The Complete Monster Hunter Games Timeline | The Leaderboard -

The Complete Monster Hunter Games Timeline | The Leaderboard

The Leaderboard
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The Monster Hunter games have had many thrilling and action-packed releases since 2004. In this video, we’re gonna give you the complete timeline for the Monster Hunter games!

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  1. I'm sorry? 5:27 Underwater combat??? I hate underwater combat in games, but omfg this would be kinda dope to see in future mh games. I can already see myself rage quitting, lmao. Awesome video though! I'm not an avid hunter, but fell in love with the series after World and later Rise (got Generations, but never fully played it). It's really cool to see the changes this series went through ❤

  2. great video but it needs pictures from the covers of each game

  3. “Monster Hunter Portable 3rd was never translated and available only on japan,” you say? Heh, weak. I found one on the internet with a single google search.

  4. You come quick with a smile and a joke to lighten the mood during stressful times. Very beneficial to others.. 💟💟

  5. Let's take the moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into the content for us 💗💗💗

  6. Just 2 Options?..Irrational: Fear or Exuberance? says:

    Just got into this from exposure to the JPN online resurrected server for the first and G releases for PS2. Need to get English language patching installed next.

  7. Here is the lore:
    I am a very hungry badass with a bug on a stick.

  8. Monster Hunter Freedom was my first and then every game after that except all of 4th generation. I didn't want a 3ds.

  9. this really wasn't a timeline in any capacity

  10. Count how many time he says monster hunters 😂😂😂

  11. Make a five nights at Freddy's security breach one pleaseeee

  12. Now that you made the timeline of Monster Hunter games, you should also do a compilation of the monsters in Monster Hunter Rise just like what you did with Iceborne

  13. I have monster hunter stories 2 love it gonna get Pokémon legends then I'll get rise


  15. The most overwhelming video i sat thru in the leaderboard series ~ lol ~


  17. BEEN WAITING FOR THIS.. 3 days for MHRise PC release

  18. Monster hunter meets Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game

  19. Jeez… I hope they stop doing Japan only games now that Monster Hunter does so well out of that country now. Hopefully they do another Frontier style game considering how MMOs do nowadays and the fact that Activision Blizzard offed themselves and now people are moving towards other MMO games.

  20. Really wish Capcom do a mobile version of MH…but a man could dream

  21. This guy said the word Monster Hunter so many times that it started to lose its meaning to me lol

  22. This is just a list of monster Hunter games
    Not a timeline based on Lore
    But based on release date of the game
    But ok

  23. Bruh, they aren't beasts threatening the peace. They are animals in a thriving ecosystem that hunters have to help keep healthy. Sorry, I got annoyed at that comment early on, great video tho

  24. Fromsoftware: We make disturbing world of monster and demons and depressing storylines.

    Also fromsoftware: We make cute cat games.

  25. Y’all need to redo the FNaF timeline because a lot of stuff in the FNaF timeline is wrong. The kid from bite of 83 is Evan Afton and Micheal Afton is the older brother who put him in Fredbear. There’s is no Micheal Afton AI. And plus he doesn’t use the OG crew to make enard, the Funtime animatronics are enard

  26. วิชชากร สุขวัฒน์ says:

    Canon Timeline In Order (This is Not Theory)
    Rise (Old Myth Era) – MH2 Dos (Create First Kokoto Village Ending) – MH 1 G & Others ETC. Except Frontier & Stories(In Old World) – MH World & Ice (New World). Frontier & Stories Consider not Canon & Diffrent Universes.
    MH World – Witchers 3 Wild Hunt (Lashen) – MH ICE – Artemis (Time Loop & Go Home) Appear after Ending of The MH Movie – Artemis (Before Timeloop) Protect The world from Dimensions Crisis at Sky Tower – Artemis Timeloop before she go Home.
    (At This Point The Player already got Sack of Magic stones from Geralt allow Player to use Fire magic If Lashen appear again)
    (The Leader of The Hunter Learn English from Artemis Book she gave him before she go home to her real world)

  27. That one game made by fromsoft legit surprised me

  28. How the hell did anyone complete unite in 400 hours i was just entering G rank at 400 hours.

  29. can u do a db time line and with all the alternate time lines

  30. I want to see a monster hunter spin off where it’s basically Jurassic Park and you can run your own Jurassic park…but with monster hunter monsters.

  31. I’ve never heard someone mispronounce “palico” before today…

  32. anyone else realize that at 4:30 the sequence heavily mimics the carnotaur in Dinosaur 2000

  33. God I remember having a Japanese box for the first game and having no idea what it meant or what it be like to play. I had this otaku-level interest for Japan in my younger years because of how much I enjoyed this game.

  34. 11:30 yea but it doesn't matter since there's no cross-platform multiplayer, lost a lot of sales I bet

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