Remember THIS Game? Yeah.. The Monster Can HEAR YOUR VOICE In Game Now... -

Remember THIS Game? Yeah.. The Monster Can HEAR YOUR VOICE In Game Now…

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I Returned to the Trenches and I Regret Everything…
Welcome back to Trenches ! Today, I return to the trenches of my sanity-deprived mind, but now not only do I hear voices, but the voices hear me… Let’s play Trenches !

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About Trenches:
Trenches is a First-Person Survival Horror Game where you have to escape the claustrophobic environment and experience the events from the eyes of a soIdier caught behind the front lines in this surreal nightmare as you fight for your life and sanity to get back home to your family.

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  1. So a man in the trenches' worst nightmare is the x chromosome?

  2. I feel like the microphone tracking thing is kinda weird because at one part IGP sniffed and the monster just ironically sniffed him out immediately

  3. IGP: sniffs
    monster: extermination day now

  4. i like how eventually igp just went completely dead silent

  5. feels like you're trying your hardest to call out to it.

  6. actually i find this pretty deep… imagine you are a soldier during the trench warfare. you are stucked in this labyrinth of tight corridors, with mud mixed with guts and blood of fallen almost allways reaching to your ankles, sometimes even to your knees.. at any time a single artillery shell may fall right beside you killing you on the spot, and yet you know you have to stay there and fight…

    and then it came. opposing side assault… or even worse, YOUR SIDE was ordered the assault and you have reached opposing trenches… After decimating close quater combats you are one of those unfortunate enough to still live. in the chaos of battle losing your orientation and not knowing where to go… why not just climp up the trenches? cause snipers can kill you… you are doomed to wander those unfamiliar defences, knowing enemy may ambush you from any side, artillery and bombs may strike from above and with no real way back…

    of course im just kidding, the deathscreen description gives it pretty clearly, that the game shows "hurricane barrage" or more videly named "shell shock" victims, with their minds forever broken due to constant stress, fear and terror of battle.

  7. How to mute YouTuber's voices? Video is ok but his voice all the time…nope

  8. This is literally the best horror game channel to ever exist

  9. In the first demo you played, your Shadow is the skeleton whether you crotch or not.

  10. I think the crying babies symbolizes a soldier broken by the battle front. Literally a crying soldier. The next level of baby dolls, people who just simply lost it, went crazy. Memories and stories of all the fallen or lost soldier that were in the trenches. I wonder if the headless mannequin was a way they dealt with all the dead around them. All bodies become mannequins to make it easier then to think of them as dead people? out of all the weapons you could have in a trench, a pistol. I wonder if that was to symbolize suicide. A single bullet to the head becoming a common thought, within a soldier. What an informative way to portray battle fronts. So dark. I hope I never have to survive through one. I'd be surprised if you could kill the horrors of a battle front.

  11. I came here to be scared, but ended up laughing instead.

  12. It's been so long since they introduced this game I don't even remember the name of it.

  13. I couldn’t imagine IGP describing me after he described the thing. “Oh my god it had a tongue” lol. Granted this is coming from the person who tells their daughter food is what is for dinner.

  14. 8:19
    Dies a horrific way by a 20 foot jaw monster
    IGP: That thing had a F*cking toungue!

  15. This game is a 10/10; also I think its super upsetting and kinda scary to think that when you die in the game your family is better off, based on the ending you'd think that getting home from war is the best outcome, but it turns out letting the trenches get to you is the best option in the long run and that is terrifying.

  16. hold up isnt this the backrooms 1998?

    did b98 steal the game and just change the map? the jumpscares, the monster design, and overall gameplay looks alarmingly similar

  17. The last 10 minutes of this was the most stressful thing in my week

  18. imagine your mom turned on the vacuum when you're playing this

  19. LOL, A NO JUMPSCARE MODE, igp you could've picked this but now, you're brave.

  20. IGP: monster can hear your voice

  21. i feel like the author should add an ending part, that is fully automatic, where you are the monster and you are moving inside a common home passing through the body of a woman and two child, and in the end you die.

  22. I don’t know what’s more scary, the game, or IGP being so quiet

  23. I've seen so many horror games to the point im not scared anymore

  24. You're possibly German Infanterie (infantry) Soldier in this game

  25. "He was hunted."
    "Wait…No, he is the hunter."

  26. So it hears the breathing but not the high pitch screaming… nice hearing

  27. This will be a SPOILER so if you are reading this far, thats on you. However, there are 9 fetus dolls for the 9 soldiers within the trench. 8 died, and the protagonist made it out, yet there are still 9 dolls. Maybe thats an oversight?

  28. I recreated it in minecraft I'm working on it

  29. 14:30 Oh, so this is made by the exact same developer that made the Backrooms 1998.

  30. Mf game gives you a gun, then makes it so nothing IN THE HOPES IT GIVES YOU COURAGE TO FIGHT THE THING

  31. think I'd have peed on a couple of those jump scares

  32. So, IGP? Want to make another vid explaining what these monsters are? And how they came be? Lore time? XD

  33. Boys dont even know what scary is when they have a gun😎

  34. i think this game overuses jumpscares a bit

  35. I just want to say. I clicked on the video without seeing who made it and I deadass thought this was markiplier for the first 15 mins of the video.

  36. IGP: sniffs breaths
    the monster: ok just for that you are now on my hit list

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