This NEW Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 TRAILER shows the TERRIFYING NEW MONSTER.. -

This NEW Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 TRAILER shows the TERRIFYING NEW MONSTER..

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Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 Trailer

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  1. Love your video Fusion and keep up the great work, and can't wait for this game

  2. I know that this is stupid but I think that the thing/entity on fire looks like a chameleon or some kind on reptile. Then again, the front of the train could've been a chameleon. It could be a fire place as well.

  3. My theory:
    When it shows all of the the toys put into one whole monstrosity, I think that the monster has made this to make a family. To restart a new life. The people on the wall are his dead family members, so he makes his own family with all of the toys. Maybe sometimes, he makes people go to sleep so they dream of all of them being a big family.

  4. I have a theory, I think the monster in this chapter wants to be the only toy that children like, so he is killing all the previous monsters before him so every child would think that he is the best toy there is. Btw your videos are great and have a good day! Keep up the good work, love you 😊

  5. I think the monster worships the original one! Aka, the first ever creation, probably, the prototype! The monsters probably the one that scratches those sentences onto the walls, I think its trying to help the prototype collect things? Maybe because it owes him? since he saved his live it seems like.

  6. That huggy toy do have blood in it in project playtime in the intro one of the people stomp the screaming toy very hard like stomp him like a roach and you see red cooled

  7. The original saved me

    I rejoice in him 💀

    I live to serve our angel of Salvation.

  8. Is that supposed to be candycat or something?

  9. I think the monster is a cat or a dog because i can see his nose

  10. Its the prototype you know he took mommy long legs head

  11. Do you even rest??😭 everytime i scroll on my youtube u pop up and its always an hour ago😭😭 you're amazing !!!! (and the way you're so brave playing fnaf RUIN wow !)

  12. 2:56 yes it is indeed the train as it looks like the one from before the crash with the iconic look of the train

  13. what gametoons is thinking about the new monster: friendly
    what gametoons see the new monster: creepy and scary for kids

  14. Poppy playtime going 18+ bcuz of trauma,Nightmares,Gore,D-sturbing scenes and haunting pictures damn i thought this game waz like for kids horror game it scaring my grandma

  15. Wait what if the new monster is Cat bee 😱😱😱

  16. People who think its collecting parts for prototype

  17. Bro literally went like "Sleep is for the weak"

  18. thanks for all your work your the dirst guy i watched fnaf sb ruins respect

  19. 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻
    I really'n'truly enjoy'd this trailer,&I'm
    curious if that smaller character drawn
    next to this,:"Deep~Sleep~Cat",could've
    been,:"Poppy",or the girl within her,Fusion…

  20. Well we know now what happened to huggy wuggy

  21. My theory is that daddy long legs can produce sleeping gas and will try to kill u in your dream

  22. My theory:
    The monster is Elliot Ludwig and the photo of the child could have been the family member that died like it said in chapter 2

  23. I have to know what’s name of the theme in the background that fusionZgamer uses PLS i need to know XD

  24. A Winter 2023 release date huh well that ain't too bad of a wait time i was completely expecting the release date to be sometime next year

  25. He stills uses the same background song to this day…

  26. So I'm not sure but at the start when you get the mask and it makes you test how the wall fase works when you walk through the hallways on your left there is broken charges and on one of them there's glitch trap waving four a split second

  27. that has to be freddy in the back of headless huggy

  28. There a best ending on start jump through the window in security breach ruin

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