Top 10 Hidden Monster Hunter Video Game References -

Top 10 Hidden Monster Hunter Video Game References
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The best details are hidden in plain sight! For this list, we’ll be looking at the best video game references within the latest Kaiju blockbuster movie Monster Hunter! Our countdown includes The Research Commission, Dragonship, Dah’ren Mohran, and more! Did you hunt any hidden references we didn’t? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Imagine if Guts were to land in the "Monster Hunter" world? He would slay the monsters like they're not even there, ripping them apart much more easily with his Dragonslayer than the Apostles he faces in his home world.

  2. I watched this movie with low expectations but still disappointed.

  3. Id totally use a palico if meowscular was available for hunting

  4. Thomas Had Never Seen Such Bullshit Before

  5. LOL "Diablos is no easy task"…. just use the hammer and go bonk.

  6. The Gore Magala was such an amazing cameo at the end of the movie! 😱😱😱

  7. You forgot a references.
    ''They hit the monster until it dies.''

    Couldn't even capture it for more rewards, smh.

  8. Only play moster hunter games series relly awesome and great too never watch movie 🍿 yet

  9. None of these references were hidden at all

  10. Only two of the references listed here can be considered "hidden".

  11. One thing that I thought was cool that doesn’t have context with this video is that Artemis is the reason the Admiral in MHW can speak English.

  12. Guy doesn't know shit. References are all wrong in spots. Tower refers to the tower in DOS. Also the heads spitting water at the Temple are ludroth not Rath.

  13. This movie is just complete bullshit compared to the games. There is no more to say from my mouth.

  14. this video is basically "the movie is a reference to the games". there are only like 2-3 points that are actually "hidden"…

  15. The missing bravo team must be a Resident Evil reference

  16. 2:07 in what universe is that a reference? 3:58 how is cephalos attacking Artamis a hidden referense? 4:59 thats not a hidden referense, its obvious as heck. How is the BBQ spit a hidden referense? 8:08 how is the moewscular chef a hidden referense?

  17. I mean he's got a point, this movie has totally nothing to do with the actual games so it's fair to call this hidden references

  18. There are also references from other movies

    1.pacific rim, a story about character trying to stop a breach that allows monsters to get to the human world, one of the cast members of pacific rim
    2. King Kong, find something strange a think it something that we know of, encountering a giant horn monsters that attacks the character, survivors getting eaten live by giant Arthropoda in a cave or canyon, getting caught in the middle of a stampede near a edges of a cliff
    3. Reign of fire, creatures of mythology that due battle with modern weapons and defenses, the way they killed the main dragon villain

  19. 5:00
    This is a nitpick but the way his item pouch is sorted hurts to look at

    Also no shit him making a mixture is him crafting something that’s how making things works

  20. “Hidden monster hunter game references “ , I don’t think any of them are hidden 😂

  21. I wouldn't mind if they had Grandmeowster in the movie.

  22. Barbeque has the same amount of syllables as BBQ, no one says BBQ, its just a shorter way to write it down

  23. I REALLY hope that they have another go at making a Monster Hunter movie – this was really, really bad. It was as close to the actual Monster Hunter games as Super Mario Brothers and the movie of that.
    They made a new Final Fantasy movie that was based on the game after Spirits within, we can but hope for a real MH Movie.
    First 45 minutes of the MH Movie (after the first 5 mins intro) are nothing to do with Monster Hunter! Even after that it is a mess.

  24. Did you know that the monster hunter movie is actually based off of a video game series?

  25. This makes me really NOT want to see the movie. In gonna see it later anyways, but now I remember why video game movies usually tank at the box office.

  26. Did you know the monster hunter movie is actually full of references from the game monster hunter?

  27. This movie is awful, it seemed more of a quick cashgrab from the new monster hunter fans after Monster Hunter Worlds success than anything. They even failed to please the targeted audience.
    The movie only had 6 monsters from the series, which either had their ecology wrong or apearance (looking at you, movie-nerscylla).
    They made the hunters look like assholes, when in reality the hunters are nice people and didn't seem to know the characters they were using. (The handlers aren't supposed to figth, they collect and record data.)
    They didn't seem to understand or know the weapons they were using.
    The meowscular chef looked like he's wet all the time.
    The movie is filled with weird, unnecesary cuts and clips and has so many unnecessary human vs human moments that seemed to last for a long time, in a movie based of a game about fighting monsters.

  28. Put monsters from the game and call it monster hunter.
    Put zombies in an underground lab and call it resident evil.

  29. Garbage like this is why I actively try and block this channel from appearing in my feed.

    Shame the YouTube algorithm feels like it's playing favorites.

  30. "Kaiju BLOCKBUSTER movie"
    Earned 31 million with the budget of 60 million

  31. You missed that she said I have 3 left which is a reference to how many faints you have in the game

  32. I just watched this and it was much better than I expected it to be

  33. I watched this video to know who the figure at the top of the tower at the credits scene was. Wasted

  34. So what your telling me, is monster hunter, is about the video game? Amazing. Just amazing.

  35. this movie was still very bad. They screwed over alot of Monsters.
    I mean for one, a Diablos would NEVER purposely break it's own horns. Sure the are very territorial and aggressive but not to that point.

  36. Go figure, a movie based on a video game franchise contains references to monsters, characters, and locations from the franchise…I'm sorry, what do you take us for? Idiots? XD

  37. Non of theses are hidden or unique. FFS just don't even try

  38. anyone who played destiny and watched the movie knows
    they know you missed the Destiny reference

    come on, tell me the ending (with the second rathalos) wasn't an arc strider hunter, a hammer of sol titan, and a dawn blade warlock

  39. 3:17 holy shit can't believe how far we've come from PS2 graphics

  40. This movie was a disgrace to toni jaa, he's an amazing martial artist, the ong Bak trilogy is next level

  41. It's a given now days if mila is in a movie it's 100 % trash and theres a 90% chance it's a movie based off a good Capcom game from 20 years ago some director randomly wanted to make a movie out of years after it's been even remotely relevant

  42. I’m surprised they didn’t make the reference to being a good film

  43. this movie is just really inaccurate from the games and i just hate it so much

  44. My idea for the plot of a Monster Hunter movie:

    The movie would focus on multiple Monster Hunter games such as Rise, World, and Wings of Ruin. The plot would be two newly recruited hunters who venture across the world to recruit hunters and riders for a confrontation with a Fatalis that has been prophesied to return within a few weeks. In order to gain the trust of characters they’re trying to recruit, they must complete quests assigned by the Research Commission, Kamura Village, and a clan of riders. These quests would be repelling a Rampage horde led by an Apex, slaying an Elder Dragon such as Nergigante or Kushala Daora, and understanding the bonds riders share with their monsties. Along the way, the two hunters confront several fan favorite monsters (obviously including Rathalos and Rathian) from across the series and get to witness interactions between familiar characters.

  45. If you liked this, wait until you see the Top 10 Times Milla Jovovich Went Beast Mode!:

    And did you see any hidden references we didn’t? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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