Top 10 Scary Monster Easter Eggs In Video Games -

Top 10 Scary Monster Easter Eggs In Video Games

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This video is a countdown of my top 10 Easter eggs or references to famous monsters. When I say monsters, it could mean anything from a yeti all the way down to Freddy Kreuger.

Basicaly, how I I’vw worked this list out is ‘would I be happy to see any of the things on this list down a dark alley at night time’ and the answer to all of these is a resounding no! To lighten the mood a little I’ve included a bonus clip at the end of the video of the cutest little serial killer youll ever see so stick around for that.

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Top 10 Scary Monster Easter Eggs In Video Games
Top 10 Scary Monster Easter Eggs In Video Games
Top 10 Scary Monster Easter Eggs In Video Games
Top 10 Scary Monster Easter Eggs In Video Games
Top 10 Scary Monster Easter Eggs In Video Games


  1. Why are you referencing the shitty remake of IT, as everybody knows the 1990 version is way better than the shitty 2017 remake

  2. Statue moves when you look away then go far….


  3. Me: wtf it’s just a balloon how do they know it’s penny wise
    Guy turns on phone
    Me: 😐😑

  4. Saints Row and Saints Row 2 were better than GTA. Fite me

  5. Bigfoot should have been driving a monster truck

  6. There are also weeping angels in just cause 3.

  7. So Jason got pregnant and gave birth at the same time 💀😭😂

  8. The Alien Chestbuster had a hockey mask, just like Jason

  9. that tricycle could also be the tricycle from the saw movies

  10. And don‘t forget about EVERYTHING FROM THE FOREST

  11. Friday the 13 has another grave stone saying Pamela vorheas and another saying h20delirious protector of the teddy bear

  12. What about in Tom Clancys Ghost Recon The wild lands you can find the predator in a swamp

  13. In a forest in grw (Ghost Recon Wildands) you can find the predator

  14. And even though it was an event, you could play as Michael Myers and The Predator in Call Of Duty: Ghosts.

  15. I thought the red tricycle was an Easter egg to saw but then realized the sewers

  16. Lol in the background of Friday the 13th you could see h2o delerioses grave

  17. I just like how Geralt says.. hmm strange.. knows everything about monsters, ghost but this just stumps him.. interesting

  18. The tricycle could also represent billy the puppet or danny torrence.

  19. Lol thI chestburster at the end had a Friday the 13th mask on it😂

  20. There's a game called ghost recon

    WHERE u need to find a girl in a forest or I think a forest on santa blanca cartel

    Then blah blah blah when u completed the third mission or close to the fourth mission a monster from predator will show up it might take a while to kill it

  21. Why am I watching this…? I don't even have this game LMAO

  22. Me when i see bigfoot: HERES JESU (my refrecence from the shining LOL)
    Edit: what happens when you hit bigfoot

  23. The smoke monster well follow you on just cause 2 a 3 know that room, Lost

  24. A Channel That Used To Be Soviet Union says:

    I have just cause 4

  25. when I played just cause 2 I back when it first came out I didn't know what I would've found like a sea monster or something but I found what im calling is the mist man

  26. When it said Friday the 13th I thought no shit, you are the Easter egg.

  27. You can also see Biggfoot in the Crew 2

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