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Pico Pets – Monster Battle RPG Game for iPhone and Android

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Become the greatest monster tamer of all times in Pico Pets! Build your team of monsters and go on an adventure to battle, capture and tame all the wild creatures of a world full of magic and surprises.

In a world where people and fantastic creatures live together, only one person is destined to be the great master of the Pico Pets. Search through every continent of Pico Planet capturing all the species and revealing them to the world.

Face and battle monsters of Earth, Fire, Plant, Water and Ice in a quest across four continents and the final Challenge Tower. Think your strategy and evolve your battle tactics to beat and collect all the Pico Pets.

Build up the best team you can to finally capture all five legendary Pico Pets — the elemental beasts — and become the great Pico Pets master.

• Over 50 unique monsters plus their SHINY species to battle and collect
• 5 LEGENDARY Pico Pets
• Four continents and the final Challenge Tower to EXPLORE
• Simple yet exciting and addictive gameplay
• An awesome revision of the monster-collecting RPG genre

An epic journey awaits you in Pico Pets. Are you up to the challenge?

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  1. Dear tapps games, this game is kinda good ngl but it could be even BETTER if u ADD new pico pets to the game! I hope ur reading this, it would be cool if u did add more cuz I don't like 48 pico pets here anyways thanks 😀

  2. Esse era meu jogo favorito quando era crionça, ele não esta mais na play store mas baixo ele no aptoide :>

  3. I absolutely love the music, reminds me of Drawn to Life

  4. This game keeps logging me out when I deleat it

  5. เอาออกทำไมครับเกมสนุกมาก

  6. Eu sinto falta desse jogo/ i miss that game

  7. Esse jogo fez parte da minha infância como Tiny auto shop e especial mente team Fortress!!! Por favor volte com esse original e o team Fortress

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