Top 10 Monster Taming Games That WILL BE HUGE! -

Top 10 Monster Taming Games That WILL BE HUGE!

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In today’s video, we’re checking out some Monster Taming games that I believe will have a major impact on the genre as a whole.


Dragon Quest Treasures is SO Important:

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  1. i feel like when they bring more to the battle system of nexomon, they should make a multiplayer 1v1

  2. 5:005:03 that…..doesn't make any sense to me since we get a lot monster tamer games from Japan here in the west apart from Pokemon
    they still gives us Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Bakugan, etc.
    I really don't understand what you meant by that statement

  3. nexomon not having pvp is such a turn off. that coupled with the simplistic battle system and it doesnt hold a candle to coromon or temtem.

  4. Would you say that games that use monster parts instead of capturing like monster lab are monster taming games?
    Functionally they are very similar to games like monster sanctuary, though instead of having 3 distinct monsters, you have like 2 arms and a head, and instead of eggs you get parts.

    Though tbh you could make the exact same gameplay with mechs, or mages and spells, or even armies, makes me wanna start a game jam with that theme.

  5. Dragon Quest Treasures really has me hopefu. I'm currently playing through the GBA game Dragon Quest Monsters Caravan Heart, which mixed the monster taming its predecessors had with some of the main line DQ features and a new focus on caravan party building (human collecting included!). The game is very fun and shows me that the games can be satisfying monster taming experiences even when the monsters aren't the sole focus.

    Digimon will definitely always stay on my radar. I returned to it in 2018/19 when I started spreading out to other monster tamers because of the national dex news and I've been a big fan since. I hope whatever comes next will be a bit more free-form when it comes to stats though – Cybersleuth's Pokemon-esque stat caps really put a damper on my enjoyment as all my favorites ended up as forever not endgame-viable.

    Lastly, an indie I'm personally very excited for that might catch some eyes outside the genre is Necromancer's Gift. I really like the look of the game and if they nail the loop of it it might become a great monster taming entry to the popular roguelike genre. I know Abomi Nations exists (and it's awesome) but its gameplay cycles are long enough that people don't seem to consider it a roguelike.

  6. SO MANY GAMES, but I have so little time to actually focus on them x(Its really sad from a foreginer point of view that not many of these games will be in Polish. I only know Monster Sanctuary has planned Polish support, but that will be not enough to appeal to kids here. Digimon only had FIRST seried dubbed here. And I hoped somehow we will get Ghost series dub, but it seems noone is interested to pick it up…

    Temtem will not grow for sure. Less and less people play for online. And i dont see many people playing DOUBLE for online play.

    I'm personaly VERY excited for future of team who made Xenoverse. They also going to make own monster taming game!

    Thanks for all your hard work Ed!

  7. Hey, you know if any vr monster tamers exist? Been looking but haven't had any luck

  8. Does anyone know if its possible to hunt perfect coromon on the ANDROID DEMO version and have the save file transfer to SWITCH full game in a week?

  9. I love the dialog in cyber cleuth so i don't mind that those games have a lot if dialog and i can't wait to play digimon digimon survive

  10. Does temtem have a story mode or its pure competitive multiplayer

  11. yeah… why should you give a textual overview of what games you talk about…

  12. i'm currently really mad at you because your articulation when pronouncing those game names is so bad and you give NO TEXTUAL HINT on what those games are that i now need to look hours and hours for the game names >.> damnit.

  13. Literaly digimon survive is launching this month, 29th

  14. Gonna go try to get my son into temtem.
    Seems like it would be a good intro to these types of games.

  15. I look forward to most things dragon quest so definitly going to be watching Treasures, DokeV feels like they're way to much going on at once for me to want play it. Nexomon games have been fun so if a 3rd game comes out i'm definitely on board for it, Hyped to get Coromon on switch Thursday. Hoping Capcom is working on a MHS 3 title as i want more of that, that game was a blast.

  16. Always appreciate that you seek out so much info on the broad full scope of this genre Ed! Love all your content, but my favorite videos are the news compilations and the broad coverage pieces like this.

  17. Its amusing you mentioned forgetting Cassette Beasts despite starting the vid off with footage of it heh.

    Of digimon, currently playing Digimon World 1 direct sequel Next Order for first time. Absolutely blown away by town bulding scope and its open world.

  18. really wish they would remake Jade Cocoon loved that game as a kid.

  19. Wow I have to look at more stuff I enjoy these types of games but can never find them, or remember their names honestly, but neat to see some new titles

  20. Why have a top 10 and not wote the name of the games when you introduce them……

  21. what are good monster taming rogue likes? i didnt play any and i absolutly love monster taming games and rogue lieks

  22. another good honorable mention and it is farming life sim as well so also niche is ooblets since u still do collect and grow different ooblets to have dance battles with and they are almost at 1.0 on the game

  23. Anybody remember MagiNation for gameboy color? I would like to see that series revisited.

  24. i got bat into monster taming because of smt V ngl . i like demons and the myths that are in it and it ironically made me look at other games because i wanted to see if there were and darker capture games . im getting coromon and a few of the games i have seen on your channel im so happy to have found it ! i think coromon looks more mature then pokemon or tem tem and i like it for that . cant wait to see alot more games coming out !

  25. Honestly think TemTem got what it takes for Pokémon to have competition 👏🏻 and this is a good thing since TemTem has everything we wanted in a game growing up, online seevers, mmo, be able to trade, battle, co op etc

  26. Revelation 14:12

    (King James Version)

    12 Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.

  27. please be attentive in how one says omG

  28. please know heck is a word related to the word hell

  29. wait wtf how does temtem not make the main list? literally what monster taming fans have wanted for years.

  30. AngryAnimeFan - The Despair Reviewer says:

    If most are mobile I say no thanks
    I would prefer a Digimon series never as depressing as Survive again

  31. What is the game from 0:290:39? I can't seem to find the name or footage anywhere else.

  32. can someone post a list of titles please thank you.

  33. Love the fact he uses Pokémon colosseum music 😅😅 wish we got remakes for those or at least a remaster with more modern graphics and some other QoL things

  34. 2:28 – Nah in my experience most monster tamer fans are like 35+.

  35. That number 1 spot wasn't worth the place tbh.

  36. Digimon Survive was one of the worst games I've ever played. Maybe since the original No Man's Sky. I really hope the new Digimon game is good.

  37. I really hope the monster sanctuary crew don't make the same mistake of railroading you into specific monsters and builds if you wanna beat the end game
    Was fun for like 90% of the story until I found out you HAVE to use specific sets on specific mons if you wanna beat certain bosses; congrats, you took your creative and innovative game only to shoot it at the finish line

  38. If nexomon actually makes their battle system fun that game will be sick as fuck extinction was just so boring for me

  39. Palworld still the most interesting as well as DokeV

  40. Digimon I believe, is suffering because of it's too "Japan-centric" characters. If they need to reach new heights, they need to make non-Japanese characters like what Pokémon did in Gen V which made Pokémon even more appealing. If they want to target mobile industry, they need to cater to Southeast Asians by making relatable and representing their culture

  41. Dragon Warrior Monsters 1&2 are to this day the best monster games I’ve ever played. I’m happy to see it kinda coming back

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