TOP 10 Monster Taming Games For Nintendo Switch That You Can Play RIGHT NOW! -

TOP 10 Monster Taming Games For Nintendo Switch That You Can Play RIGHT NOW!

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These are my personal favourites. What are yours?

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  1. Now I have even more games to get that I don’t have time for lol. Really helpful and cool video. 👍🏼

  2. Not even mentioning the Cyber Sleuth games…

    …I will respect your opinion though.

  3. Still hoping Coromon gets a Physical copy eventually because I do want to pick it up on Switch! Will the Devs do a Physical copy eventually?

  4. Sorry for going off topic, but is there any possibility for Disc Creatures being ported to switch?

  5. I'm surprised Digimon Story Complete didn't make the list. But it makes sense to not have 1/3 of the list be Digimon games.

  6. It took me a while to finish Nexomon: Extinction since I had layed it off for to long. But I agree, that it's one of the best Monster Taming games out there! (In my opinion) and I can't wait to see what they come up with in Nexomon 3!

  7. Digimon Story: Hacker's Memory… The best Digimon game.

  8. I would have to swap Monster Sanctuary with Monster Hunter Stories 2 personally

  9. I love temtem – my one issue with the game is that one dojo where you have to remember the “Simon says disco flooring” – I can’t get past the third section of it because my memory is shit, and I wish there was an option to like, for go the floor after your 3rd attempt or something and fight a string of trainers instead, that’s my only issue. For that reason – I’m stuck, and the floor changes all the time so it’s hard for me – but, that’s just my opinion. And because I don’t pay for the chat – I can’t ask someone to help me with this. Other then that, I love temtem.

  10. I will always praise monster sanctuary. Solid bestiary, amazing battle system and really solid game0lay and exploration

  11. MHS2 is definitely my favorite of this list. And even though I'm not palying now, I take great comfort in that I can always comeback to it for the post story stuff. Which is no surprise since as a while MH as mastered having a post game. Honestly my only and biggest complaint is the missing hatchable monsties. It was super annoying to see Duramboros and Tetsucabra in game and not be able to have them on my team.

  12. Monster Hunter Stories 2? More like Baby Kidnapping 2.
    (I have stolen so many Tigrex eggs from their mothers. I just wanted Monoblos, it's not my fault I stole their child. )

  13. Pokémon games are always fun to get into and while the stories are basic, they're more fun to get into. Monster Hunter Stories 2 is an awesome sequel with a great story. TemTem was fun too but I agreed with your points about it being an MMORPG and not single player but it's cool to see everyone playing the game in your server.

  14. I bought Monster Sanctuary on Switch almost a year ago, and even now I feel like it was one of the best purchases I've ever made on the console. The game is fantastic. Months and months later and I STILL just can't stop playing. Trying new teams of different monster combinations, trying teams of the same monsters I've used in the past but with different builds, trying different strategies against various boss monsters and teams, and so on and so forth. It's just so fun. It's just so addicting. I can't stop….I think I need help.

  15. Recently started Temtem due to the sale on Switch and I 100% agree with everything said about it.

  16. Honestly surprised Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher didn't make the top 10. But there will always be games left off the list.

  17. Very respectful list Ed I guessed the top 3 but didn’t guess their order correctly lol

  18. Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth/Hacker's Memory are Mon games I highly recommend if you like Digimon or want to get into Digimon.

    Also adore Monster Stories games too. Personally hoping they'll be a 3…

  19. Very respectful list Ed I guessed the top 3 but didn’t guess their order correctly lol

  20. Have you tried world of final fantasy? I think is one of the best looking games on switch

  21. Did they ever fix Tem Tem's shared exp problem if you team with other players?

  22. Why would people be upset that you have Legends Arceus above Temtem? Legends Arceus was fantastic and I don't see anyone talking about Temtem really.

  23. I would love Nexomon if it wasn't for the horrible level scaling that makes it likely that you'll die with every battle regardless of how strong you train your mons. Sure, strategy is important, but I want to enjoy the story and not have to worry about whiting out every 30 seconds or needing to use all my money on healing items!

  24. honestly, I'm surprised everyone is liking next order so much. There wasn't too much attention on original launch, and I'm the first to call it flawed in ways that can't be fixed in a remaster.

  25. for me i dislike temtem so much i love the temtems but the combat is just awful couldnt get past the first gym or whatever it was

  26. I love Coromon, Monster Sanctuary, Monster Crown, and Siralim 3 and Ultimate.

  27. Surprised Cyber Sleuth didn't make the list

  28. Sincerely, I dont think Survive even deserves to be on that list, let alone top 5
    Gameplay feels sooo barebones, I get its meant to be a VN/SRPG hybrid but that only means its good as such, it doesn't change the fact its not really good as a monster taming game

  29. I love digimon survive, but for the story not the gameplay. The gameplay tbh I thought was a good first attempt, but when objectively compared to other srpgs it felt lacking. But the game still won me over with the story, routes and characters.

  30. I played some pokemon and temtem aswell, plan to buy Monster Hunter stories 2 but something still bothering me. Does it has multiplayer gameplay such PVP, tournament, or Co-op dungeon for boss event etc? Does it support crossplay and cross save by the way?

  31. Do you have a list coming for playstation and xbox in the works?

  32. I always find it interesting how close we rate games until Nexomon: Extinction. The story was decent, but the mechanics are so incredibly boring that its just one of those games I'm happy to never revisit. Hopefully their next release is better, but I'll have to watch gameplay or play a demo before I buy it. I know they were just trying to make a game where every monster is usable, but it just made every monster the same and there were no interesting tactics to try. You just got the monster with the best stats and used their best move plus stamina restoring items. And while I appreciate having NPCs utilize multiple types of Nexomon and switch to more advantageous types, due to there not really being pivot moves or strategies like Pokemon's Flash Fire for surprising a switcher, it really just drags out the battle as every turn is one person attacking and one person switching out. Also, the HP are so low and the damage so high that I spent more time running back to the heal points than anything. Devs need to learn that just upping the damage of everything doesn't make a game harder. They need to implement unique and interesting abilities, making Nexomon feel unique (right now they are basically skins for stats as opposed to unique creatures with personality), and making the battle system less focused on attrition and more focused on strategy. As of Nexomon Extinction, I am putting Nexomon as the second worst of the legitimate monster taming franchises. I'd put them in the order of best to worst: SMT, Persona, Monster Hunter World, Pokemon, Siralim, Digimon, Ni No Kuni, Nexomon, and Monster Rancher.

  33. I first heard of Monster Sanctuary on this channel and decided to give it a try. I'm loving it! Although I think the game is a bit hard and I get beaten a lot😂

  34. SMTV's story is great, better than most JRPGs imo. I think it's more SMTIV and Persona fans who really criticize V's story, because those games are very character focused whereas V's story is way more like Nocturne. Which btw if you enjoyed V you need to try Nocturne, it's one of the GOATs very surreal game.

  35. Legends Arceus is my favorite pokemon game on the switch so far.

  36. i really love the nexomon games but these ones seems interestings too, if i have an opportunity of try some of these i will

  37. I've played Monster Sanctuary on Switch, and my experience … is mixed. The exploration is really nice and the monster designs are neat, the skill trees have a lot of customization and depth to tinker around with (plus it's easy to "re-spec" a creature when you want to), but if there's one thing that put me off continuing to play it (over other games in my library) it's the game's level of difficulty. Mainly how there's a HUGE difference between simply fighting wild monsters (of any level) and facing off in a Keeper Duel — which adds additional rules/mechanics not present against wild monsters that the game does a poor job tutorializing for you. Unlike, say, Pokemon where the difficulty may be lower overall, but at least it's consistent.

    And to be fair to MS, last I checked my save file I'm actually pretty far through the game. I have to beat a fellow Keeper in a Duel before challenging the next wild Champion monster to get another MacGuffin (4th of 5 or somesuch) to advance the story with. And the monster team's averaging Lv.32-35.

  38. Thank you for showing Nexomon Extinction that love!!! The dialog had me DYING!!! That part where the little sidekick guy asked “Are we the bad guy?!?!” Was fantastic!!! This list is pretty great and thanks for all of the great content!!!

  39. 11th part is Mario odyssey as it has capturing enemies

  40. I hated nexomon so much because how all the nexomon literlally have basically the same stats.. i was like 15 hours in and all of my monsters had almost the exact same identical stats

  41. I just discovered the whole monster tamer genre expansiveness on the recent switch sale. I grew up on pokemon of course, playing Blue and Red back when those came out. Never got into other series like Digimon. Then suddenly i find all these spinoff types of Pokemon and I'm intrigued! I just bought Monster sanctuary the other day because it looked awesome and i love metroidvania. Im enjoying it so far for the few hours I've managed to find to play. I want to get Coromon when it goes on sale, looks great. Probably going to pick up Nexomon too since it's on sale until today. Im digging what im seeing and will have these games on my radar more!

  42. I was quite fond of the Digimon Cyber Sleuth games. I also bought the combo game on sale for 5 bucks, and then sunk a lot more hours in then most games.

  43. Judging by your individual review videos of Coromon and Nexomon Extinction respectively, I’m surprised that you ranked C below NE in this video. In the two review videos, it seemed as though you rated C more highly. Please may I ask, what’s the difference here and now?

  44. I was so excited for TemTem…. until it revealed that it was an MMO, and now I will never play it 😭

  45. Great Channel! > I just wish Nexomon and Coromon came together and made a baby.

    I've just started Nexomon and the visuals and story is Destroying pokemon by far….. But the Game mechanics is too simple literally just attack, attack, attack style play.
    Never played Coromon but the monsters and their design remind me of Greek mythology or other mythical monsters that we admire from Earth. Also I heard Coromon is much more harder and it actually has Multiplayer. Which I love. These 2 need to come together and make the ultimate fusion

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