Top 10 Upcoming Indie Games Like Pokemon (Monster Taming Games) – 2020 & Beyond! -

Top 10 Upcoming Indie Games Like Pokemon (Monster Taming Games) – 2020 & Beyond!

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Love the monster taming genre so here are 20 upcoming games to look forward to!

DokeV ►
PkmnEdelweiss ►
Music: Pokemon Red & Blue Route 1 Remix – Marioman574
Monster Crown ►
Re:Legend ►
Druggiemon ►
Battle Gem Ponies ►
Ploxmons ►
Rainbow Billy: The Curse of the Leviathan ►
Terraform ►
Temtem ►

Ova Magica ►
Patch Quest ►
Ooblets ►
Kindred Fates ►
Monster Sanctuary ►
Siralim Ultimate ►
Creature Keeper ►
Nexomon: Extinction ►
Coromon ►
Cassette Beasts ►

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  1. Great video. After years playing Pokémon on emulators, now I'm playing my favorite monster taming game, Temtem. And thanks to this video I found 2 more games to add to my wishlist on Steam, Coromon and Cassette Beasts, (I already knew about Nexomon).

  2. Are these for mobile or bigger platform such as PC & console ?

  3. i fakin hate korean language..its sounds like series of curse and scream of a pissed off people in my language…

  4. so re legends is actually a crappy rune factory IV hmm i may have to give it a try since rune factory IV is one of my favorite games of all time and i recently conquered the switch rerelease and im still hungry for more and sadly stardew valley just doesnt do it for me lol

  5. Kindred fates looks so epic!
    Cassette beasts is super unique and interesting
    Nexomon is so damn good take it from me, I'm playing nexomon extinction which is the second one, it's available on playstation, xbox and even the switch! 😀

  6. well, ooblets does look nice, shame the developers are souless bastards who shit on their fanbase before the game had even come out, oh well

  7. DRUGGIEMON!! Lookz TOTES Great HILARITY And FUN TIMES for After TEAtime!!

  8. Loving Temtem since February, dropped for a few months but came back for the Kisiwa Update. In this video, really liked the Creature Keeper one, looking forward for more. Great video as always 🙂

  9. Oh, definitely gonna get Rainbow Billy, Cuphead was cool but I wasn't into the Dark Souls boss rush gameplay, so this is a nice change of pace and the Pokemon aspect makes it a bonus. And it's on PS4 too so it had better have a platinum for it! ^_^

    Also, platinuming Nexomon Extinction and holy cow, Cassettes? That's stuff I had a baby! Nice to see them use that mechanic. Casette Beasts is definitely something to look out for.

    Yeah, Pokemon is getting a ton of competition.

  10. All of these games look like trash.. sorry to say.

  11. Where is Xenoverse per Aspera ad Astra??

  12. Only was that was intersting to me was Nexomon Extinction and I have already played it.

  13. I couldn’t understand a single word you said

  14. TemTem, Nexomon and Maybe DokeV are going to murder gamereak.

  15. Dokev looks a lot like some of the later MapleStory 2 trailers.

  16. Gyms aren't in Kindred Fates, I mean, they're more like player run battle arenas, that are optional.

  17. Ooo I hadn’t heard of most of these! Glad I found your video! I’m always up for a new collectible creature game.

  18. All right more Monster capture games that's awesome!!!

  19. You're showing a lot of farming games. Not pokemon like games.

  20. I really like the concept on that creature keeper. It reminds me of that Castaway on armorgames I played when i was younger.


  22. Thanks you for these options I'm done with gamefreak shit.

  23. What accent is that? It's hard for me to catch your pronounciation. Do you have lisp?

  24. Nexomon Extinction (Which is Nexomon 2) is really great and I am playing it right now. You guys should check it out.

  25. As much as Temtem and Dokev looks great, I just have horrible experience with MMOs It really sucks that Im not willing to pay for it unless there is an offline mode.I really wanted to play Temtem. 😟

    Can you think of any games that is similar to Temtem it looks amazing just the MMO part of it justs a turn off. The gameplay and artwork just looks amazing. Nexomon looks good but idk there is something about the art style I don't like. I guess I can give it a try and hopefully the art style grows on me. Cassette Beasts and Coromon look really good for a 2D style game.

    As much as Kindred Fates and Creature Keeper looks amazing they aren't exactly like Pokemon games. Creature Keeper reminds me of a genesis game called Crusader of Centy. Thanks for this list though!

  26. Pkmnedelweiss: exists

    Nintendo legal team: "YOU A SHOCK (SHOCK)"

  27. Such a great collection of games. Thank you. Can't wait to try them.

    Personally, I really love Exomon: Extinction. Been playing it nonstop

  28. I recently downloaded nexomon extinction and I'm completely in love with it. I've got 48 hours into it so far and there is just so much to keep busy with. Countless quests and so many nexomon to discover without the hassle of breeding or Evs or ivs.
    The art is phenomenal as well and there loads of funny 4th wall breaks

  29. All theses games ending with "mon" feels so generic ._.

  30. I love monster games so I am happy there is more and more of them.

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