Sesame Street: The Remembering Game with Cookie Monster | #Throwback Thursday -

Sesame Street: The Remembering Game with Cookie Monster | #Throwback Thursday

Sesame Street
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Guy Smiley hosts The Remembering Game with special guest Cookie Monster! Cookie Monster has to remember where the matching pictures are to win! Will he be able to get that grand prize?

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  1. R.I.P. Jim Henson (1936-1990) (Guy Smiley) and Jerry Nelson (1934-2012) (Announcer and Bill Smith).

  2. Fun Fact: Jim Henson directed the remembering game!

  3. I think this Guy Smiley skit might've been responsible for my lifelong love of games shows.

  4. Bill smith sounds like Emmet otter

  5. Holy cow, who'd want a jet plane than to win a cookie?!

  6. I love Classic Sesame Street. I was a fan since about 1971 (if not 1972 when the 3rd season was in a "rerun") and my very favourite seasons were 3, 4, 5, and 6. Thanks for posting, Sesame Street, much love.

  7. Lol Cookie shaking Guy Smiley down for the goods at the end. 😂😂😂

  8. This was the first time Cookie Monster was named Cookie Monster. Before that, he wasn't really referred to by name. He was just a monster that would eat just about anything, and for a little while would eat objects that weren't edible. ( Beautiful Day Monster also expressed liking cookies in an earlier game show parody)

  9. Love, love, love Sesame Street!

  10. 💖💖💖I love Sesame Street!!💖💖💖

  11. I love Guy Smiley wish they bring him back for even just 1 episode.

  12. Trying to imagine Cookie Monster flying the plane…😁

  13. If Cookie Monster had thought about it, he could have taken the plane, SOLD IT, and bought his own cookie factory and hired the best people to work in it.

  14. I feel like Cookie would have eaten the plane anyway had he ended up taking it for a prize.

  15. Air date December 31, 1971, Season 3 (1971-1972), Episode 0310

  16. he sold a jet plane for 1 cookie lol

  17. He'll pick a cookie over the grand prize every single time.

  18. Was this from Big Bird's favorite party games video?

  19. Fun Fact: Jim Henson directed the remembering game!

  20. Guy Smiley: Jim Henson
    Cookie Monster: Frank Oz
    Bill Smith/Announcer: Jerry Nelson
    Picture Board Controller: John Lovelady

  21. Looks like this game could use something extra…maybe a puzzle behind those numbers?

  22. Those plane were probably supposed to resemble a 747 considering where the cockpit is but they hardly look anything like them.

    Notice the arm at the bottom right of the number board.

  23. Fun Fact:
    Guy Smiley's real name is:
    Bernie Liederkrantz

  24. Залайкайте, тип я что-то умное написал 😀😀

  25. Big ol jet airliner
    Don't carry Cookie too far away!
    Big ol jet airliner
    Cookie needs a new game show to play!

  26. Who cares about a jet plane!
    I love Cookies nonchalance and devotion to his cookies!

    What was Michael Fish the weatherman doing as a guest on here!!!!!!!

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