So I Went Searching for the Loch Ness Monster... -

So I Went Searching for the Loch Ness Monster…

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I Went Hunting for the Loch Ness Monster and I Regret Everything
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Welcome to Loch Ness! Loch Ness is a creature hunting game about Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster, who roams around lake Loch Ness. Our objective is to obtain proof of Nessie’s existence and escape alive. Let’s play Loch Ness!


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About Loch Ness:
Loch Ness is a 1-4 Player Co-Op Horror Hunter. You and your team must navigate precarious waters, use your equipment to hunt for Nessie’s feeding ground and lay bait to lure her out. But be careful, for lurking deep beneath the lake is a creature more ancient than all mankind…

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  1. Anyone else see the bone in his hand every time he put something back in his inventory? The fuck.

  2. it has already been scientifically proven that there is no loch ness by sonar 😅

  3. A loch is the Scottish term for a lake. it is also connected by many smaller rivers and a canal.

  4. 22:48 pause when the lightning happens and you can see newsy on the left side of the screen

  5. I remember my grandparents naming a plushie "nessie", never knew it was actually a Scottish dinosaur turned horror story/urban legend

  6. “is it a lake or a river?”

    loch… it’s a loch

  7. This TERRIFIES me. I would never in a million years do this. No amount of money could ever convince me.

  8. “Is it a lake or is it a river?”
    It’s a lake connected to a river, I think.
    I remember during my huge Nessie phase as a kid, I often heard people say that Nessie entered the lake from the North Sea by traveling through the river. But over time, the river shrank in size, leaving the creature trapped in the lake.

  9. Also plesiosaurs are not dinosaurs—they’re their own thing!

  10. i don't like it 😕😕😕😕

  11. If i didn't know any better i would of straight up thought you made a movie with that intro

  12. I thought at the start It was the last of us 2 bc my dad plays itand It looked similiar to that lmao

  13. Messy is a pleseousaur or an elmosaurus they both r real names look it up also we don’t know which

  14. Dude you should have brought icy with you cause your moving like a chicken without a head icy is better at this game

  15. Who rows the wrong way around? Lol it was so funny watching you try figure out A ROWING BOAT! XD and yeah the inventory is way too small and makes the game way too tedious bad game desing

  16. Man they should record your scream and use it everywhere

  17. 3:01 isnt this a microphone recorder the "Zoom h6." Bruh underwater audio detector.

  18. They should have called this "Nope" cause MAN I'd never do this!

  19. this guy is out searching for one of if not the biggest sea creature in the world on a skimpy row boat, yeah nice

  20. Lets just all be glad that Nessie is a Plesiosaur and stays in the water and is also a bottom feeder as well. She is just trying to keep the lake clean. Thank you for your hard work Nessie and keeping that lake clean Nessie and thank you for not being a Spinosaurus 😂

  21. IGP: Is Loch Ness a lake or a river?

    Me: Well considering "loch" means lake in Scottish….imma say it's a lake.

  22. where does he find all these incredible horror games?

  23. This game needs development cuz the idea is AWESOME

  24. I get that they want the mysterious ambience, but why must all these games take place at night? A lake is just as eerie and horrible during a misty day.

  25. You know Loch Ness monster is a carnivore

  26. Defiantly more fun without the ambiance/BGM

  27. I've never considered how scary searching for Nessie could be. Now I am and uh. New Fear Unlocked

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