The Ultimate MONSTER HUNTER Tier List - Ranking All the Games -

The Ultimate MONSTER HUNTER Tier List – Ranking All the Games

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We’re back with another tier list, this time we’re ranking ALL the monster hunter games!

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  1. Ranking the games is like slapping the president in the white house

  2. Mhfu will always be my favorite despite its flaws. I started with ps2 mh. It never clicked until freedom unite for me. 4u and gu are a close second

  3. MH4U will always have a special place in my heart. I finished that game with my boyfriend, gold crown, 900+hrs sunk into it. We always tried to do quests together and rarely let randoms in since hackers would cheese monsters within a few minutes. We tried playing it again after ignoring it for two years, and the graphics was just too jarring coming from MHW lmao.

  4. MH4U in its rightful place at number 1, you love to see it.

  5. the biggest reason people overlook as to why World feels easier is because you aren't playing on a portable anymore. Having a controller and not needing to cripple your hands doing the claw is a HUGE quality of life improvement that makes everything feel so much simpler.

  6. you shouldnt rank the games you have'nt played…

  7. No matter how you look at this, it just isn't a very well planned tier list.

  8. My first one was MH1, after MH dos came out, pretty much hooked up to all the release ever since. Can I considered myself 1st fleet/gen hunter?

  9. Am i the only one that misses underwater hunting?

  10. im soOoo lucky my first monster hunter game was mh4u!!!!!! 💯👏🏾👏🏾

  11. Those photos are horrible, i dont understand the game name

  12. Freedom Unite was my first Monster Hunter and I remember just being very frustrated with it and putting it down after a few hours of trying to understand what I was doing. Then when Tri came out, I played the demo that they released for it and everything finally clicked so I went back and played Freedom Unite and Tri and became addicted to the series! Actually bought the Japanese version of Generations Ultimate because they hadn't announced a US version and when they released it over here, I bought the American version and started all over. Loved how pretty World looked but somehow Rise feels more like a Monster Hunter game than World did.

  13. I would put iceborn one rank below world because the clutch claw (mainly tenderizing mechanic) is atrocious and completely ruined the game for me

  14. I started with Freedom Unite, but after playing World its hard for me to go back to previous titles. I can't be the only one who feels spoiled now with World?

  15. In my dnd canpaign a party member collects monster larts from dead stuff we kill and I convinced her to take the skull of a dragon and to have it fashioned as a greatshield.

  16. I've never played MH4U but it looks promising from what I'm seeing from the community. With that said I'll probably rank it alongside with MHFU in the S Tier. MHP3rd however is in A Tier as it actually kinda disappointed me with the lack of content in comparison to MHFU. MHP3rd monster's are actually kinda repetitive to me as they're mostly brute wyverns which makes them seem like a carbon copy of each other just with different skins.

    S Tier – MHFU and MH4U

    A Tier – MHP3rd (a very good game but lacks in comparison with the S Tier MH games)

    B Tier and below – Other MH games

    Y Tier – MH World (Made the MH franchise easier to attract more casual gamers)

    Z Tier – MH Rise (easy AF that it cringes me… and the cheesy dialogues uugghhhhhh)

  17. Kinda wish he was more critical of the games

  18. Going to the g rank hub in MHXX and putting the sound of Pokke from my first game of the series MHFU gave me some sand in my eyes ^^

  19. Your a fool for putting freedom unite at the bottom thats the best mh out there.

  20. World was my first, played the hell out of it may find myself getting a switch just for rise tbh

  21. MHGU is my personal favorite monster hunter game

  22. Not even a mention of playable Palicos as a selling point? I'm stunned.

  23. Mh3U is far best than MHP3rd, water fights(chaotics for me), more monster, more content, only missing palicos and amagatsuchi but you can recover this mechanics on MHGU

  24. I wonder if there are weapons that ends with "G" in 4 Ultimate, 3 Ultimate and Generations Ultimate after defeating the last G rank urgent quest.

  25. If Mhp3rd got a G rank expansion, it would be the best game.

  26. As an avid pokemon fan, monster hunter stories cured my loneliness for that pokemon game I have been waiting for. The cute storyline, the dragons, the art style, the cool armors you can build just like in other mh, I love mh stories so much I hope it gets a sequel!

  27. why even put a tier on a game you never even played? smh

  28. there is no better way to tell the world that you been one of those who were scammed by cd project red than wearing cyberpunk t-shirt 😀

  29. I remember playing the very first Monster Hunter Freedom and I think it was just me and my friend that played the game in the entire town. I love that it's become more mainstream because of World.

  30. I'm honestly glad my friend got me into monster hunter ( started officially with world. Tryed MH4U and didn't understand the mechanics because like you said i was a mainstream guy) now I'm currently playing through monster hunter Generations X on the switch (got it on sale for 15 bucks) and it was worth every cent. What would make it even great was if they somehow manage to port it to pc as well since i mainly play on pc

  31. XX/GenU is the best MH game and if you disagree you're wrong :^)

  32. I'm new to MH series and I just downloaded MH3P on my phone and it's incredible solid and fun game!

  33. especially the Monsters from 4 ultimate were so good. I mean just the gigantic snake where your hunter had the size of one of its scales. It was insane! Not even Generation had those monsters. Never played Generations a lot… It felt a bit heartless. More mass than class.

  34. yeah i don't think that giveaway is stil available 😂

  35. I started in Freedom unite.. Stupidly difficult and I didn't pick up any MH game for 3 months… Until I saw 3rd portable and I started playing more and more

  36. Very triggered at the statement "Glavenus is the best" when you have blatantly ignored Mizutsune who is an equally if not more so iconic design – plus the fated four have my fav boi, the Astalos

  37. I never understood the whole "it's the first game, it started it all, so therefore it's A or S". I mean yeah overall it's good(if you emulate it so you can use modern control style) but every other game is way better than MH1

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