Phantom: LeBron's Monster Game 1 Slam Dunk -

Phantom: LeBron’s Monster Game 1 Slam Dunk

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Check out LeBron James as he drives the lane and throws down this fierce slam dunk in super slow motion. Visit for more highlights.


  1. @RxUxKIDDINGxME I mean it's the NBA so you expect it and I'm not denying the sick dunk. …I just don't get the people who don't see that he took 3 steps

  2. @greheck88 Hahahahah what a dumb ass troll xD probably hatin cause heat beat one of your sorry ass team xD

  3. @terrorseed fuck i hit the wrong button and now i cant redo it D: i wanted to hit thumbs up not thumbs down wtf? stupid youtube!

  4. lebron's so great, even haters take time out of their miserable lives to view his videos.

  5. @Arkitable lebron and travelling is getting old. seriously

  6. @silverfish1 Dats a sexist comment rite there, u better take that back.

  7. @Cheema0113 — Until the series is decided, that's my new nickname for him. AFTER the series, I'll take it back! 🙂

  8. @spotman30 MJ DUMB FUCK IT WAS FROM A MOVIE LOL!!!!

  9. marion whacked him in the face and he barely flinched!
    chander got right out of the way of the runaway freight train king james!
    he would have run chandler right over and he knew it!!
    get out of the king`s way!!

  10. this guy is an absolute animal!!
    i watched the game and when this happened it was a shock!
    he just made a huge statement when he ripped in down on the drive!
    he is a beast!! huge play!!

  11. LeBron is a great player and the heat are a great team…larry had mchale, parish, mj had scottie pippen….every great player needs a team to win…thats why the bulls didnt win the championship

  12. The fix was in on this season before it even started. The Heat will win the title this year guaranteed. The Miami Heat are going to buy a championship and the NBA will stop at nothing to make sure it happens. Truthfully they don't even need Bosh. All they need is D-Wade and LeBron. It's almost like watching a man amongst boys with LeBron. He can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Oh well, Mark Cuban will just have to go after Dwight Howard or something so he can buy a championship too.

  13. @leepipesateneo

    are you afraid to know the people that your just only a fan of Lebron?

  14. @djmurphy10 fail. Bosh is a big part of the heat, they wouldnt do as well without him.

  15. @anthonvinnce im not denying it, im a lebron fan. your point?

  16. @leepipesateneo

    do you know what is a FOUL? and you call it a FOUL and your just only a FAN, also you don't know how to play basketball.,.i don't care if you delete this message again.,.as long as you read this message! series tied 1-1.,. haha.,.there points and efforts in game 2 is USELESS! bye Lebron.,.

  17. he traveled here, but what else is new fid dirk hit a free throw for once

  18. why does anyone care about a travel, in NBA they travel ALL the time. watch Kobe everytime he gets a rebound he runs halfway down the court before bouncing it. also the no travel call makes up for the no foul call too, he clearly got whacked in the face on the way up

  19. @anthonvinnce i didn't delete that comment. haha,1 game is all you can brag about? i hope the heat win just to shut you up. god you're annoying.

  20. @o1995 annnnnnnd they mention kobe on lebrons videos…..

  21. @leepipesateneo

    1 game only? well, i hope Heat will lose 4 straight games so that you will delete this VIDEO.,.

  22. Just to join the bandwagon, Lebron did travel. 🙂

  23. LeBron is good…but he's not OMFG amazing. get off his nuts seriously.

  24. @twinkiefetish the dribble ddint bounce back into his hand entell after he took that step tho gotta watch the ball it isnt a travel if the ball is on the court bouncing back to his other hand

  25. @twinkiefetish Also its only a travel if u carry the ball for more then 2 steps he was dribbling when he moved to his left

  26. @RacerNight86 THANK YOU. I told my friends game 6 mavs. and they bs'd me…also told them a day before game 6 Terry is gonna be ballin on em…and he did. lol.

    ohh btw, miami and "lebron fans" BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA.

  27. @sldecker38 Thats right bro.. Totally I was too happy when they won..

  28. @RacerNight86 I agree. Dirk and Kidd can retire as happy veterans now. 😀

  29. @leepipesateneo

    where is LEBRON JAMES now? your idol.,. hahaha.,. :p he's a LOSSER dude!
    game 6 in their home court.,. hahahahahaha

  30. @DrizzyIs4real

    he is great if he g0t champion

  31. @anthonvinnce get a life. you're pathetic

  32. @anthonvinnce Mavs? I know they're champions. If you're talking about the Heat you're a comedian. 😀

  33. LeBron's fans are so far up his ass they can see what he had for breakfast last week. 😀

  34. @anthonvinnce

    he will become champion if he is great.. right? LMAO!

  35. @markbi18

    yeah! REVENGE.,.i hate the Miami Heat because of Lebron James.,.he's worthless, effortless, useless!

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