Season 4 Week 1| 3 Headed Monsters vs. Tri-State | Full Game -

Season 4 Week 1| 3 Headed Monsters vs. Tri-State | Full Game

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BIG3 Season 4 Week 1 Full Game. 3 Headed Monsters vs. Tri-State.
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  1. Brick, Brick, Brick, Brick……. Brick, Brick, Brick…….. BRICK. BRICK. BRICK.

  2. These guys should be fined for not coming into camp in shape with a sharp eye. They are throwing up a lot of bricks! But, they played well near the end of the first half, and in the second half!

  3. It’s the summer time LETS GO!!!

  4. Not gonna lie, a big part of me looks forward to summer because of the big 3.

  5. OMG… the best play👊🇧🇷


  7. Larry Sanders I see ya, first time seeing him since he just up & walked away from the NBA. After battling depression disorder. He was playing some of his best basketball as the starting center for the Bucks. was still young going into a contract year where he was definitely going to get paid big money then just disappeared.

  8. Larry Sanders looks Like playing lazy ball in the park

  9. Gary Payton and Too Short embracing is legendary i love this league

  10. Can’t lie, these games are kind of boring. Not sure if it’s the half court thing.

  11. Good game E5! Louisville representative…but, took that L..

  12. No full court take away so much elements ..fasts breaks ect…

  13. Why is tony wroten and mamadou playing? They ain't even 30 yet wth

  14. Has he played in any top level competition 🤔 would love to see that .

  15. I hope all these guys being terribly out of shape is just because of being stuck inside to the pandemic. because these first games are hard to watch…im a fan of this league..and i want it to grow. not gonna happen if this is the firs thing new viewers will see. smh

  16. soy fan del big 3 y mas de 3 headed mosters junto a Mahmoud abdul-rauf…..ojala y lo transmitan como antes en español o en algun canal

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