Tony Parker's Monster Game Wins the West for the Spurs -

Tony Parker’s Monster Game Wins the West for the Spurs

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Tony Parker put up 37 points and dished out 6 assists to advance San Antonio to the 2013 NBA Finals. Visit for more highlights.

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  1. bro shut up..steve nash is as good as tony…

  2. Nah, I just know good PG's when I see them. Westbrook may not be a better playmaker, but his competitive will and his athleticism would get me the wins I would need as a GM.

  3. TP will meet LEbron on the finals. That's for sure.Yay.. let'see hu's better.. immalebronfan.

  4. Put the brightness down and every time tony scores you will see a floating towel

  5. Miami is finished if they face these Spurs.

  6. Most underrated point guard int the league

  7. The thing about Parker is that he uses his picks provided by his teammates very effectively. That gets him open shots and easy drives to the basket.

  8. Wow Parker was shooting the lights out!!!

  9. Uhhh yea he is. You very rarely hear espn discuss or any nba fan discuss or see commercials about tony parker like chris paul or d-rose, and tony is just as good, if not better, than both of them

  10. Who the fuck is the heat gonna put in tp or Duncan or Manu

  11. His teammates give him excellent screens. But I think LeBron and the boys got this 😉

  12. There's no way the heat will be able to stand up to the Monster Trio of the Spurs(Duncan,Parker, and Ginobili)

  13. you're mad cause you know its true. d'antoni is nothing compared to pop. and it would be nice if you had the best power forward in the history of the game along side you

  14. So you know good PGs when you see them and Parker isn't good in your book? You just discredited yourself with that statement :).

  15. Did I say Tony Parker wasn't good? If I did, please quote me. I just stated the PG's that I believe are better than Tony Parker. Please, learn how to read before trying to act smart :).

  16. NONE because nash would be traded from the spurs. Pop is a defensive coach. Wtf… I hate youtujbe basketball fans they are SO SO SO FUCKING DUMB.

  17. Parker is, without a doubt, the best PG in the NBA right now. CP3 is a close second. What distinguishes Parker from the rest is his basketball IQ and superb timing.

  18. His competitive will? You mean arguing with the refs after no calls and giving up a defensive play EVERY FUCKING GAME?

  19. parker ur the best point guard ya tony parker

  20. what competitive will? more like 'hero-basketball' will. Westbrook should not be playing as a PG. just no.

  21. and the system he is in is executed so well. credits to Pop too

  22. Nash is one of the best PGs when he was in his prime, injuries are hurting him. but he was the MVP for 2 consecutive years and have always posted up high FT% and FG%

  23. that would make rondo the second best point in the league then? if some of those poing guards all played with the greatest power forward ever, one of the greatest coaches of all-time, a top 10 center all-time and a top 20 shooting guard all-time i would think they would rings too, championships are a team effort parker was big but he didnt do it by himself

  24. Go Tipi !!

    After Spain , Lithuania and gold !!

    allez les bleus (et les Spurs!)

  25. Hey "Timber wolves" you ever realize that Minnesota has been sucking for years and is not even qualified to be the spurs shadow. That's the grizzlies job. :p

  26. I can't believe the grizzlies could have gone to the NBA finals…

  27. Why does san antonjo spurs have all star players before and then doesnt become an all star after?

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