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Rise Broken Immortal Build – Impossible to Cart – BEST BUILD IN GAME – Monster Hunter Rise!

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This is easily the best build in Rise, it’s so broken, powerful and easy! Enjoy!

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Monster Hunter Rise is here with as we talk the Monster Hunter Rise gameplay with Monster Hunter Rise new monsters like Rise Elder Dragons but mainly Rise immortal build oh yes Monster Hunter immortal build as we examine the Monster Hunter Rise Best Build with the Monster Hunter Rise best weapon Monster Hunter Rise Great Sword with Rise Rage Slash using Monster Hunter Rise Palicos with the Rise Best Palico and Monster Hunter Rise best set oh yes it’s time to never cart in Monster Hunter Rise easy mode!

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  1. Question. How does one get their health that fukin high. Plz need help

  2. Was going to make this build and I decided to look through my talismans to see what I had, and turned out I had a defense boost1 divine blessing1 with three 1 slots. Guess I'm making this thing

  3. Can you write here how many of each decorations you used?

  4. In the first minute and sometimes later is the video on lowest Volume still extremely loud . 👎

  5. So I recently got a charm with 3 defense boost and 2 divine blessing.
    Only a single 1-slot but god damn.

  6. I wonder if divine blessing on armor still stacks with HH

  7. liked the info, but the terrible intro and screaming in mid explanation made me want to stop watching this multiple times. made me cringe, was fkn terrible. I won't subscribe until that shit changes 💯 lol

  8. i remember your immortality build in MHW waaaay back. this brings back memories! I'll be using this to learn greatsword all over again!

  9. With the recent update, I'm going to try and work Kushala's armor set into the immortal set to try and make something special happen.

    So far, the best I've done was this: replace weapon with one with one two gem and two one gems, put the potential and two defenses into said weapon, get the Kushala Grip, defense boost in grip, then get one more potential decoration to even out the build. Note: if you are looking for a "weapon recommendation" that could fit that bill of the three slot with one two gem and two one gems… Chameleos will fit that bill nicely (as does have a fair sum of attack and sharpness to work with. At least for some of the weapons). For anyone interested, I was using the Imperial Long Sword which had a ramp up skill that boosted the defense bonus to 30. Defense over 500 at the moment. ^__^

    Congratulations. You are now a third of the way there. Mainly because you can technically take out one recovery speed gem since the Kushala Grip comes with it.

    The problem now is what to replace next?
    Do you do the chest that (while gives you another recovery speed to replace) you lose the three slots and only have one two gem to work with? That and recovery up would need to be regained.
    The Legs that (while you lose a slot there too) is where you have the two divine blessing?
    Or the coil that takes away one slot from you? The coil seems like the most likely one to do since you get recovery speed there too so that would mean the lost slot would technically be covered so maybe that's step two (except that you need a gem to build it, so that's a problem until you get it).
    Not to mention who knows if replacing the talisman would help (but not likely since you don't have anything for recovery up).

    Oh, the build plan for this will be fun to see unfold.

  10. Lol i love making these for my lazy hunts🤣

  11. I mixed this with the Ramage HH with healing melodies and I can now say that I have not carted once since that moment.

  12. would love to see what you could do with this in 2.0

  13. And now Kushala gives Val Hazak healing with 3 armor pieces.

  14. I may or may not have made this build but better lol… used kushala armor so I can regen all my health

  15. I have 600 def with Kushala health regen.
    I miss dying.

  16. this build doesn't work on Magnamalo, for some reason he still kills me in two hits while all the other monsters scratch my back when they hit me, I don't understand why

  17. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. I have this build with Diablo gs and teostra killed me if I just stand there

  18. Okay, I realized now that i have been playing this game wrong.

  19. How does this hold up to Teos big bang attack?

  20. having kushalas blessing 3 heals past the red for infinite health tics

  21. All it needs now is vaal hazak to overheal the red health

  22. Hey unwillinghero nice to meet you!!!! Big fan of your awesome videos. I have a quick questions. Between basarios or diablo who have the best defense for armor?? I would to get your opinion about this

  23. I’m so poor, need to farm cash before farming mats 🙁

  24. He’s just standing there…… menacingly!!!!

  25. Thanks to you, I have…

    Level 3 kushala
    Level 3 divine blessing
    Level 5 defense boost
    Level 3 stun resist
    Level 3 recovery speed
    Level 3 recovery up

    I cannot die 😂 bring on master rank!!

  26. It would help if the video wasn't stuck in 144 p

  27. So I can approve this build. I made this build and forgot to upgrade the armor and I was still almost unstoppable lol

  28. can basarios coil be swapped out to anja coil (with 2 defense jewels slotted) to get a free 2 slot?

  29. How many Dekorations of what do i need?

  30. Question rage would this work against valtrax?

  31. Just a heads up for anyone wanting to try this build on MH Rise vanilla.
    You will be demolished by 7 star event quests especially the apex monsters.

  32. So, I like immortal builds because yeah you may deal meh damage, but you can't die so you can tank, and if you're helping lower friends in lower difficulty hunts you don't just sweep it for them but still get to use your fancy build

  33. I know I know, this is outdated by a year… BUT… I'm a ps5 user so videos such as these are only just now relevant. That being said, is this a Rise or a Sunbreak video because ps5 has no access to sunbreak. Yet.

  34. I never watch the full videos, I only watch the intros.

  35. Copying this build was a pain you went so fast

  36. It is pointed out in the video guys but the game calls the Basarios waist Uroktor for some reason but it's Basarios.

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