Programming a 666,000 IQ Monster for my game! -

Programming a 666,000 IQ Monster for my game!

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In this indie horror game devlog, full time game dev Two Star Games (Gavin Eisenbeisz) shows how to make a video game that is incredibly scary, horrifying, cursed, and is probably the scariest game ever. I’ll be programming artificial intelligence AI. See behind the scenes in Unreal Engine 4 Blender and Gimp, as I make this game. This horror game has an evil spider train. Like in resident evil, replaced Mr. X mod, or in skyrim and other popular best video games. Choo Choo Charles for life. Also, some people think the game is called Choo Choo Charlies, but that’s incorrect.
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  1. Suggestion: Add jerry cans, so the train can get fuel. Also add a fuel system

  2. but roblox creators are getting 75 percent of robux they make so u lied >:c

  3. it would be pretty nice if you could ad and wepon that you can carry outside your train, like an pistol.

  4. So exited when this game gonna be released

  5. What if Charles ran into the water and would sink to the bottom
    Then later he would pop up out of the ground from digging holes

  6. I want to download this game but I can't

  7. 1000000000000000000000000IQ

  8. add scorpion tail from techno crane to your monster

  9. iv seen choo choo charles on OTK expo and it brough me here

  10. This game looks awesome cant wait till its released it reminds me of the horror game the forest

  11. You should add a train horn or whistle when you die

  12. You should also add a gun that shoots train track nails

  13. if those spider legs were fingers instead… im gonna cry

  14. Suggestion: add random flares all over the map to use when your off the train to blind Charles making him stagger. but make them very rare to find

  15. the flamethrower should be called: hellbringer
    rocket launcher: the big one (this is a bloons td6 referance)
    the range gun: mechanic death

  16. plz put the game free for the first day

  17. Game idea from one of my nightmares I can't remember all of it

  18. So I have to fill in the gaps or you can? I went to sleep and then I herd something close by and it was coming closer and closer than it stopped I didn't know why all I did was try to be as silent as possible and then I relised it was blind but that was also a bad thing it has good hearing it can hear 20 yards away also ad proximity chat gather all of the garbage to make tools and kill its eggs before they can hatch after that collect all of the blood to make weapons cus it was all you had but you relised the blood hardened so you can make weapons /gun with the hardened blood bullets also the blood can made to into a kind of glue to repair the the tools to make the gun better for killing it as in the monster

  19. Go bodem to top it's easier to read oh i forgot about the egg you found in a tree that was cut down you have to take care of it and if it died you die cause the egg was your only source of heat you decide the tools weapons and guns

  20. mano esse jogo está ficando muito incrivel

  21. Is nobody gonna talk about true form Charles in the top left at 1:28

  22. You should make it where it looks like it's breaking the less health it has

  23. Man would have been cool too have a lovecraftian Charles lol

  24. I love how you say ai is made with behaviour trees instead of saying its the best option. Because there are people who actually make ai with blueprint

  25. I wonder what happens when you kill Charles

  26. Damn the jumpscare was awesome, but I was thinking he should stab you and then pull out you heart as your vision fades.

  27. What if when you use the flame thrower on the tracks, if you wanted to go back that way you would have to repair the tracks you burned.

  28. hide the weapons around the map so players are encouraged to explore

  29. This Gives Thomas The Tank Engine Vibes That Torture !

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