Style Select: Monsters In Fighting Games -

Style Select: Monsters In Fighting Games

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On this Halloween episode of Style Select, we explore the experience of being a Monster in a fighting game!

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  1. You forgot the other kind of monster: The players who use their ultimate attacks on wake-up

  2. I wish there were more games that let you be the Horror/Monster/Abberation

    It's why I appreciate Dead By Daylight. And also why I almost always have to go back to ttrpgs at least once a year.

  3. This was a phenomenal vid. And my bias for monster characters in fighting games has nothing to do with that 🙂

  4. Sigh. Will we ever get a new Bloody Roar in our lifetime? 😢

  5. There's a very special place in hell for Arakune players.

  6. Ngl, I kinda really wanted that robot episode but this was pretty damn cool.

  7. Of course Jedah is one of the most terrifying Capcom antagonists of all time(akin to other competitors such as Wesker and Urizen). He mutilates himself to attack others, and his moveset's grotesque. If a Darkstalkers 3 remake came out and was in the RE Engine, it would've been rated M by the ESRB! One of the rare examples of gore in T rated games that came out in the 90s decade, same goes with the bad ending to Splatterhouse 3.

  8. Not necesary…Good use of martial arts is about utilizing deppanding on situation
    It's hard…but possible win with lion, wolf and so on

  9. Much use of ki ost…Really good choice:D

  10. Aww, I was hoping to see Double on the list. Skull Girls is full of weirdos, come to think of it. Between Double, Painwheel, Squigly, Miss Fortune and Eliza alone, there's probably a lot to talk about just for one game and its monsters 🙂

  11. I’m pretty sure we can all agree that UMVC3’s ChrisG is the real monster of that game. You can’t convince me he’s human

  12. Judo/Jūjutsu next. They should both be in the same category.

  13. Day 1: Asking for Boxing style select.

  14. Really appreciate your breakdown of Jedah, especially considering pretty much everyone in the Darkstalkers roster is a masterclass in character design. When you also consider his hysterical voice, and the fact that one of his supers has him literally stamping his opponent's death warrant, Jedah sure manages to stand out in a league of his own in the already eclectic cast.

  15. Every time this man mentions Arakune and words ”BAGFUL OF BEES” I cackle like a madman. I just love how OVER THE TOP he makes saying ”BAGFUL OF BEES” feel.

  16. Monsters is truely my favorite architype, i allmost exclusively play charakters like that, or the closest thing to a monster charakter in games that are more martial arts fokussed.

  17. No NRVNQSR from Melty Blood? The dude had 666 beasts inside his coat!

  18. perfect execution of vocal delay fx. kudos to you and your channel.

  19. Ι wonder if we could classify characters such as Goro or Baraka as "monsters." They might look alien to human eyes, but they are just part of races that are quite standard in their own worlds. Plus, they have either studied human fighting styles or developed martial arts disciplines based on their anatomy, exactly like how a human would do.

  20. I always loved how the ghosts who possess Zappa in Guilty Gear throw his bod around like some kind of limp weapon. Makes for a very unique fighting style.

  21. "A step up from that are 'Humanoid Monsters'. These are your beastmen, your halfbreads, your Lycanthropes, pretty much all of Bloody Roar"

    AKA, the Furbait category.

  22. Honestly disappointed Sol wasn't mentioned at least once.

  23. Look up the indie game "The Black Heart"
    You're welcome.

  24. I think an episode on real wrestling and not pro wrestling like WWE would be really cool and I'm talking legitimate Olympic freestyle/greco roman wrestling

  25. I love and always go for the monsters. Dark Stalkers was my absolute favorite as a kid.

  26. Ive been trying to see nothing from elden ring and was succesful so far until this fucking fighting game video

  27. What about 'Faith & Religion' in fighting games, like the crusader in DNF duel or Donovan from Darkstalkers, characters who bring in 'Godly or a Dark Patrons' in their fights

  28. Ok… But now I'm just mad that Monster Hunter doesn't have any real fighting game rep. Yes, I know that The Hunter was in one or more of the MvC games but I think it'd be dope to have like ACTUAL rep in a fighting game (Smash Bros. Ultimate doesn't count, Rath was a miniboss for story mode and I'm tired of seeing it. Rath sucks. Let him go). Just scale the monster down or use a smaller monster. After he mentioned Glavenus, I was just thinking that he would actually be fun but I was thinking… What if Zinogre? Zinogre does some wild shit that a fighting game could make use of. What if we got an official Monster Hunter fighter that just used monsters. I think that'd be fun.

  29. I liked this. Sometimes I go on the TV Tropes Sandbox and just make character sheets for Video games I wish I could make one of them a fighting game where most of the cast are Monsters that are trained in human fighting styles. The way I think about them. Despite outnumbering them about two to one if my guys fought the Darkstalkers the Darkstalkers would win. But if they were all turned human right before the fight my guys would adapt more quickly and probably win.

  30. I now desire a Monster Hunter fighting game in which you fight as the monster.

  31. The writing on this video goes crazy. Playing as a terrible horrifying monster has never seemed so beautiful

  32. 1:29 For those who haven’t played blazblue and are confused as to why relius is there, a simple way to put it is that he turned his wife into a puppet and forgot he had a son AND a daughter, (who also became a puppet). And his insta kill, or astral in this case, is literally locking his opponent in his torture chamber to perform experiments.

  33. Mankind knew they could not change society, so instead of reflecting on themselves, they blamed the beasts.

  34. I really like when fighting games go as far to add the extra touch of naming moves something relevant to the character instead of naming something generic or just straight up not giving them names. I really like Arakune’s moves being math terms. First it is a nice allusion to him being a scientist before he was transformed into a bag full of bees. Second, think about what you are doing when you string together a combo with Arakune. You are also stringing the names of the combos together and creating equations. The longer the combo the more complex the equation.

  35. Just commenting to say that i LOVE Vampire Sav–ops, Darkstalkers!

  36. If anyone is interested in making games I have a story I’m working on writing that is heavily inspired by Darkstalkers, Lunar silver star story, anime, the universal monster movies and books combined with classic fairytales, fables and penny dreadfuls. I have lists of characters and designs in written form if anybody is interested.

  37. Came back to this for the TAIL SWORD IAIJUTSU!

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