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T.J. Watt’s MONSTER Game w/ 4 Sacks & FG Block

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Cleveland’s offensive line couldn’t handle T.J. Watt! The Pittsburgh Steelers take on the Cleveland Browns during Week 1 of the 2018 NFL season.

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  1. Unpopular opinion:

    T.J watt is better then jJJ Watt

  2. Meanwhile cowboys took taco charlton ahead of watt! #hard to be a cowboys fan

  3. He said no Ryan Shazier I’m taking over the defense

  4. Tie game at week 1 ! Kinda rare. Great job from Browns

  5. Every QB in the league needs to take note….TJ watt is getting comfortable. That is DANGEROUS.

  6. Ok I gotta ask, what the hell are they feeding these boys in the Watt household? These are some insane genetics

  7. When los de televisa hacen crossover con los de NFL network jajajajaja

  8. JJ Watt's younger bro is a wrecking ball!!!

  9. i feel like he only had one legitamite sack on this one but no doubt that the steelers have a future star on their hands

  10. Dude sucks… Anybody can look good vs the Browns!!!

    Never forget they passed over Foster to get this P. O. S!!!

  11. I thought he got overhyped because his name is Watt, but damn! he's already the best player on the Steelers defense o_O

  12. Let's see how good he is when he's not going up against a rookie undrafted free agent…

  13. 1st sack could have been other guys that made him fall

  14. Wish the Packers picked him last year instead of trading the pick.

  15. Remember when some Steelers fans were upset that they drafted Tj Watt. But they most definitely love him now.

  16. Green bay drafted vince beigel over to watts and I don't even know if beigel is still on the packers roster

  17. He not really a player who just beats the snot out of his man, he makes a lot of hustle plays, he doesn’t get fooled a lot either, smart player with good bend and a lot of motor.

  18. Let's hope his back holds up better than his bro's

  19. And the Packers passed on him for an injured corner that can't tackle…smh

  20. Good plays, best all of the sacks were hustle clean up/coverage sacks.

  21. T.J Watt emerging as a leader of the Steelers after our Diva QB Ben Favre did everything possible to give it away.

    I'm seriously getting tired of Ben.

  22. Either the Watt brothers switched jerseys and played for the other ones team or TJ is almost as good as JJ… Can't wait to see Joey Bosas little brother causing havoc in the league next year too.. Not far fetched to say we could possibly see 2 sets of brothers playing in the same Pro Bowl soon..

  23. He’s incredible but to be fair 2 of the sacks shouldn’t even really count

  24. He's a beast just like his brother. Maybe even better.

  25. Already better then his injury prone ass brother

  26. He had one great game last year and it was against the browns! Surprise surprise!

  27. No replay on the Block field goal that sucks

  28. And the last tackle was not a sack, nfl is not shy about promoting white players

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