Tom and Jerry War of the Whiskers - Monster Jerry and Robocat Teeam - Funny Cartoon Games HD -

Tom and Jerry War of the Whiskers – Monster Jerry and Robocat Teeam – Funny Cartoon Games HD

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Throw a cat, mouse, and more than 75 weapons in the same room and you’re sure to have a war. Tom & Jerry: War of the Whiskers lets you choose from nine different characters, including Jerry the mouse and his feline nemesis Tom. You then duke it out in 11 destructible environments–battlefields which range from a twisted laboratory to an unstable construction site. Each character has their own strengths, weaknesses, and moves, but skillful use of weaponry can quickly turn a match in one’s favor.

The objective of the game is to defeat your opponent in a set amount of time and rounds. There are three types of gameplay. One is Challenge mode, where the player fights a certain set of characters (The opponents are the enemies of the character chosen from classic Tom and Jerry cartoons) until either Monster Jerry, a bigger and scary mutated Jerry, or Robot Cat, one of Tom’s creations, is fought and knocked-out. Another is Vs., where a basic one-on-one fight is held. The last is Tag Battle, where a player work by himself or with a friend to fight two enemies.

Tom and Jerry War of the Whiskers – A Fridge Too Far – Unfurgiven Monster Jerry and Robocat Team vs Monster Jerry and Robocat Team – Episodes for Kids in English – Cartoon Game New Episode Tom and Jerry War of the Whiskers – Video Children Full Gameplay 2017 HD

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