SCARY Spider Train Monster in a new open world horror game -

SCARY Spider Train Monster in a new open world horror game

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This looks terrifying and utterly bonkers but also genuinely like a decent game, I can’t wait to play this next year. Choo Choo Charles was announced today, an open world horror game with a scary thomas the tank engine chasing you, a half spider half train monster that seems to want to make you it’s dinner, upgrade your train and defend it against this beast in 2022.

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  1. There is also a monster in the water

  2. This choo choo Charles release his game in in Roblox

  3. My man Thomas got tired of his home and became insane.

  4. Choo choo charles looks like cursed thomas he is also a half train half spider

  5. I disagree it’s half spider, half train, and half clown. Don’t ask me how that works 😂 however this makes my dislike of spiders worse 😒😱

  6. Thanks. Two phobias wrapped into one is exactly what we need.

  7. i had a dream like that. i thought it was like the wrongfully accused chase scene, but now its like this game.

  8. Is this an animation or is it a real game if it’s a game what’s the name of it

  9. Just realized it isn’t even out yet lol sorry

  10. Is that Engineer Bob shooting Charlie the Choo-Choo train?

    "Don't ask me silly questions
    I won't play silly games
    I'm just a simple choo choo train
    And I'll always be the same.

    I only want to race along
    Beneath the bright blue sky
    And be a happy choo choo train
    Until the day I die"

  11. Seems like the beast from sodor fallout and Thomas and it changed its gender had a baby

  12. Check out two star games aka the developer

  13. Who tf shows off someone else’s work and then says thanks for watching guys, subscribe for more of MY work.

  14. If Thomas revisit the Island of Sodor and he was heavily modified and armored.

  15. I had a dream where huggy wuggy and choo choo Charles I hated it

  16. I am waiting for Twostar to release the game

  17. The like was 999 so I press the like button to make it 1k

  18. Imagine the train is the next dark deception monster

  19. I would get this game when comes out but my computer is so bad that it can't even run google

  20. Waiting for rifles and other mobile weapons

  21. Waiting for rifles and other mobile weapons

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