Top 10 Best Monster Tamer Games (Not Including Pokemon!) -

Top 10 Best Monster Tamer Games (Not Including Pokemon!)

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Monster tamer games are great! However most people only seem to know of the Pokemon series. And while the Pokemon games are great, there are more amazing games in this genre that you may even think is better!









  1. Why nobody mentions moco moco friends?

  2. In my opinion, Azure Dreams is one of the best games in this genre. Sadly it didn't age too well and you propably only like it if you already played it

  3. In my opinion all the games you said were not best except digimon but Pokemon still rlz if you quit Pokemon toy will pay

  4. Shin Megami Tensei is definitely the best and deeper series (my fav too of course)
    But Pokémon and Digimon are wonderful too. Specially Pkmn for me because the lore, music, media and metagame.

  5. How did you miss jade cocoon and dragon seeds? Had jade cocoon felt like a more mature Pokémon and dragon seeds was really good. Mini games to train your dragon. Evolve them. Ythey used weapons and shields. They died. Freeze genes

  6. you missed 2 of my faves spectrobes a game series of searching for fossils then turning them in to monsters known as spectrobes ,these creatures would then evolve twice more and become epic boss like monsters,the game/games were really fun except for the first one,It kinda felt that they hadn't mastered game design yet,and took what they learned for their sequals(Spectrobes 2 was amazing for its time and played ok plus I had more spectrobes and story)(following 2 space cadets trying to defeat some aliens known as the krawl trying to destroy the universe the hero lived in ,you search a few planets exploring raising you spectrobes to take on bosses and badguys,then comes the main game spectrobes origins for the wii( I love this game following where the previous game left off our 2 hero's rallien and jena are patrolling and are sucked into a worm whole and appear in a new universe ,searching for life they find a planet under attack from krawl and go to fight however find out there spectrobes arnt being of use and retreat in to temple some villagers are hinding in,they meet with a village elder who tells them spectrobes exist in this universe however they need a special item to use these ones,while advencturing as either rallien or jena(you can finally play as jena yay!)you discorervor a mystery involving krawl good guys and other stuff that blows the story out of the water,the payoff is really unexpected(plus this game has some redesigned spectrobes and a bunch of new ones to use in battle.

    The other game series I like to talk about is Keitai Denjū Telefang also known as pokemon diamond and jade versions gameboy colour,I found the latter by accident in a video game shop when I went on overseas,they were on a cartridge of 20 other games,however do to that reason their wasn't much data left to save long term or at all ,and after a while playing the cartridge the whole thing became corrupted and unplayable which kinda thing I liked about the versions was the translations ,often making zero sense or characters swearing out of nowhere,apart from that the games were very fun ,instead of catching a monster you become friends with them(getting their phone number)where you can call them up when your battling and they'll arrive to save you,or they'll say their busy and leave you hanging,there was some evoving and evo items ,but I didn't get far enough in either version to experience all,was fun till it lasted,would have loved to see how the story fully played out.

  7. Digimon world for ps1 and ps4 plus dawn n dusk are amazing

  8. Thank you so much. No Pokémon including.

  9. I'm not a fan of Pokemon I like digimon more

  10. EEEEE you included yo-kai watch I have ykw blasters White Dog Squad with the Moon Rabbit crew build and YKW3

  11. the new dragon quest monster games suck, the gbc one that was cool enough to play on EVERYTHING gba gbc sp super gameboy, at the time was the ultimate dragon warrior monsters game the sequal to that added more of a story base to it i guess but yeah.

  12. No mention of Ni No Kuni Wrath of The White Witch?

  13. as an RPGist i LOVE the Monster Tamer sub-genre, and i feel that while Monster Rancher 2 was probably BiS i think that there is some merit to the GBA titles and the DS game of Monster Rancher, because you dont need to have rare one of a kind discs to complete your encyclopedia, it's all doable in game.

    sure you could do some of that via unlocking monsters for disc regen, but you still needed to be a collector of music to find every monster.

  14. I know it wasn't made when this video was released but since there is a high probability that people who watch this are looking for games of this kind I'll add another addition wich I really liked: 'Disc Creatures' on Steam. It's lovely, espspecially if you were a fan of the gameboy era games.

  15. I love monster tamer games, i will make one when i study videogame Maker

  16. My tamagotchi have been dead for so long. Lol😭

  17. I wouldn't say I like pokemon but it's OK.

  18. Yo Kai Watch was awesome, i have a ton of YKW stuff at home

  19. Next time im at the bar im gonna break the ice with "what's your favorite pokemon?"

  20. You absolutely get a like from me for adding the SMT series. I have been looking for videos to give these games the exposure they deserve, and you wouldn't believe how little people even know about this series.

    I would say start with SMT 4 on 3DS. Though it is tough as nails, it seems like the most "user friendly" of the bunch. Or just pick any persona game from 3 to 5. All of them are stand alone, so no worries on missing anything from previous entries.

  21. Digimon had the correct formula: Their first PS1 game. It was unique and so unlike Pokemon. But the sequels after it just failed to match up to the original, they really should have built up on it instead of constantly trying to reinvent it.

    Next Order tried to recapture the old magic, though, so maybe there is hope yet.

  22. Imagine my surprise when I look up videos about monster tamers and stumble blindly into a vid by one of my favorite creepypasta narrators! I'm happy to say I've played a fair chunk of these. Fossil Fighters is fantastic!

  23. I clicked on this not knowing who the fuck this channel was by and I was like “what the fuck? Creeps?”

  24. I saw that Yo-kai Watch cat in the thumbnail, I clicked.

  25. 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Digimon World on PS1 – Monster Rancher on PS1 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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