Style Select: Monsters In Fighting Games -

Style Select: Monsters In Fighting Games

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On this Halloween episode of Style Select, we explore the experience of being a Monster in a fighting game!

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  1. What's the game previous to last that centipedes come out of eyes?

  2. A 2D spectrum seems inadequate. On a basic level, I think that there is a distinction that needs to be made between baseline anatomical differences and shapechanging ability.

    One point that needs to be emphasized is the number and placement of extremities. For example, Piranha Plant in Smash Bros is actually nearly a human, just stretched into a different shape. Its two leaves are used like two arms and it has two little root-like legs, oriented around a central body and topped with a head. This is fundamentally different in its potential choreography from even an apparently more human-like design like Machamp, which has 4 arms, or even Ms. Fortune with her disconnected head.

    There is also significant difference in fine points of the orientation of limbs, like in the case of quadrupeds (see Dog from Punch Planet).

    Alright, so I know you don't care about that, so here's a suggestion you'd like: Robots. ROB is a great example of anatomical differences creating different choreography, and so is the robot from Punch Planet. A lot of them are unforunately a bit lazy, like Robo-Fortune just doing hammerspace whatever, but there are also interesting middle grounds like Sentinel.

  3. i'd love a video on "brawler types". and how they fit into almost any demographic cause they usually have a little of it all. a little striking, a little rush down, a little grappling, always hard hitting they may not have the finesse of true martial arts or not to say they dont do Any martial arts. but they swing with all they got with the strategy of "I'mma slug you in the face ,hope you blocked". plus almost all of my mains are what i call "Brawler type"
    KOF : Ralf jones, shen woo, Yamazaki
    Dbz: Bardock
    tekken: Miguel
    SF: Cody, Luke
    Blazblue: Azrael

  4. Really great breakdown, was intrested how you'd talk about such a amorphous topic. Nicely done!

  5. Shuma Gorath is one of my favorite fighting game characters ever, so many unique animations, a great personality, and voice acting.

  6. That deer in the beginning was not having any of it. LOL!

  7. I have an interesting idea for an episode: The inexperienced/panic fighter. This is a character who doesn't have proper training but fights anyway, whether it be by choice or force.

  8. I know it’s lame, but I would like a style select video on Karate. It’s in basically every every game and seen as a pretty vanilla kind of style, but it deserves love.

  9. its still funny how this dude avoids mortal kombat like the plague not even showing clips unless its to hate on it

  10. What was that song you used towards the end?

  11. 3:27 Okay, sorry, I was invested in what you were saying before, but then you showed me how Anacondas climb trees, and now that's all I can think about.

  12. I'm glad this topic won, the video was well put together and the "bag full of bees" moments got some chuckles out of me.

  13. It feels so wrong to place Ivysaur in the monster category, even tho he is a literal pocket monster.

  14. 3:11 「B A G F U L L O F B E E S」The best fucking description for Arakune

  15. Zappa from Gulity Gear will always be my favorite "Non-Human" fighter, the whole possession aspect was just so fun

  16. We ned more monster in vidéo fighting games

  17. to this day words cannot describe the rage playing against Kusaregado brings. Big fuck off demon's command grab range is WAY too big.

  18. Just starting the video but god damn if Merkava's design hasn't stuck with me for *years*. I don't even play the game, I just saw his animations once.

  19. I love how much Killer Instinct music you used here, I noticed the themes of Hisako's stage and Sabrewulf's stage here

  20. No mention of the biggest monster: La Creatura itself.

  21. I hope guilty gear brings back monster characters – something like justice, or arakune or merkava

  22. I’d pay real money for a Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss Fighting Game! 🤤🤤

  23. Taekwondo in fighting games would be pretty interesting

  24. Great style select video! Jedah is so awesome, I never even noticed those little details in his animations 😮

  25. I categorize a monster as something sinister and hard to understand. A tiger might hunt and kill you, but it's an animal. It wants to breed and eat and be largely left alone. Very understandable. A monster on the other hand wants to kill or destroy without such discernable motives, and enjoys it. Very different

  26. I loved this video, I feel you nailed the idea of monsters in fighting games, especially with the ending line, gave me chills. That also made me think about the line of Robots in fighting games and how it conveys that same message but in an entirely different way. I think Robots in fighting games provide an exciting idea for a style select. I love characters like Robo Fortune from Skullgirls and the works and this series is amazing, never seen anything done like it!

  27. Ah, monsters, beasts, kaiju. One of my prime favorites in the creation of a character. Be it turning a monster into a man, a man into a beast, or to just go HAM with an entity that carries the force of an untameable force of nature. Shoutouts to Ridley in Smash Ultimate, savage yet still quite smart, there's a reason Sammy hates him.

    And a other shoutout to my favorite kind of games, where playing the monster is the premise. Sticking to fighting games/beat-em ups: War of the Monsters, Godzilla Destroy All Monsters Melee, Dawn of the Monsters and Gigabash.
    Though, I guess in general, if nearly every playable character is a monster, the BIG uniques become either the monster-fighting mecha, superhero, or in the rarest case, straight up monster of monsters, an alien among the animals, if I were to simply put.

    I dunno, I needa monstah to clobbah dat dere Kirbeh.

  28. styke select: masters fighters (? like, really powerful characters that completely mastered a fighting style, already existing one or a completely new one that themselves have made, for example Oro from SF series

  29. My biggest takeaway is that now I really want a Monster Hunter fighting game.

  30. no suggestions. just a fantastic video.

  31. watching this makes me want to main some monsters in games i play, which i never really considered haha
    i don't play much bbcf but i remember first time i got it in sales and rollback netcode was out, my second opponent was a high ranked arakune and i got destroyed multiple times not knowing what's going on but also very amused. very fascinating character. did not know his backstory was one of a scientist 😮

  32. Zato one is an interesting blend of traditional human and humanoid…but, as eddie takes over his body and makes it do some truly bizarre stuff like having his leg melt turning into a 5 armed star, becoming a skeleton with a pincer ribcage, wtc.

  33. This is defiitely the coolest style select video

  34. "Saint" George? David vs Goliath? Some bullshit examples of folklore, pal…

  35. ah, measuring characters using the "Furry Scale", how cat like is the catgirl until you become a furry, very clever

  36. You forgot the other kind of monster: The players who use their ultimate attacks on wake-up

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