The TRUE New 20th Anniversary Game - Monster Hunter 6 VS Monster Hunter 1 Remake! -

The TRUE New 20th Anniversary Game – Monster Hunter 6 VS Monster Hunter 1 Remake!

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Monster Hunter 6 may not be a step forward but a look backwards! Enjoy!
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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is here with as we talk the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak gameplay with Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak new monsters like Sunbreak Elder Dragons but mainly Sunbreak Title Update 4 Sunbreak Fatalis Sunbreak new black dragon Monster Hunter Black Dragon Title Update 5 New Iceborne Monster reveal but way after that we’re heading for Monster Hunter 6 at TGS Tokyo Game Show in 2023 and Monster Hunter 6 2024 the 20th Monster Hunter Anniversary Monster Hunter 6 Everything We Know Monster Hunter 6 March Monster Hunter 6 Dragons Dogma 2 Capcom Tokyo Game Show schedule Monster Hunter 6 new monster 20th anniversary logo origin Monster Hunter 6 20th Anniversary countdown clock new weapon logo the game awards Monster Hunter 1 1st Gen Remake Remaster!

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  1. I know this is stupid and will never happen….but IF Monster Hunter 1 was made as a dlc for Rise, like a new place, you need to go to help or something and it happen to be the Monster Hunter 1 story and have the new qualities of life improvements.

  2. What if MH 6 is called something like Monster Hunter Origins and will have a similar take like generations did

  3. What if…. Its from the human made dragon thingy

  4. Maybe the focus on the origin hunter could be a hint that the next mh could be about the very first monster hunters and how the hunter guilds were founded and whatnot. A tale about the ACTUAL first hunter, the origin story.

  5. As much as I would love a MH 6, I would be fine with a remake of the first game (which would be fitting considering the 20th anniversary) so long as they did it right. A remade first game that incorporated all of the various changes made to the series throughout the years would actually be pretty cool. Either way, as a huge fan of the Monster Hunter franchise, I am very excited for the future!

  6. He's sporting the "Agito". If we are referencing the first game we gotta stay true.

  7. Maybe – just maybe – it might be a kind of a MH Collection game where every monster up until now appears and also weaponf from Frontier or something. Or maybe that's just hopeful thinking.

  8. I really want a monster hunter world 2. Doesn't have to be in the New World or anything but same style. Not arcady like Rise.

  9. I hope they just make 2. One of the new world style and another in the old world style. I recently went back to MH4U, I think every game in the series is good but MH4u really hits different. Maybe the style of the newer game like the open world map and the radial shortcut, but keep the old school play style no clutch claw no silk bind. Just you, your weapon and the monster.

    I also hope they give back or improve on the farming system found on older monster game. I know it slows down the game, but it gives you the feeling of preparing before the hunt. I like the quality of life they gave the latter series no shade there.

  10. No remakes please. If I want to play the first games again, I charge up my PSP and play.

  11. I would love a remake of MH1 BUT it has to be in the world engine and mechanics or else


  13. All I want from MH6 is for them to keep the realism and amazing graphics from World while preserving the awesome parts of combat from Rise. Keep the clutch claw from World since it is a good mechanic. Allow Hunters to have 2 Palicos or have 1 palico and 1 dog, and keep the mechanics that they had for them from Rise. Next, I want them to have more Monsters, specifically Snake wyverns since they barely got any of them. Also keep expeditions, since they are a great part of World, and include something like the Guiding Lands as well. (also have waifus like they did in Rise)

  14. Making a MH1 remake? It will just be Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl flop all over again if they do.

  15. Why not a reboot? I mean, that sounds like a good idea.

  16. Or hear me out, this might sound crazy, but new game will be all previous games formed in to 1 big monster hunter . . . world?

  17. I personally would go one of four routes with regards to a MH 1st Gen remake/ Remaster.

    Option 1: Remaster Monster Hunter Freedom, with the addition of Minegard as the new G-rank Hub.

    Option 2: Remake Monster Hunter Freedom, with all of the monsters in it with them all having the same level of interactions as Monster Hunter World, perhaps each monster has multiple different turf wars depending on their current amount of health, broken body parts, and even environment. Same with all of the 1st gen maps, like imagine 1st gen swamp with a thick layer of fog throughout the map, or an even more heavily forested 1st gen jungle. You could also add in Endemic Life, into all of the maps with there being a unique capture system from world. Also add in Minegard so it has all of the 1st Gen content in one game.

    Option 3: Remake Monster Hunter G with the Kokoto Gathering hub as the low rank hub, then also add in all of the subspecies, rare species, variants, and related species such as Unknown Flying Wyvern and The demon engine Diablos, into Monster Hunter G.

    Option 4: Remake Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, but this time with every piece of content from 1st and 2nd Gen. So you would have the option to start in Kokoto, Jumbo, or Pokke villages. Then from there on you unlock the other two villages and their corresponding quests. The Hubs would be Low Rank, Kokoto and Pokke Gathering Hub, High Rank Minegard, G rank Dundorma.

  18. I feel the 20 anniversary is going to be a remake to some degree, only due to the face that Capcom for the RE:remake series has been doing well. With MHWI and MHRS both doing great (and relatively well respectively) I think they might try a new gen, old gen mix.

    Edit: like how RE:remake series did Re2 and Re3. Going back to the roots, with major conveniences (hopefully they only touch the maps and the gathering stuff at the hub area, and not add a fighting mechanic like the wirebugs or clutch claw.)

  19. Capcom love remaking Resident Evil series. Sadly, some OG folks don't like it. Their reason… too ez.

  20. what I want to be remasterd is the Monster Hunter Generations from the switch, but MHW graphics, and and and crosssave and crossplay!!! would be good for new Monster Hunter Now players who havnt played any core Monster Hunter, cause that puts you to all the generations villages

  21. how about we save the mh1 remake for the 25th anniversary?

  22. As long as the next game isn't like Worldborne im happy.

  23. i hope someone have petition about monster hunter back to classic when the monster is verry hard, no point damage, have a large barel bomb always with small bomb, 2 different style armor of course the gunners armors, sleep bomb, paint bomb, really missing the real hunters vibe, monster hunter 2 dos is perfect for classic.

  24. Please Just make it mh world 2 but with all monster , map , town , npc , elements , weapon etc from old gen

  25. Maybe they are going to make a remake "base" game from 1 then they'll add future dlcs and features and villages which are present from mh 2 upto the recent one?

  26. Instead of a remake we could always get a story set in a past location, just further in the future. An evolved environment/ecosystem, new monsters, unique monsters appearing, some new major threat, a mix of old unique mechanics along with new stuff. You get a good taste of nostalgia as a veteran but a breath of fresh air along with it.

  27. hopefully they do mh6 same as mh4u or mhgu, cuz mhw or mhrise is not my taste..

  28. The possibilty of a remake instead of "world 2" is nightmare fuel

  29. I agree 100% but I would take it 1 set farther and do a remaster collection! Monster hunter 1,2,3 and 4!

  30. This would suck ass.
    Mh is one of the series that would never benefit from a straight up remake
    Remakes typically suck anyway but why would you want to remake a game with a smaller roster that you can fight in literally any other title (minus like 2)

  31. You're definitely overthinking when it comes to the armor.

  32. I think I would be fine if they decide to remake MH1-3 into a single game in the new engine with modern graphics and mechanics. That would mean we would be getting like 15+ maps, 3cities, and they can keep the OG monsters and add more in base+update. Maybe even allowing you to choose a starting city might be cool or we can go through MH1-3 like a journey.

    But I do agreed like you said if they just make MH1 remake thats just gonna feel less appealing than getting MH6. I rather see MH6 and then make the expansion about MH1 locale and we going back to kokoto village.

  33. I would love a remake of the original but it would be great for a collaboration of all the titles

  34. I just want it to not have any sort of weird gimmick. No clutch claw, no wirebugs. Nothing like that. I'd be down for underwater, as that's not the sorta thing that feels like some gimmick that's been slapped on. It's simply a different environment to hunt in, which has somewhat different rules because of it being so different from the standard environment.

    What 3 and 4 had with underwater and verticality respectively are the sorts of things I'd want. They dont feel like some gimmick slapped on, but simply an extension of the natural system.

    Imo, I think MH6 would look best if they just took the things they've learnt and tried to make the best MH game they could. It doesn't need some fancy gimmick, if they wanna keep on pushing forwards then the best way to improve would to simply be to refine what they have at this point.

    Several things past games have done could've been done better, I wanna see them do them better. A refined underwater experience, as opposed to the jank it was originally and so on.

  35. The new game will feature at least one hunt from each game; it will give players the option of crafting every armor set, every weapon and the option of hunting every monster in the franchise. But there will also be new armor, at least one new weapon and a few new monsters. And the new game mechanic will be Wyvern Riding.

  36. Id be disappointed if it was a remake. The old games dont have many monsters and plus no mh6. If they want to do remakes, they should get a 3rd team together to not affect the release of new mh games

  37. imagine if MH6 does revist Kokoto and has all the old maps World-ified, but its got actually new maps as well, the roster contains not just the old roster but then a bunch of new monsters as well, all 14 of the weapons are present in there modern forms, not just the og types, and maybe a new weapon type or two, and the story is decades after MH1, the MH1 player is now another Legendary Hunter but new chaos is going on, and the missions arent just MH1 again, the monsters and maps are in a different order
    that could be really cool

  38. Id love to see the small time drains gone.
    1. Eating food before battle… Having to skip through 5 menus and wait to see the buffs and then finally start moving is tedius. Allow us to set what we want and have it activate upon entry.
    2. Once a monster is carved allow us to leave the fight rather than wait out the minute
    3. The horrid fetch quests

    We all want to explore or be in a fight, minimizing time spent prepping and maximizing time spent fighting is best.

    But what id love is a new weapon, snake wyverns, hidden monsters and more ambushy monsters to catch you by surprise.

    I also doubt they'd remake mh1. The majority of the player base came from world. Throwing it back to MH1 wouldnt sell millions because the majority dont want to go backwards and the new players didnt want it back then either.

  39. A monster hunter game in the age of ancient civilization would be cool

  40. I want old hunter mechanics back. Or at least make them able to switch between old and new hunter playstyles.
    Insta heal potion, but you need to flex. Multiple gatherings per spot, breakable pickaxe and bugnets, need to pay contract fee
    Also, ditch the monster part glued on stock weapons. I hate that so much.

    I want to hunt monsters, not just fight them. Its the reason why mh games survived this long. Its a game that give something that others doesn't provide. I just hope this franchise doesn't lose its identity moving forward.

  41. I feel like you’re going to keep guessing what the next game is until it comes out then you’re going to be like omg I was right! Can’t be wrong if I guess till I’m right 💁🏾‍♂️

  42. I would welcome MH 1 remake. IF only IF they keep the "unsettling" atmosphere. It was darker, deadly and at times scary. Dunno if its the colour palette or the fact that LITERALLY EVERYTHING tried to kill the player ( bugs, cats and all sorts of small animals ) but ever since then MH series went into "cute" and bright direction.

    Seriously. Make at least one MH game with a dark TONE where people actually die to those beasts. Where stakes are high and not BS… hostile environments etc.

  43. You can tell which MH game a player started with by what they call that MH1 Blade. Its name was Agito in MH1 and I will always call it that.

  44. If they ever remake Monster Hunter 1 it would be something like Rise did. Monster Hunter Rise is somewhat a Monster Hunter Portable 3rd remake. I think if they ever remaster Monster Hunter 1, it would be somewhat in its fashion but a different game altogether. Monster Hunter 1 had this kinda adventurer-y vibe, I wish they'd lean on that aspect more.

  45. I spent 2000 hours in mh1, and I would do so again if this happens!

  46. Capcom has been on a remaking kick here lately. Look at how they’ve been doing Resident Evil.

  47. Hmm how about a monster hunter game with 1 and world but make mh1 low and high rank then you transition to world but only visit for a bit then transition to a new region showing how far the game has come but it witll introduce master rank that has low master rank and high master rank now dlc can implement a lengend rank plus it could be a new region

  48. Damn, rage gaming is really sucking this 2 minute promo dry…

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