PROJECT WIGHT Trailer (Viking Horror Game - 2017) -

PROJECT WIGHT Trailer (Viking Horror Game – 2017)

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Project Wight is no ordinary RPG. Turning its focus to the person on the other side of your sword, it offers a unique spin on a familiar form, that could only come from a team that do things their own way…

PROJECT WIGHT Trailer (Viking Horror Game – 2017)
Release date : 2017
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  1. Well… Honestly unless the project they picked up is a broader idea of dark born I probably won't buy it on principal or in other words "I'm going to shelf buying it" whatever it is…. Shelving a game you got people hyped over several years is kind of messed up as a company and doesn't make me feel like they will provide results with their other projects with how flaky they are…

  2. When is this game coming out?!!! It has been 4 years since this video!

  3. Update they stop working on game to work on a doom beatbox lottery shooter clone

  4. ʄԄąŋçɛʂқą ʄıŋɖąცąıԄ says:

    Only PC? Xbox one? Ps4?

  5. When the hell is this game being released? Its been years now

  6. For anyone wondering, this game has been officially cancelled, sad times.

  7. it's so sad that the halted the development of this game tbh

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