The Return of ________ in Monster Hunter 6? -

The Return of ________ in Monster Hunter 6?

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Monster Hunter 6 will have many monsters, but THIS one… Enjoy!
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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is here with as we talk the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak gameplay with Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak new monsters like Sunbreak Elder Dragons but mainly Sunbreak Title Update 4 Sunbreak Fatalis Sunbreak new black dragon Monster Hunter Black Dragon Title Update 5 New Iceborne Monster reveal but way after that we’re heading for Monster Hunter 6 at TGS Tokyo Game Show in 2023 and Monster Hunter 6 2024 the 20th Monster Hunter Anniversary Monster Hunter 6 Everything We Know Monster Hunter 6 March Monster Hunter 6 Dragons Dogma 2 Capcom Tokyo Game Show schedule Monster Hunter 6 new monster 20th anniversary logo origin Monster Hunter 6 Lagiacrus Deviljho returning monster flagship!

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  1. Rathalos and rathian are the pikachu and eevee of monster hunter

  2. Seltas queen no question. One of the more interesting fights in the series. And the design of the monster and armor and weapons are just amazing.

  3. I wish great jaggi returns my favorite monster

  4. I would love to see the Trio of Fatalis, Alatreon and Dire Miralis in the new game, just so we have somethin to grind for, also the variants for Fatalis. I would love to see taht !!!!


  6. Rathalos is to Monster Hunter what Pikachu is to Pokemon without our flamey boy it's just not Monster Hunter but for me it has to be Barioth I want my jumpy Sabertooth dragon

  7. A monster hunter game without rathalos is my dream game. I'm so damn tired of him

  8. Duramburos, seltas queen, gammoth, and gigginox need to be in mh 6

  9. Gammoth really needs to be in mh6. Glav was in world, mizu was in rise, and astalos was in sunbreak. Its gammoth's turn.

  10. Im sick of all the raths i HATE Zinogre and Rajang so they can be left out but i would kill for any version of Zamtrios and Puki

  11. I started with MHW. The first thought of a monster that reminds me of this game is Nergigante and Anjanath. When they added iceborne it change to Velkhana and Zinogre. I really want to see more of the monster I missed to be honest but to have any of those four missing would feel a little odd.

  12. Can’t pick a monster. Too many good ones.

    I would like something like Alchemy-style back tho, or prowler, something unhinged and crazy for the lunatics to play

  13. It really pissed me off that Qurupeco wasn't in Rise or Sunbreak, Despite the courier cat having one on his box . I love Quru and I know he would look amazing along with his Subspecies in new gen games.

  14. My Honest Opinion on what they should do for the 20th Anniversary of Monster Hunter. Is create a game with all the IDEAS they did in each upcoming Monster Hunter game starting from Monster Hunter Tri to Monster Hunter World (not rise) by letting us have Monster Fights in Sky, Land and SEA so it feels like a real Explorer Hunting Game Franchises introducing for the first time World Exploring in all Kinds of Elements. Note: I So Dearly Miss Under Water Battles, It was my Favorite T.T luv those silly flippers on my feet from the Priscine Armor Set

  15. The monster that will always be top of my want list is Brachydios. I don't have a true favorite pokemon, yugioh card, Digimon, etc- just some I like more than others. But Brachy has so much sentimental value to me… He frustrated the hell out of me in Tri (Clashing fists grind was real), but when I came back to playing monster hunter, no monster ever got me as hyped as slime boxer. I legit played Stories just for him.

  16. Something i've been waiting since a long time is the mh series and i'd kill to see it in the next one would be a new bludgeoning weapon with the hunting gauntlet. It would be so fucking cool !

  17. I think a good way of dealing with the fatigue would be to have an elder or king Raphaelos, a bit like how it was done in rain of fire just a thought.

  18. I desperately need to see Lagiacrus again, and given how well the monster came with World/Iceborne, I can’t possibly imagine how nice it would to be to fight Lagi in water combat again with even better mechanics.

  19. I think a good way of dealing with the fatigue would be to have an elder or king Raphaelos, a bit like how it was done in rain of fire just a thought.

  20. I want monsters to reappear less, it makes their presence in a game less special. The exception is rathalos/rathian which I think should always appear.

  21. i feel like what monsters it should have will be dependent on combat speed. for example, primordial malzeno is awesome. if the combat speed gets toned down to 4 ultimate then something like primordial malzeno would have to be massively nerfed. in the other direction, if the combat speed of sunbreak is kept or even increased, we need endgame frontier monsters.

  22. I would say instead of a returning monster for flagship a new with the crossbreeding background like yan guruga but what monsters to mix with?

  23. MH6 better have a Rajang that isn't a joke and a really cool bug.

  24. Honestly i know this is basic but as long as i get Tigrex im more than happy with the rest of the line up honestly i just want my main favorite monster past that everything goes but two other amazing returns would be yian kut ku and monobolos (may have spelt that wrong 😅)

  25. Capcom, bring back Nakarkos you cowards! Now with new elder dragon bones.

  26. Gammoth is my all-time favorite monster. It's her time. The other fated 4 have had their moment. The wait is over. The climax is over the horizon. BRING US THE GREATEST MONSTER IN THE GREATEST MONSTER HUNTER GAME IN 20 YEARS

  27. Gammoth is my all-time favorite monster. It's her time. The other fated 4 have had their moment. The wait is over. The climax is over the horizon. BRING US THE GREATEST MONSTER IN THE GREATEST MONSTER HUNTER GAME IN 20 YEARS

  28. Personally, I think a new, less bomb and more armor/piercing bomb Bazelguese would be cool. Take the looks of our favorite pinecone wyvern for scales and add the peirce and guarding capabilities of Narga and regular Bazel. Just my opinion but I think it would be nice to see a different, but still as annoying BeetleGoose

  29. First one i think of is the Lao Shan lung. Also the Shantien. But honestly i just want a return of the old siege monsters. (Jhen Moran, Lao Shan lung, dalamadur, Yama Tsukami) and an introduction of some more of the frontier monsters.( Shantien primarily. 😅)

  30. Obviously we need Monoblos back, his biology would suit him to invade during Diablos hunts

  31. Dalamadur, I want Dalamadur to return. Just for the pure spectacle.

  32. I really think they should do dalamadur as a siege monster, I thought about it a lot while playing MH Rise. It would've been so cool fighting him and wirebuging around to dodge massive attacks

  33. Siege Monster`s, Yama Tsukami, Ukanlos, Akantor and Athal-Ka would be nice. On the other hand less Zinogre, Tigrex, Rajang

  34. I want Legiana to return. It’s my favorite monster and I love fighting it. It’s also the monster that got me into playing Monster Hunter to begin with. However, for the top 3 monsters that I have never fought before, I want to fight Giginox (instead of Khezu), Melfestio, and Celstis Queen (I apologize if I misspelled some/most of the monster names).

  35. Give a buff to blagonga turn him into the next rajan

  36. I want Nergigante. I love him to bits. But I feel like I would love them to do a gen ultimate and add all

  37. I want them to make a beach map that’s on the scale of a MHW map where we get plesioth and misitsune

  38. For me something that has to return is Nergigante. Making him the Eater of Elders kind of makes him have to show up when you get to Elder Dragon endgame.

  39. Okay so call me crazy but I would love a whole new roaster of monsters that focus more on environmental aspect of the game. Like they interact more with the environment or effect the environment in direct ways. Let’s say there’s a new monster that when it fights it releases a bunch of black fog or smog or whatever that makes your field of vision smaller. Or diablos like monster that when they rubber underground, there are holes or quicksand permanently on the field as traps against the hunters. Heck even bring back returning monsters like teostra or lunastra but if they go into a biome that’s susceptible to fire that ignites and becomes another lava zone where you take continuous damage unless you use cool drinks again etc.

  40. The fish wyvern can go. Mud fish, lava fish gotta go

  41. Make bazelgeuse the flagship for another generation type game but like elder tempered blue flame self Nova destruct

  42. Gammoth needs to return, she was only one of the Fated Four to not return in 5th gen. Heck, the devs even wanted to add her to Iceborne.

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