TIE GAME!! Astros' José Altuve smashes homer over the Green Monster to tie up ALCS Game 4! - godsandmonstersgame.com

TIE GAME!! Astros’ José Altuve smashes homer over the Green Monster to tie up ALCS Game 4!

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TIE GAME!! Astros’ José Altuve smashes homer over the Green Monster to tie up ALCS Game 4!

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  1. Astros with a huge comeback! Domination! Tied series

  2. Man, that was a choke job by the RedSox in the 9th! Everything went wrong real quick.

  3. “Like a Stepfather, yeah you hate me but you will respect”- Childish Gambino

  4. I'm a Padres fan, but Altuve has been one of my favorite players since he entered the league. Respect

  5. I was about to go to bed but I got a notification that the Astros came back to take the lead.

  6. too bad they are such cheaters and never were punished.

  7. People need to look back into the Altuve cheating thing. He didn't cheat.
    But that was an exciting 9th inning. I had tuned back in right as altuve came up to bat.

  8. Still has buzzer?? 🤣
    The cheaters vs the cheaters

  9. that homerun change the game for the Astros

  10. Altuve is a hyena. He never loses chance. Real hero!

  11. Altuve took him deep just like he did Chapman.

  12. Anyone know the exit velo on that hit bc gooooooddddddddd dammmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeee that was smashed

  13. Altuve is a Monster ❗❗

  14. 金髪ストンコとイチャ男owner says:

    MONSTER !!

  15. 太空人隊贏球了 哈哈哈哈 我的心裡非常爽 很大快人心

  16. Joe Buck in a baneful commentator, zero emotion

  17. Los venezolanos nacemos con el adn del béisbol, gracias muchachos por ser venezolanos y reseñar así a nuestro gran país. Los amo

  18. El mejor orgullo venezolano 🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪

  19. El estado de ánimo del equipo pasa por Altuve. Si Altuve está bien, el equipo está bien. Y cuando Altuve comete un error el equipo se desmotiva. Altuve a podido enmendar sus errores, gracias a Dios.
    Los Astros están devuelta, esos dos juegos que perdieron de manera apabullante los tenían desmotivados. El puchero tiene que volver a consolidarse para poder ganar la serie.

  20. アルトゥーベ最強!!
    Altuve is best

  21. I love!!!! Carlos Correa! And I love Jose Altuve! Go strous

  22. Damn I wonder what was the exit velocity on that one

  23. It’s funny watching the two cheatingest teams go at.

  24. Stop censoring “let’s go Brandon” I thought y’all were patriots

  25. Let’s all agree Jose Altuve belongs in the Hall of Fame the day he retires. Keep on Dominating 27!!

  26. Why do they keep testing this man with first pitch fastballs lol? Just don't do it.

  27. Bregman smiling because he knew Altuve was about to tie the game

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