Top 10 Largest Sea Monsters In Video Games -

Top 10 Largest Sea Monsters In Video Games

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Top 10 Largest Sea Monsters in


As video game consoles continue to grow in power and size, so do the
worlds that live inside these games, as well as its bosses and
monsters. Now, if I had to choose just one thing that I love about
video games is that they often let us accomplish incredible feats,
making us feel like total badasses— yeah, like totally, and the feats
I’m talking about involves taking down giant bosses and monsters,
especially in the Kratos style. Yes, I’m talking about the God-Slaying
Kratos from God of War. Although, you probably feel the same too,
but after playing all these amazing video games, have you ever
wondered, which are the largest monsters you’ve ever faced? Well, I
have and I’ve especially been fascinated by the monsters of the deep.
Yes, I’m talking about the sea monsters.
So, on that note, welcome back to Factholic and today we bring you
our list of the top 10 largest sea monsters to have ever appeared in
video games and let’s start the countdown right away!


  1. Gargantuan leviathan is 1 to 2 miles long where is he and also sea emperor??

  2. isn't the ATLAS kraken bigger than the Sea of Thieves one?

  3. Jormugandr isn't even that big in god of wars and there are still another part of the gargantuan leviathan that was 3% idk but yes I think jormugandr is prob 150m or 300 foot

  4. If only he showed gameplay from the Subnautica mod that adds the Gargantuan Leviathan.

  5. Where is cthulhu from call of cthulhu game

  6. Scunner reminds me of the enemies from Scaler on Ps2 😝

  7. You cant have a list whiout h.p lovecraft monster from one of the meny call of cuthulu games out there. I mean i can thunk of like five or six sepret game series that have those bug sea monsters such as. Sunken city, call of cuthulu, call of cuthulu darck corners of earth, shore (though not shure if it came out befor this video), and cornareum (not shure how its spelled and blnot to shure the kind of stuff it has as i have not beat it yet).

  8. THe leviathan from finaly fantasy is f tiny in comparison how stupid are you.

  9. The biggest sea monster from video games would be the gargantuan leviathan if this creature was standing it will be 6,561 ft and jormungandr is not a sea monster he literally can be on land and water and we’re talking about sea monsters not monsters that can go to land and water and also jormungandr is not 30,000 ft that’s literally smaller than ancalagon the black who is literally 3 times bigger than Mount Everest and he can’t even circle the earth

  10. Dalamadur from Monster hunter isn't of the deep but its pretty insane too.

  11. Every this type of video: GARGANTUAN LEVIATHAN

  12. I feel some of size calculations are off especially for subnatica creatures

  13. Of all of these lists, we never see Sin from Final Fantasy X. How big is Sin?

  14. I would so NOT wanna fight Jormungandr might as well kiss ya butt goodbye if you face him.

  15. Hey kraken not in the 495meter kraken it 100meter

  16. Let's just start the countdown right away


  17. Include more things from Barotrauma, the largest and rarest monsters in that game get unnecessarily large.

  18. Sure the emperor is big but the reaper is a serial killer × 1000

  19. The jormungandr is not 30,000 ft he's 12,000km

  20. The adult ghost leviathan is the biggest leviathan in subnatica

  21. this list makes sense just because of the subnautica creatures

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