Sammy Watkins' MONSTER Game | NFL 2019 Highlights -

Sammy Watkins’ MONSTER Game | NFL 2019 Highlights

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Sammy Watkins had himself a day with 198 yards and 3 touchdowns! The Kansas City Chiefs take on the Jacksonville Jaguars during Week 1 of the 2019 NFL season.

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  1. I have him in fantasy……but I benched him

  2. I have watkins on my fantasy team but ESPN auto benched him before the game. 52 points gone. Thx a lot ESPN, looks like those 11 “projected points” were a liiiiiittle off

  3. When you face Prescott and Watkins in fantasy 😢

  4. This man is gonna go crazy with Tyreek Hill hurt now.

  5. What a lord. He scored 47 points for my fantasy football team.

  6. Guess who drafted Sammy in his fantasy team. This guy 😁

  7. He has already three touchdowns and expect that to grow with Tyreek Hill out for a few weeks he has the same amount of touchdowns in his first game this season that he did all of last year

  8. Glad I didn't sub him out him keenen Allen and Leveon bell really showered up for me today wish chubb had a better outing

  9. As a bills fan this makes me very happy love you Sammy

  10. Sammie went off today and handed me that L to start my fantasy season 😩🙄😂

  11. I knew Watkins was dangerous when he played for the Bills, his route running is serious💪 This man almost had 200 yards, let that sink in.

  12. I had to start Sammy Watkins in fantasy this week because of the Antonio Brown ordeal. I'm thinking "well, maybe Watkins will nab me 7-10 points as the Chiefs's second option." Sometimes it pays to be lucky. Even better, I had a hunch that Davante Adams would be stifled by the Bears, so I started DeSean Jackson in favor of him. My receivers collectively produced ~75 points this week. I think I might have peaked, y'all.

  13. Watched this dude as a Clemson fan destroy souls. From a pure talent perspective he had more talent than Hopkins at Clemson. Kind of easy to tell the injuries hampered his speed a bit, but if he can stay healthy he can be a top WR easily. Question is IF he can stay healthy. That was always the question.

  14. He looks healthy!! The only that’s stopping him.

  15. That first TD was a throwback to the Clemson days

  16. Watch out for Sammy Watkins this year wow!

  17. hell yeah! nothing like seeing Sammy wearing that red and white, baby!

  18. Love how Watkins has a signature running taunt like Hill's "Peace"

  19. people forget that this guy was considered a potentially generational receiver/return man talent. there’s a reason he got picked over amari cooper, he’s just been injured and played in some bad offenses in buffalo

  20. The Jags sure do have alot of talent on defense to just completely suck. I gotta look at the DC and HC.

  21. What's funny is Kevin White was supposed to be more pro ready than Watkins or Amari coming out of the draft.

  22. He is the less WR used by the Chiefs offense 🏈

  23. 239💯 yuh blessed to know this man in real life and blessed to play for the same high school team he went to go Wolfpack 🥳

  24. Why the Rams dumped Sammy Watkins is beyond me. The Rams went to super bowl with Watkins and Suh, and let them go, Why?

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