Programming a 666,000 IQ Monster for my game! -

Programming a 666,000 IQ Monster for my game!

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In this indie horror game devlog, full time game dev Two Star Games (Gavin Eisenbeisz) shows how to make a video game that is incredibly scary, horrifying, cursed, and is probably the scariest game ever. I’ll be programming artificial intelligence AI. See behind the scenes in Unreal Engine 4 Blender and Gimp, as I make this game. This horror game has an evil spider train. Like in resident evil, replaced Mr. X mod, or in skyrim and other popular best video games. Choo Choo Charles for life. Also, some people think the game is called Choo Choo Charlies, but that’s incorrect.
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  1. Scary jumping baby spider train
    Spider train jumping out of hunting holes like those hole spiders

  2. i tink thet it will be cool if you need to refule the train and charels will attack you more often if you are low

  3. What would be cool is that your train would take damage and will break down if hit enough times and you would have to fix it by deconstructing one of the armors for resources or holding on to resources or before it breaks down you can go to a place called a train station that will fix your train in 1 minute but you have to use the weapons to fend off choo choo Charlie

  4. You should put a title at the top so it says “Hunting Charles” or “killing spree mode”

  5. You should make at the start of the game before getting weapons you start by outrunning charles until you get the deafult gun

  6. I wonder if you could make Charles face extend like how people did with Thomas the train

  7. Man, I need a entertening dev log… there's so many great ideas around here. Here's mine:
    I'm not sure how we'll eventually kill it, but it would be nicie if every time we send him away, he comes back with some different pieces, like old pieces of other broken train, or stuff like that, that he used to "heal" himself. So ultimately his last form would be somehow a bit scarier, or at least more intimidating. (I'm talking about subtle changes, not a megazord stuff)

  8. IDEA!

    What if when charles is chasing you in the train, an animation plays where he tucks is little spider arms in and chases you like a train

  9. Can you please make a laser card or laser Doom what do 10 pieces of damage

  10. That’s a big boy and also he’s very smart I bet he can calculate how to make 10 more solar systems and he can calculate how to kill you with just flicking

  11. you should hide the typical hp bar and instead make the health visual, as in, legs slowly come off charles as you damage him. This makes the scenario intense the first AND second time around.

  12. Looking forward to it ive been part of your Cool Kids club since April

  13. 𝓢𝓱𝓪𝓭𝓸𝔀_𝓛𝓸𝓿𝓮 says:

    how much will the game cost?

  14. What was the inspiration behind Choo Choo Charles?

  15. what program are you using to make and program this game?

  16. Make an area with fog so you don't see him, and jumps out of the fog

  17. During the final battle will there be a special train car that holds cultists and they shoot you

  18. What if you add a train graveyard and he blends within them until you get close enough and leeches out

  19. Try to make in VR oculus rift oculus quest and PS VR

  20. I know you probably won’t respond but if you do can you please try adding a double machine gun just like Bob but auto

  21. Bro make the soo hard that gamers complain game is too hard for them so they learn coding to to make the games easier

  22. Bro u can add add Guns all over the train for the villain to even crawl over the train ur in

  23. Eh I feel like being able to heal your train like that is a bit to easy like adding some sort of repairing thing for your train is a good idea but make it more of a risk factor sorta thing or more complicated rather tha just clicking a button then boom

  24. Are we going to have unlimited ammo ?
    Or its just alpha so..

  25. Get it released on Xbox it would be great as it is the console platform for indie games would love to see it

  26. Good job il love original Monster just wach out Glitch bro good Luck il french

  27. Looks good. I would suggest having different damage points on Charles, the health bar looks out of place with the rest of the game. I think adding the option to maybe damage a leg or two to stop Charles chasing is better than a bullet sponge. I would also look at changing the unlimited ammo, it's not very scary if you just keep pumping rounds into Charles. Love the idea of a killer train!!

  28. almost 300k subs but you have more than 2mil views 💀

  29. Im using UE5 for my game my first game and i love watching your dev logs and i plan to get a copy of this as soon as possible but hearing you talk about the whole Ai Tree made me get both excited and the same feeling of being a kid and being told to complete a huge packet with open ended questions for home work but your videos really inspire me with my game and thank you for that

  30. 9:49 Came after the wrong goddamm choo choo train didn't you you bastard!?

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    After playing around with it, I’ve been super impressed with the quality of games people are making in it, so be sure to give it a try!

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