T.J. Watt closes in on NFL record with monster game vs. Browns | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports - godsandmonstersgame.com

T.J. Watt closes in on NFL record with monster game vs. Browns | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

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Mike Florio and Chris Simms marvel at T.J. Watt, as the Steelers’ linebacker almost matched Michael Strahan’s single-season record with a four-sack night against the Browns. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #TJWatt
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T.J. Watt closes in on NFL record with monster game vs. Browns | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports


  1. Chris Simms a Pittsburgh hater, TJ watt had two 4 sack games. It’s no way Micah Parsons even close.

  2. 1. Can someone fix Chris Simms? I think his eyes are malfunctioning. Lol

    2. I don't understand why the Steelers are forcing Big Ben out when they don't have a starter to replace him. Most every team would have drafted his successor so that QB could have some time to study behind the current starter (in this case a future HOFer) and learn the playbook and the league before coming in to play. Pittsburgh hasn't even started the process. I think with Ben as QB, teams at least respect, maybe even fear the Steelers in some instances and what they're capable of in games, which is what allows players like TJ to have the amount of production he has, the culmination of team collectively intimidating the opposition. I question whether or not Tomlin and co really thought this through.

  3. Lol love the call out on Farve. I have faith TJ will break it. That Watt family has a drive like none other.

  4. Tj isnt playing 16 games this season even if he plays tomorrow but y’all still trying to slight him

  5. Do these talking heads not understand that TJ has missed two games and basically two others through injury? Come on, do some research

  6. plus he cracked his ribs a month ago and pulled groin 2 months ago, come on simms. he gets the double team treatment too. and gets held constantly. hes a monster in the run game, drops into coverage, gets batted passes, forces lots of turnovers.

  7. The unofficial record is 23.5 sacks and I’m hoping tj can get that to secure his dpoy and possibly become an mvp candidate

  8. Favre did kind of give up a little on that sack BUT he was NOT escaping strahan on that play. He was getting sacked on that play 100%

  9. Y’all sucking parsons off way to hard tj won it no question

  10. TJ only played 14 but left early in two others, both were he already had a sack. He also knocked down 2 passes last night and on other occasions. He has 4 forced fumbles but also a fumble recovery, all with 21.5 sacks

  11. Chris Simms has slept on TJ Watt for years. He’s just not a believer, he said Myles Garrett has a bigger effect on games the TJ, TJ’s numbers blow Garrets away. Wake up Chris! You’re wrong! Idk what more this guy needs to do he’s literally put the Steelers on his back this year.

  12. Last week y’all literally said Tj wasn’t effecting the game. You’re a loser. Shut up

  13. Micah can have DROY, no way he deserves DPOY or Diggs. TJ Watt is on a whole nother level, besides you already fked him out of at least 1 DPOY

  14. Tj watt missed 3 games dude could’ve had 25 sacks

  15. 21.5 in 14 games. Absurd.
    Hand him the hardware. 🏆

  16. He'd have tied the record but the T jumped on him piggy back and tackled him at the feet of the qb the. The other olb got the sack. Tj got up and yelled at the dude and pushed him in the chest.

  17. Ya saying Micah parsons is playing better than watt while watt has literally played 11 FULL games and out in 3 first half’s due to injury so 14 games he atleast played in with 21.5 sacks it’s not even a argument it’s not a opinion it’s fact TJ is the best player in the NFL look at the defense of all the other candidates lol the Steelers literally have just TJ watt and Fitzpatrick if this DPOY is a toss up to you or not 100% watt you’re not understanding what he has done in 11FULL games and 3 first halfs

  18. who cares 17 game season TJ has MISSED 3 Games !!!

  19. He has 3 sacks, why is the NFL trying to give him 4 vs the Browns? You said “Asterisk” but right now you can say the same about TJ.

  20. If TJ doesn't win DPOY the he's been robbed 2 years in a row.

  21. Strahan should’ve stopped and said I will not partake in such ludacris activities in the middle of MetLife stadium. While Farve stayed in the curled position.

  22. Nobody really cares bout modern day records if you are true football historian,you know they are inflated

  23. Hes only played 14 games which makes it even more impressive

  24. TJ should’ve won the last two years DPOYs. If he doesn’t win this year, the whole thing is a sham.

  25. Why does no one really talk about how he’s missed like 3.5 games this year? If he had played the record would have been shattered weeks ago.

  26. Why are they always hating on TJ Watt? If he doesn't get the DPOY award this year for this season 14 games 21.5 sack! Throw the award in the trash 🗑 and start calling it the Defensive Popularity of The Year award! Because it would be total BS!

  27. Sacks against the Browns should not count in official records 🤣

  28. micha parsons is always talked about because team with the most fans plus chris is in love with giants

  29. Not knowing again Idiots he did it …being out for 2 weeks …geeks

  30. I remember when we drafted him and everyone said he aint JJ boy were they right! He is better!!!!!!

  31. if those injuries cost him the sack record im gonna be kinda pissed

  32. tj should have a dpoy by now, if he doesn't get it this year there is a real problem

  33. I think the Steelers should give Derrick Watt a look at Middle LB. For real, they cant get worse at that position and he might become a DPOY. LOL

  34. Watt gets undersold. He should be winning his third DPTY. It’s mainly because people are butt hurt that the Steelers have another great LB. You can see it sickens them lol

  35. Tj watt is a beast!! He hasn’t only missed 2 games, there were 2 other games when he played only 1 quarter and 1 game he stopped at halftime. It’s insane he’s doing all this havoc in about 15 games..Glad he’s a Pittsburgh Steeler

  36. He would have already broken it if he didn't miss those 2 games and parts of other games. I was hoping he would get 2 at least vs the Vikings and then later learned he was knocked out of the game for most of the game

  37. TJ Watt didn't come out of nowhere Chris

  38. It's going to be nice to have a legit sack record. TJ heard you Strahan

  39. Simms really sounds like a hater a whole lot of the time. Pretty much always when he’s talking about the Steelers but lots of other players and teams as well. Then says I’m not trying to be hater, when he’s clearly doing exactly that lol. I kinda wish he would just shut up and hand TJ the DPOY award already…Parsons being the better defensive player than TJ is just absolutely Ludacris and I think almost anyone who watches football would agree.

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