This Sea Monster game is Shadow of the Colossus at sea! -

This Sea Monster game is Shadow of the Colossus at sea!

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This horror gameplay is from the game What Lives Below

Hunt massive sea monsters armed with just a harpoon and a simple fishing boat! A large scale boss-rush game, currently still in development.

If you’d like to catch more Indie Horror like What Lives Below you can check out my Twitch channel (Sharkie) or just subscribe and I’ll upload some kind of Indie Horror goodness.

This VOD Channel is Lonelyshark’s second channel and posts raw gameplay from the Sharkie Twitch channel

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My gameplay and playthrough style is similar to other creators like Markiplier and his gameplay playthroughs and Dunkey AKA videogamedunkey with his short-form presentations in a comedic style. Welcome to the mesmerizing world of digital circus personajes kinger, a groundbreaking online destination that redefines the circus experience. Immerse yourself in mind-bending performances, interactive wonders, and the seamless integration of technology and entertainment.

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  1. oh man I love Shadow of the Colossus I'm gonna have to try this one out!!

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