The Cult of Hockey's "Mike Smith comes up with monster game in win over Vegas" podcast -

The Cult of Hockey’s “Mike Smith comes up with monster game in win over Vegas” podcast

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Let’s do this! The Cult of Hockey podcast. By the Faithful and for the Faithful, tonight with Bruce McCurdy and David Staples. They dig into Edmonton’s 4-0 shutout victory over the Knights of Las Vegas.


  1. So I'm watching the game with my wife in Joyceville, ON. She's knitting. Not really a sports fan.They say Smith is only the 7th goalie over 40 to record back to back shut outs. She rolls her eyes and says they'll come up with a Stat for everything. "Mike Smith is the first goalie over 40, from Verona, Ontario, with a mullet to record back to back shut outs."Just about choked on my beer laughing. And that my friends is how I watch Oilers games.

  2. The Prairie FILES: A true crime podcast says:

    Excited for Smith but still skeptical, how could you not be. Hoping for the best though! Glad to see some secondary scoring as well. Go Oilers!

  3. I bet you this podcast would be even 10 times better if David got a better host. The other guy Kurt that comes on every once in awhile is way better

  4. MAybe we should try Skinner. Then we could have 3 goalies we can interchangeably run out of town. That could work.

  5. Jesse Puljujarvi, since New Year's Eve (34 games played), is working on a 3.9 shot %. And during most of that time, he's been playing with McDavid. (The only regular forward with a worse shooting % over that period is Zack Kassian.)

    To put Puljujarvi's anemic percentage into perspective: In only one of his six seasons with Edmonton did Craig Muni have a lower shooting percentage than Puljujarvi over his past 34 games.

  6. I don't wanna hear some drunk dude ramble on about a game I just spent 3 hours watching. Good luck Bruuuuuuce!

  7. So David watched Kris Russell's goal live against Vegas this time and Bruce watched Russell's last goal live in Vegas. Over 1000 days apart. That's pretty cool.

  8. I’m a complete moron, and should absolutely not be listened to for ANY hockey opinions but I think the Oilers should absolutely send Mike Smith to the minors and call up Skinner. Sure he was last years Vézina runner up and the team loves him to death but I don’t have a clue so there you are.

    Imagine if I was actually employed by a newspaper? That would be pretty embarrassing…

  9. Thank you David for your note about fans. It is a good example of how we can try to change the culture of this fanbase who are a little bit too passionate at times for their own good.

  10. Smith might be the hotter goalie atm, but just because of the history of this season and last postseason, the 1st playoff game should be for Koskinen no matter how bad he plays.

  11. Im just so happy for Smith! 2 shutouts in a row after a rougher season for him! Huge win overall and I hope we can carry this momentum into the playoffs!

  12. I just wanna say that I got laughed at when I told friends and family that I still believed in Smith. He had a crazy season last year, and I knew he could find his form again. I didn't stop believing! Now all you haters are quiet! Anyway, great time for our goalies to get hot. You simply cannot win in the playoffs without your goaltender playing really well, you just can't, it's a fact, look at all the winners of the past decade.

  13. Sigh sure is great to see Chris back, breathe of fresh air. Our team defense is better overall which I'm sure helps our goalies.

  14. Kassian better stop taking stupid penalties. He could cost oilers an important game loss. !!!!!

  15. Awesome podcast Dave and Bruce keep them coming 👏 👍 👌

  16. Bruce McCurdy = picture Mr. Snuffleupagus walking into a room. That's Bruce right there, As Exciting as a baked potato with no toppings

  17. Mike Smith is absolutely on fire. He has a 0.976 sv% in his last 5 games. Only 4 goals on 166 shots in that span.

  18. Kassian had a much better chance to score on the 1st goal than Russell. Goalie was down and he had tons of time to just flip it over into the top part of the net. Instead he choked and was completely indecisive, finally opting to pass it back to a defenseman that hasn’t scored in 3 years. Russell had a similar shooting angle to Kassian, but was but further out and now there’s bodies in the way that could have blocked the shot. Lucky for Kass, Russell was able to sneak that shot by and bailed him out. But Kassian’s indecisiveness and lack of confidence turned a 75% scoring chance into a 20% scoring chance that luckily worked out ok. At least that’s how I saw it.

  19. It's a good time to get hot! Right before playoff time. Hopefully the oilers keep rolling and the goalies old bodies can hold up. Great time to be an oiler fan.

  20. I hope Smith carries this fire into the playoffs!! Could be so huge for the team

  21. Short but sweet podcast by the guys. Great game by the Oilers and congrats to Mike, Kris, Warren and the other Oilers including the Defence, PK and short handed goal (again). Getting close to the playoffs so keep it up.

  22. Is this where I go apeshit on anyone who doubted Smith or said anything negative about him? Nah, I don't think I'll do that. Glad to see both tenders got their shit together.

  23. Felicidades, es un buen ejemplo. 246 sentadillas son unos XXXGIRLS.Uno muchas y un buen ejercicio. Se deja ver que hay muy buenos resultados 😍👍 Saludos desde la Cd.. de world 🌹😉💖 los mortalesl abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer.k

  24. sometimes i just see a glimpse of the 7 on the jersey, and I think its Mcdavid because he's so fast, and its Foegele

  25. Funny how much better this team is defensively whe Russell is in the lineup…maybe it’s because we carry seven defence men in the game and it makes them all play harder!

  26. I thought thomson kicked it in himself when they showed the replay.

  27. Too early to say Smith has it all figured out yet. Solid game by him today tho.

  28. Mike Smith… holy-moly… a lot of us are eatin' crow…

  29. Kassian: OK, it was a bad penalty. However, in Kass's defence, to me it looked like it was the other guy who was raising Kass's stick up once, twice and three times. On the third time Kass just got tired of it and decided to make a statement. OK, it was maybe the wrong statement, but too often our mostly passive OILERS seem all too happy to be abused. Kass could have waited until the play started and then pounded the guy into the boards I suppose. But sometimes justice delayed is justice denied.

  30. Check out twitter, some fans are still all over Kassian about that play. Those fans are just showing their Kassian bias in my opinion.

  31. Dave and Bruce, seems you’re making these podcasts shorter, snappier and focused on Oilers hockey. I for one miss the relaxed tangential banter. I live out of the country and your podcast is a touch point to the place of my youth.

  32. The Nuge-Foegele-Ryan line has been looking good on highlights.
    Offensive contributions from bottom six and D, hot goaltending…We got past a tough part of the schedule reasonably ahead of the 4th Pac team, who went something like 7-2-1 during a much easier portion of their schedule. Things are lining up at the right time, just keep it going.

  33. Was definitely the Smith and Foegele show. What a barnburner for those two tonight. Go Oil!!!

  34. Sorry…. had too smash the 70th Like Button….

  35. Russell the Mustle providing some Hustle! He turns into a sniper when it's really really really needed. Every 300 games or so. Awesome! Another flat out solid excellent game from Smith, congrats to him joining an NHL record on that one! A really good game from Kassian as well, if he could just do that 2 out of every 3 games… I'd love to see that type of play show more up far more often and really bring it into the playoffs, which I've said all along, they will make this year. Solid All around TEAM Defense again goes a long long way to a very convincing win. Another fun game to watch!! Rock on!

  36. thanks – big win… if lost would just be 3 ahead of them w 5games to go…

  37. Kass just wanted another SHG🤣🤣🤣

  38. Really agree about how Foegel has upped his play in the past couple of weeks. He is sending all pucks toward the net and this is an obvious change in his play as well. Good on him, often in playoffs it comes down to third lines, and ours is looking much better now due to F’s olay. Smitty def back to last years form, good for him and the team.

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