There is A MONSTER hiding in these woods... AND IT'S AFTER ME (WARNING: SCARY) Do You Copy? Game -

There is A MONSTER hiding in these woods… AND IT’S AFTER ME (WARNING: SCARY) Do You Copy? Game

Dark Corners
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Do NOT Watch this video at night or if you’re easily scared! We will be hunting the GOATMAN in the FOREST at what seems to be 3:00 AM… What will we find?
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  1. I'm Scary is MONSTER and I see The EYE outside
    I have done it would Is Really Monster In Here ok

  2. fnaf but has more space and can move and no doors and theres 3 of you and theres only 1 monster and that monster isn't an animatronic

  3. Do a part two pllllleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaassssssssseeeee

  4. Hmm something the light eyes is……..goatman or something??

  5. bro said i think i gave him the wrong direction demon do you see me? hears growling near him says wth

  6. What's the game called?? I can't find it on playstore

  7. This game is actually based off a true story

  8. Why the goatman sounding like he stepped on legos?

  9. Yayyyyy you are playing it but can you please play job simulator on VR headset
    Please 🙏🥺

  10. Game is goatman u in other tower u have to save the lost hiker in place forest the monster strikes again the tower ranger will kill u he comes in ur tower is gameis Do ur copy the hiker will be killed and ranger there is good ending and bad ending

  11. Bro I'm your old subscribers I miss you soo much ❤❤🥺

  12. .. the thumbnail of a flowing eye dude. is exactly what a saw from my nightmare or dream

  13. Dark I saw a tall thing and it was in a tree Somethings next to the lake it's not the guy

  14. This game is incredible but the sequel is horrible

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