do Square Enix's ports please?

  23. why would anyone use these filters lol.
    Monster Hunter World is the Monster Hunter for pc. Idk why this is even a release. It was a step forward for Switch, but it's a step backwards for pc

  24. Hello Monster Hunter fam! Was wondering if this game had a decent roster of monsters to hunt? Was a little disappointed at the lack of monsters from MHWorld.

  25. To those who will play rise for the first time, happy huntinf

  26. My switch: Rise Run Hella Good

    My $1,500 PC: Low Mode, and Pixelated

    Any way to fixed it?, my pc can run cyberpunk and it look good, with other games, is it just my rise doing that?

  27. Can't wait to decimate Rise monsters after abusing world for a year waiting on this.

  28. man, the Switch version was fun and now I want it on PC!!!!


  30. Wish at least the filters was on switch

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