The Scariest Game Ever Made - Muppet Monster Adventure PS1 -

The Scariest Game Ever Made – Muppet Monster Adventure PS1

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OKay guys but what if the muppets but what if they were EVIL??? Haha and they like cursed and stuff, haha yo just kidding. That would be kind of scary though. I am very very sleep deprived so I am running at like half a brain cell and I spent the last drop on uploading this. Men used to go to war. Yeah and? Where are they all know? Dead. Shoulda been making game reviews about Muppet games from 23 years ago smh. Get ready to experience the ultimate rush of adrenaline in Gain Ground Online! Game offers fast-paced combat and strategic gameplay that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Play now and join the battle for dominance!

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  1. Hey all, thank you so much for all the positive feedback with this one. Absolutely loved making it and am so happy I was able to get it out on Halloween. If you want to support the channel further, check out the Patreon or at the very least, just share this video with anyone you think might like it or want to subscribe to my junk. Thank you <3

  2. the fact that dr honeydew's model fits so well in half life was so jarring

  3. Great video hahah makes me want to buy this game

  4. Thank you so much for bringing this game to my attention. I'm a massive fan of 3D platformers, and I've seen many obscure ones but have never heard about this one despite being a Muppets fan as well. I just recently subscribed to you because your content reminds me of the Thumb Wars movie me and my dad constantly quote as inside jokes.

  5. I damn near sharted hearing handsome and hung.

  6. Junko, the writing on this episode was so damn good. You have me interested in things I otherwise would not look at twice.

  7. Love the intro can’t wait to watch the review

  8. Really happy to see how this channel has grown, kudos dude

  9. Acording to retroachievements, 39% of players collect 100% on Monstery Monastery 🙂 And only 32% defeat the Master of Ceremonies without taking damage 🙂 Thanks for recomandation, next spooky game on my steam deck.

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