The BLOOP Size Comparison In Roblox -

The BLOOP Size Comparison In Roblox

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Sea Monster Bloop Size Comparison but in Roblox! Giant Monsters!

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  1. back then the salt water crocodile is 30 feet long

  2. that sarcasuchos is a dinosour eater it even eats the T rex

  3. Saltwater crocodile is that big actually

  4. The sperm whale you guys were looking at was a was a grown male Sperm whale

  5. A megalodon can kill a mosasaurus that makes no sense why is it smaller than the megalodon

  6. I’ll make one song from not I will kill him a blue whale care who is the blue whale it could eat a whole whole suit but it won’t stink from bird a bird attack because were bullying and packing it anywhere in this blows leaking out do you have a little

  7. For that long necked dinosaur it's called a long neck you know why it's called a long neck

  8. You know how scary those animals are Even tho they look like the most deadliest animals in the world The most deadliest thing is actually a mosquito!

  9. The plesiosaur is not a dinosaur. It was a marine reptile, also some sizes are very incorrect.

  10. The black demon is real it’s just a name for a really big shark that they gave not like a species just a certain shark

  11. The doom fish is actually real I saw it on a video ok

  12. The giant squid is like you're the colossal squid lives kind of close to the surface and they're both still alive to this day and there were crocodiles that were like 1 hundred feet like way way back in the day with the dinosaurs and sharks and the megalodon went up to like 500 ft or sum blue whales eat krill fish they're teeny tiny fish that only come like once a month or something also the megalodon is bigger than the bloop the black thing is like the size of a megalodon just saying

  13. I think a big anglerfish is not real only anglerfish are small

  14. I think I have heard about the sperm whale sperm whale is actually a bully that fight with a colossal squid

  15. It’s rare for them to reach 3.3 feet but they normally reach the size of a Ford

  16. Sometimes the croc is big and its really rare.

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