ROCKETS vs JAZZ | Donovan Mitchell Goes OFF in MONSTER 4th Quarter! | Game 4 -

ROCKETS vs JAZZ | Donovan Mitchell Goes OFF in MONSTER 4th Quarter! | Game 4

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The Jazz outscored the Rockets in the 4th quarter, 31-12, highlighted by 19 points from Donovan Mitchell (31 total for the game, 7 rebounds, 4 assists) to earn a 107-91 victory and force a Game 5 on Wednesday night (8:00 p.m. ET on TNT) in Houston. Jae Crowder added 23 points (8-13 FG), 4 rebounds and 2 steals in the victory. James Harden led the Rockets with a team-high 30 points (8-19 FG, 6-12 3pt FG), to go with 4 assists, while Chris Paul tallied 23 points (8-19 FG), alongside 8 rebounds, 7 assists, 5 steals and 2 blocks in the losing effort. The Rockets’ lead in this best-of-7 series is now 3-1.

GAME 5: πŸ€: Jazz vs. Rockets πŸ“…: Apr. 24, 8:00pm/et πŸ“Ί: TNT

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  1. Austin Rivers game never transcended after leaving Duke.

  2. They lose these games so they can end at home that’s all

  3. The jazz with Lou Williams off the bench….

  4. don't worry rockets fans, the jazz will have gone fishing after game 5

  5. I was at the game, it was so loud in the stadium i felt the floor vibrate

  6. Harden always pushing dudes and calls them ball handles

  7. Why didn’t Utah coach didn’t start jae crowder from the beginning hell don’t wait til must win game that was dumb

  8. The Jazz were keeping the game close all game. That’s y the rockets lost

  9. I'm a die-hard Warriors fan born and raised from the Bay Area good job Utah Jazz and Utah Jazz I hope you had kept this momentum game 5 okay and beat the Houston Rocket in their home crowd

  10. LA getting Ball earlier than Mitchell what a bunch of morons

  11. Houston Owner be like: "Sweet, another 15 million in tickets back home…"

  12. F*** Utah. Not for tonight but for Stockton’s buzzer beater. And 2007. It’s been so therapeutic Whoopin up in y’all these past two years.

  13. The push offs the league lets Harden get away with is a joke.

  14. No one has ever came back from a 3-0 deficit…. Utah however, will also not come back. πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚

  15. LOTS of uncalled fouls for both sides 🀟🏾 Let them play physical

  16. They lost just to make an extra dollar at the home game in Houston

  17. Sad they will lose in Houston it was a good ride tho

  18. I'll call that personal foul what he did

  19. Talking about the warriors blow a 3-1 lead rockets blow a 3-0 lead

  20. Harden with the knee in the NUTS at 5:32 lol it ain't no handles.

  21. Rockets let them win because to get more money πŸ˜‚

  22. So many egotistical people. Hopefully those people realize one day that ego controls you. You become a slave to it by feeding it and so it continues to grow. As it grows, it will require more and more to sustain. The bigger it grows, the more it hurts when it hungers for its own self worth once more. You damage those around you, including loved ones, just to bring yourself up. What could possibly go wrong with this pattern of thinking.

  23. that's alright rockets…lets get this championship…

  24. Do Capela and Schroeder have the same mother? 😝

  25. Rockets will end it in Houston and move on to the next round let's go rockets πŸš€πŸš€ rednation

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  27. The Jazz won but it will be there last victory of the postseason.

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