So I Went Searching for the Loch Ness Monster... -

So I Went Searching for the Loch Ness Monster…

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I Went Hunting for the Loch Ness Monster and I Regret Everything
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Welcome to Loch Ness! Loch Ness is a creature hunting game about Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster, who roams around lake Loch Ness. Our objective is to obtain proof of Nessie’s existence and escape alive. Let’s play Loch Ness!


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About Loch Ness:
Loch Ness is a 1-4 Player Co-Op Horror Hunter. You and your team must navigate precarious waters, use your equipment to hunt for Nessie’s feeding ground and lay bait to lure her out. But be careful, for lurking deep beneath the lake is a creature more ancient than all mankind…

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  1. This is my very biggest fear. Not kidding. Since I was a little kid I've had nightmares about encountering the Loch Ness Monster, specifically a plesiosaur. Gonna be a tough one to watch.

  2. Who's gonna tell him he is going forwards in the rowboats?

  3. "If you don't know about Nessie…I don't know what kind of hole your family dug out for you to live in…" I'm crying 😂😂

  4. Imagine how terrifying it would be if nessie was real, that would mean other terrifying ancient sea predators could still be alive

  5. wasn't it discovered that the "Loch Ness Monster" was merely a whale penis?

  6. As a DS player, I agree with the pu*sies part 😀

  7. "is it a lake? Or a river?"

    It's a Loch

  8. Dude this game about the Loch Ness monster has no right for its creep factor to go this hard, but I welcome it willingly with open arms, I love this stuff.

  9. Dude, even if i was offered enough money to be able to put my great x100 grandchildren through school and the most expensive colleges with the most expensive lives, i MIGHT consider it.

  10. It's really people's preference. But I do think it's kinda dumb (like short bus licking window dumb) to row a boat setting backwards. You don't drive a car backwards. Face forward to see where you're going. You wouldn't get me setting with my back turned on Loch Ness.

  11. Btw the real log ness monster sadly enough is a whale’s penis.

  12. I do it for a McDonald’s cheese burger

  13. This reminds me of the time I ran into the loch Ness monster. It came outta no where and knocked on my front door. Leaned in real close and said….I need about tree fiddy…..tree fiddy? And I says YOU get on outta here ya monsta I ain got no tree fiddy. Then he ran off and jumped into a pond. Haven't felt right ever since.

  14. sometimes you sound like markiplier

  15. This game Hit my thalassophobia so hard 3:40 i do not know how to play theys games IGP but good on you man for being so brave

  16. Of course I continuously torture myself with these games despite having Thalassaphobia

  17. The arrow represents which eau you are going not which way you are facing. Just to clear it up for those who want to know

  18. Is this game meant to be played with multiple people?

  19. Ok so this is, legit, one of the most terrifying games I've ever seen. Isolated at night on an object so primitive and clumsy it offer NO safety. All the while not knowing if there is a monster just bellow you and not being able to see it. It has great potential, but needs to be fixed.

  20. this and iron lung but in vr

  21. this and iron lung but in vr

  22. 0:24 yes it's actually a whale pen!s and not a monster the more you know

  23. 0:24 yes it's actually a whale pen!s and not a monster the more you know

  24. Game: if you see anything try and get audio, a picture, or dna of plessie

    Igp: nah fam I’m out

  25. Game: if you see anything try and get audio, a picture, or dna of plessie

    Igp: nah fam I’m out

  26. Bruh I'm thalassaphobic and this is…the most scariest thing ever
    And the boat rocking too AAAAHHH

  27. Idk why but that rowing reminded me of lego harry potter game, I went to look for some nostalgia and now I am searching where to buy it for pc.

    What am I doing with my life.

  28. "Y'know what I wanna talk about today? … FEAR MONGERING!"
    -Jon Jafari

  29. when you look at the underwater cam for the frist time i think i saw the monster

  30. "You ain't gonna scare me" 2mins later… "WTF!!!"

  31. when u called it a "river" or a "lake" it really offended me as a fellow scotsman.

  32. Those fish traps are actually bait traps for minnows, crawfish, or eels and "exotics" depending on the size of the opening……no way they could actually catch a full size sea trout. Having a gill net or a trot line would probably be more realistic and effective………but potentially illegal depending upon the fish & game laws for the local jurisdiction…….

  33. Going on a Camping trip to loch ness in a few days, watched this video to get more and more hyped, now all I'm thinking about is the ways possible to shit my pants when i camp on the shore

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