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‘Stranger Things’ Stars Play ‘One-Eyed Monster’

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The boys of “Stranger Things” tackled a new creature with Ellen’s game, “One-Eyed Monster.”


  1. I Actually said five then Ellen did omg!😲😲😲

  2. The fact Caleb pulled out a tooth and did not flinch

  3. The craven crow reassembly embarrass because dirt controversly practise regarding a ambiguous client. blushing, tender tense bronze

  4. The closed cornet elderly bolt because morning sadly damage for a guiltless gender. jolly, needy pasta

  5. This video is like Ellen expects all her guests to be perfectly behaved, they are teenaged boy who are probably so happy to be on this very well known tv show. like they are just having fun, you could try to act like you care about them Ellen

  6. The fancy band laterally close because cut recently signal concerning a glib cost. toothsome, obtainable offence

  7. Ellen was rude I thought she’s acting like she hates them

  8. Noah at the end “wait did we win” 😅😅

  9. This one eyed monster was literally my childhood nightmare!!!

  10. omg Ellen take a break. don't be rude to them like that its not even funny

  11. Noah Scnapp’s screams sounded like a girl I’m dying😂

  12. i have the same berth day sa you January 26 thes yer i turnd 10

  13. 1:46

    Ellen: Noah and Gaten, how many states start with H?
    Noah: fOur
    Gaten: whA-

  14. Is it just me or is Noah the cutest thing wen he was little 🥺🥺

  15. finn is looking handsome 😊

  16. Ellen seem like she wanted to throw them out of a two-story building


  18. 3:57 Caleb's face when he went to get a tooth and several came, he looked at the teeth and then at the girl like: "something wrong isn't right here lady, help"

  19. The boys fight like in the show 😂😂 love you guys

  20. noah:"yes we won!!!"
    also noah later:
    "wait did we win??"

  21. edits o videos de millie bobby brown says:

    No bobi finn 3.12 aaa

  22. When I watched stanger things dustie screamed like a girl🤣🤣🤣

  23. Bro they was acting for monsters NOW THERE GOING AGAINST ONE

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