Top 10 Scary Monster Easter Eggs In Video Games -

Top 10 Scary Monster Easter Eggs In Video Games

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This video is a countdown of my top 10 Easter eggs or references to famous monsters. When I say monsters, it could mean anything from a yeti all the way down to Freddy Kreuger.

Basicaly, how I I’vw worked this list out is ‘would I be happy to see any of the things on this list down a dark alley at night time’ and the answer to all of these is a resounding no! To lighten the mood a little I’ve included a bonus clip at the end of the video of the cutest little serial killer youll ever see so stick around for that.

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Top 10 Scary Monster Easter Eggs In Video Games
Top 10 Scary Monster Easter Eggs In Video Games
Top 10 Scary Monster Easter Eggs In Video Games
Top 10 Scary Monster Easter Eggs In Video Games
Top 10 Scary Monster Easter Eggs In Video Games


  1. at 10:36 you should shoot the heads off and they will act like zombies

  2. Who came for the cute serial killer at the end

  3. I'm sorry, but that ending… Just imagine Xenomorphs with the immortality of Jason Vorhees. That's a terrifying thought.

  4. in the witcher you can see them turn

  5. In Far cry 5 if you look out the window when you are in the stash you will see a clown in a window watching you

  6. This was fucking lame, oh how you wasted everyone’s time, I’m so mad I can’t even get mad

  7. The clothes are also a reference to when he said the only trace of where they went was a trail of clothes leading to the well house

  8. The clown laughing sounds like Spongebob tbh

  9. That bo3 easter egg if you shoot of all the heads as fast as you can they will act like zombies and will chase after you.

  10. yeeppp….won't be playing JustCause3 tonight…

  11. Haha that little JasonMorph at the end.

  12. In the runner game with slender man if u miss at the end of the lvl u get killed by him aka the slender man

  13. Also i friday the 13th u can see h2odelerous grave with a teddy bear

  14. Go to 7.18 and watch the tunnel. It looks like something moves across the tunnel into the side tunnel

  15. Did u know that in just csuse 3 when you put a helicopter on the water the helicoter is like a fish idk if its just a glicht or something just check it out

  16. This vid is copying another vid

  17. Lol during the Pennywise referance the 'Protect the balloon' advertisement came

  18. What if the hockey mask is a reference to 'Wild Dog' in Arrow

  19. clicks on vid shows a Zula ad that I see in a lot And as I do at this Zula ad, THIS MAP IS COPIED FROM CS:GO FOR C*CK SAKE

  20. I don't see the point of putting the same easter eggs in so many different videos you make….

  21. Referring to the gravestone easter egg in Friday the 13th. The name Jaren Lewis could be a reference to the fourth wife of Jerry Lee Lewis who died by drowning, who had the same name.

  22. I wish that in The Crew, you could "mess with Sasquatch" like in those old jerky commercials. Then Sasquatch would just kick your ass. I'd buy the game if that was included!

  23. Are the angels really from doctor who, I was pretty sure that they were a myth beforehand

  24. Nuketown "secret" in all of your videos, hrmmmm.

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