PS Plus December 2019 | Titanfall 2 + Monster Energy Supercross | PlayStation Plus -

PS Plus December 2019 | Titanfall 2 + Monster Energy Supercross | PlayStation Plus

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Whether you’re piloting a towering Titan or kicking up dirt on the racetrack, December’s PS Plus games put you in control of fast-moving, powerful machines.


  1. I love Titanfall 2. But we deserve more than 2 games. Also horrible music in this video.

  2. Titanfall is okay but motor cross is bad. Change it please. At least for Christmas

  3. Titanfall 2 is Good But motocross game is terrible

  4. Well this makes me regret getting a 1 year subscription the other day

  5. Man these are bad games for Christmas honestly 🙁

  6. Πάνος Παναγιωτόπουλος says:

    I wanted god of war😡😡

  7. Mine expires in 2 months and I think that's it for me. Support them all year then get rewarded with a 4 quid game and a game that's an advertisement for an energy drink at Christmas, plus i have ea access, no more I'm done.

  8. I am happy to see titanfall 2 just I wish there was better games for this time of the year

  9. Please swap the motocross game with something better so I have something to do in the holidays

  10. Another garbage month to follow up a full year of garbage. Titanfall 2 was $6 on PSN at one point and that Monster trash is worth $0, PS+ has no value anymore. Glad all the poor kids to who might rely on this sub for their only games get this nonsense stuff for Christmas. Time of giving lol

  11. الالعاب لاتعطي اللاعب اي سبب للشتراك في خدمت البلاس

  12. What's it with people they need to get a grip, it's free games, who cares what they are. Not happy don't download it.

    All the people complaining are spoiled brats expecting everything for free. Go work for the games that you want

  13. Nice way to celebrate 25 years of Playstation…lol

  14. Give us another free title! Make it 3 to compensate for Christmas

  15. Worth 69.98… more like 10.00 what a joke Sony shame on you 25th anniversary and Christmas month and you give us a game that could be bought for 10 when it's constantly on sale and a monster energy ad

  16. Just an FYI, these are called “free games” because with PS+ you are paying for online services. Sony doesn’t have to give you privileged gamers any free titles! Stop complaining about everything. PS4 community is so toxic!

  17. 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾🦓

  18. Horrid is this how they treat their loyal customers, so shameful.

  19. What a trash after giving a baseball game ….

  20. They should pay me to play those games. 😔 Christmas = Capistalism

  21. Im from the future and idk if motocross is good or not xdxdxdzdzdxzzdxddxx

  22. Yeah this lineup is lame. It’s been a while since there’s been anything good on Plus – or at least things we all didn’t already have. And for Christmas…

  23. Are you serious? This is more than dissapointing. For this price you get a game you can get for $4 and a horrible motocross game. For less than $2 you can get game pass which gives you the ability to play games online (which should be free you greedy idiots), a huge library of Xbox 360 and Xbox One games and a lot of new games that just got released. This is just BS. At least change the games, for Christmas we get this. This is stupid!

  24. Are they using the Lucifer theme,
    Being Evil Has A Price? Certainly sounds like it

  25. Done not even going to complain I'm spending my money with Microsoft until they want to act like they give a s*** again

  26. В этом месяце не лучше раздача если что!!! dislike!!

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